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    Although it's been years, I once returned an AT&T device to a store that then went lost and they claimed that I never turned it in. They they tried to charge me. It was a nightmare beyond all reason. If they say you need to return it via RMA, do it that way. Even if you get a store to accept it, if it goes missing somehow, it will be a nightmare to get it worked out. I all but guarantee it.
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    I am very confident that most of 5G/LTE expansion will be in the CBRS band, the 3.7-4.2 GHz band and the 5GHz band (LAA). Plenty of spectrum to be had there. If I am Sprint I cozy up to the cable cos on LAA with strand and pole mounted small cells that also accommodate band 41. Win-win situation.
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    Sprint in internal communications directly instructs their stores to not accept Magic Box returns on location and directs them to contact sprint customer support to obtain Rma kits. Sprint store employees are definitively not trained nor equipped to handle anything related to magic boxes and to recommend it as a fact will lead to headaches beyond comprehension. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Looks like Sprint is finally ready to break that piggy bank. https://www.nasdaq.com/article/sprint-preps-second-spectrumbacked-bond-filing-20180305-01030
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    A small but positive update. After ticking over to the new month, the problem basically disappeared. Roaming is working again and I don’t have to use airplane mode anymore. So I guess something is up with the carrier...
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    Yup, I'm thinking CBRS might be the "global" 5G band along with EBS/BRS for East Asia. I hope Sprint is eyeing some of that CBRS for roaming synergies.
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    I'm just so-so about it. The phones I was most excited about were the Galaxy S2, Galaxy S4, and Nexus 5, in that order from highest to lowest. With smartphones becoming like the PC landscape in terms of true performance jumps & design improvements, it's gotten iterative. I'm only getting the S9+ b/c mom wants a change from her GS7 Edge, the GS7E has a $300 trade-in offer, and I'm gonna give her my mint GS8+. Plus, after all my Best Buy gift cards & certificates, my final balance is like -$200. I would've been more excited if the GS9 offered underscreen FPS, UFS expansion cards, and the centimeter GPS chip (still not 100% confirmed). Hoping the next Galaxy S (if the S moniker is kept) will be more impressive. Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk
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    Specifically targeting this point, Sprint's Band 41 deployment is more than just small cells though. That's what makes it great for 5G. While mmWave is great for small cells and 600MHz will be useful for macros and greater coverage, Sprint could leverage both macros and small cells in the future to provide dense urban and suburban 5G coverage over 100MHz+ of spectrum and simultaneously offer gigabit LTE using 4x4MIMO, 256QAM, and FD/TDD-LTE carrier aggregation. *Of course these are all hypotheticals.* Who knows, maybe in the future Sprint will decide to pursue rural deployment of Band 41. That said, I am completely understanding of how T-Mobile's plan is the best strategy to you.
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    Neville Ray basically admitted that their 5G network won't be their main network for the foreseeable future. 5G NR is going to be deployed on 600MHz and the mmWave holdings. mmWave will be deployed much like a hotspot and 600MHz will be for breadth of coverage like in rural areas. According to Neville, 5G NR has something like 20-30% spectral efficiency over LTE at 600MHz so it'll give greater speeds than LTE but it won't be a game changer like Sprint's 160MHz of 2.5/2.6GHz will be. Additionally LAA, like mmWave, will likely only be deployed on small cells in high traffic areas as a way to boost the network. 5G and gigabit LTE will live side by side for a very long time. Watching carriers announce their plans for deployment is way more interesting than during the early days of LTE.
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    I have the lgv30. I believe that's compatible. Sent from my LG-H932 using Tapatalk
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    They will have to share. LAA has a listen before transmit feature to avoid interference.
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    No this has been policy for a couple years at least. You used to be able to get them for free from International Chat, but they closed that loophole no later than October 2017. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    No. DO NOT DO THIS. Sprint stores cannot return or take in Magic boxes. One must request an RMA kit from Sprint tech / magic box support and ship it back to Sprint.
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    Think I set a new speed record, for my devices anyway. This was at Yale and Monaco.
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    Same here. Just got the iPhone X last Friday. Blown away. Just so fast and smooth. It’s unreal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My brother got the V30+ yesterday for the $20/month deal. So far seems pretty great. Is holding signal better than my G6. Speeds are faster too. At least on the download side, upload seems a little slower for some reason. Working with a very marginal B41 signal right now. Will try somewhere with better signal soon.
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    Well, I'm still setting up my phone, but so far, I love it.
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    BIG news today from @FCC could help cut extreme costs & long delays for @Sprint Next-Gen Network deployment. Thanks to @BrendanCarrFCC @AjitPaiFCC for leadership. #5G #5Gready https://t.co/VaWbPU8Hyk https://t.co/ffD3smqf9I Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    I rarely use the hotspot, but just having it at the same (or slightly less) price as my old plan was worth it enough for me.
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    Mobilitie has filed their 48 hour work notice for the six sites they seek to install on public RoW. Sadly, the work won't be complete until the end of March. Hoping the schedule holds!