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    For discussion of the upcoming Moto G6/Plus/Play. FCC IDs IHDT56XA1, IHDT56XB1, IHDT56XD1 Models XT1924, XT1922, and XT1925 respectively. Batteries 5000(?!)mah, 4000mah, 3000mah respectively. I predict Plus/Play/Regular respectively. Based on dimensions the G6 Plus is XT1924 (it's a few mm longer than the other two). Based on battery mAh the XT1922 is the Play and XT1925 is the regular one. Actually the battery numbers are making me second-guess everything. We will probably know tomorrow. No device photos in the FCC docs as far as I can tell, but it looks like all three support all of the Sprint bands. Yay! Looks like XT1925 is certified for 41-25 and 41-26 aggregation but the other two aren't.
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    3xCA has been going live on Samsung Clearwire sites. Nice to see this outside of NY.
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    3xCA? The Clearwire converted tower near my house went from 1 carrier to 3 last week and while I know there are now 3 carriers I am not sure if all 3 are aggregated, not sure if sprint is starting to roll this out but I got over 200mbps many times!! I ran another speed test yesterday and this is what i got!
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    The magic box seems to max out around 70-80 Mbps. The Airave is the same. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Mike, In my region, Clear sites with 03/04/05 for the last two digits in the GCI represent B41 third carrier. This is a relatively recent development. - Trip
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    Meme Generator https://memegenerator.net/
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    noticed 10x10 2nd carrier in multiple subway stations. Also noticed it a few times around manhattan. One thing i noticed is that my phone will not do CA with the 10x10 and 5x5 carrier. But on site that haven't been updated to 10x10 the phone still does CA
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    Came across a few Clearwire 3xCA sites. Speeds maxed out at 150Mbps down and 7.92 up.
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    Wow! I never realized these things were so big!
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    If they plan on a million+ of MB they need to do something like this with the sectors.