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    Got lucky today and met an awesome guy at a Sprint store who let me take a glance at glance lol, and was able to confirm that a bunch of the small cells deployed post clearwire conversion, are indeed UE relay fead. The detail offered in Glance is quite impressive!
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    Where at? I have been all through Orlando this week and all I see is 10 and 15mhz b25 everywhere. Mostly 15mhz even in cities close to Orlando like Leesburg, Taveres, Mount Dora, Kissimmee they all have 15mhz. February they did a round 2 upgrade and hundreds of towers in central Florida got 5mhz of extra capacity. There should not be any 5mhz left now or very few which from what my experience has been is true.
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    Yea the workaround is still working for me over here.
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    It won't be easy, but pilot programs starting in 5G enabled markets would go a long way.
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    Finally! Too bad Samsung failed to release this on National Oreo Day! (March 6th)
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    Wow! I never realized these things were so big!
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    10x10 is popping up all over NY. I picked it up in Syracuse market. I also picked it up at Ramapo Travel Plaza in Sloatsburg NY which is the NYC market. I have yet to see it in Manhattan though. I have also seen it pop up more in Long Island and I even spotted a new B41 site on LI.
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    We are getting so many in San Diego. Probably fast track by Cox or Mobilitie figured it out.
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    Coming soon. Mobilitie SD90XSB29F https://opendsd.sandiego.gov/Web/Approvals/Details/2049531
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    Mobilitie SD90XS130Ahttps://opendsd.sandiego.gov/Web/Approvals/Details/1965735