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    B41 is now live in Collins, Lowry City and Clinton! Plus I found two new B41 deployments along I-49 and I-435 on the Missouri side (in Belton and KCMO respectively) that filled in previous weak gaps. These sites were B25/26 previously. I could not tell if they were Hexadecaport antennas or not, foggy and raining made it hard to see. I know the site at 87th and Lackman in Lenexa has new antennas on it. I could not get a good look. The site was previously B25/26 + Clear B41. Clear was still active so don't think they are finished. Sprint is really moving again, so keep your eyes peeled for new developments! Even in places you may not expect. I will be heading out I-70 tomorrow and expect to find some new B41.
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    There will be an auction where you bid to provide such broadband for the lowest price. Maybe Sprint can bid in that auction to help defray some of their rural expansion costs.
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    FCC supposedly gonna help fund network expansion into rural areas.. https://www.androidauthority.com/fcc-billions-for-10-mbps-lte-rural-areas-840043/
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    SignalCheck Pro update was pushed out a few minutes ago! Not a huge update, but laying the groundwork to be able to raise the minimum Android version so I can move forward with new features I really want to add. Trying to tie up loose ends by fixing all significant bugs I am aware of. Grab the update on Google Play, should be available shortly if you don't see it yet.. Added additional indicators for Sprint LTE band 41 Magic Box cells (up to 0FC). Magic Boxes are confirmed up to GCI prefix 0FA as of right now. This will continue to evolve as more Magic Boxes are deployed. Internal development changes. Stuff nobody would really notice without seeing the source code, but important nonetheless. Resolved force closes on certain Android 7 devices with the 1X status bar icon enabled. (Pro) Resolved force closes on some devices when Location Service is stopped before it finishes initializing. (Pro) Resolved issue with CDMA BSL display failing on certain Android 8.0 devices. (Pro) Resolved issue with missing Wi-Fi data on Android 8.1 when location permission was not requested. Bug fixes, more bug fixes, yay bug fixes! As always, please let me know if you have any issues, and thanks for everyone's support! -Mike
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    B41 is now live in Bolivar! The B41 footprint expansion is happening! Keep your eyes peeled, even in places you may not expect. Also on Highway 13, B41 is live in Collins, Lowry City, and Clinton. Those are the KS market, but more evidence of B41 expansion. Sent from my LG G6
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    The american tax payer is going to help fund rural expansion. The FCC has no money of it's own.
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    Already added to the beta of SCP today [emoji3] Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    New update just pushed out.. no changes from yesterday's release other than the version number, necessary because otherwise beta users would end up getting the public release that went out today. I know some people like having the "Diagnostic Mode" screen that is exclusive to the beta version. Thanks for all of your help! -Mike
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    Sounds like Marcelo is cleaning house again. I guess the management hierarchy he previously implemented wasn’t working well enough?
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    I will get picture next time while I have day off on every Friday.
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    If they plan on a million+ of MB they need to do something like this with the sectors.
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    Yeah my Airave changed sectors from 01 to 2E yesterday (and an earlier GCI). Maybe Sprint is doing some kind of shuffling/rearrangement. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Sure, but it helps save battery life. Coverage from the MB will exceed a single wifi access point. It has 2-3x the transmit power, so it'll reach outside the home a bit. It's also useful as a backup if your internet goes out for whatever reason, or if you have visitors who also have Sprint. In addition, some people don't have home internet, especially if they only have phones (a large percentage of people surprisingly). I have a MB installed at my parents'. They can only get 3 Mbps DSL for home internet (no cable available), and very very weak B26 without the MB. With the MB they get 30 Mbps, so they rarely use their WiFi anymore. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Rural user here, all LTE connectivity except the POTS line. I used the savings from dumping CableCo -(that went out when it rains) to buy LTE equipment that is capable of (aggregated) 2 Gb p/s. If I add em all up I get actual about 60 or 70 Mb p/s. This is without any company CPE or "fixed wireless" dedicated frequencies. Shooting for 5/1 or 10/2 in a certain swath is lame and essentially make-work for air DSL when we have actual GHz of spectrum becoming available and software defined networking adaptive to a wide range of frequencies. The equipment is already there for much more, the carriers would like you to think having a dedicated, deprioritized channel coming from one site on one antenna is an actual effort at deploying good home service. Ffs just let people connect to your network in these areas and it won't be brought to it's knees, many do it every day. If you can deploy in publicly leased, licensed or even unlicensed spectrum in the hundreds of MHz you can service rural areas fully. Why would they spend millions and lobby for such large geo tracts?
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    I got a magic box for my workplace because of similar obstruction issues. It worked well until the macro became more congested and Sprint peeps at work found out the LTE signal at work improved. Sometimes there's issues during breaks, but it otherwise does the job okay for things like audio streaming. Battery life improved a lot which was a huge plus.
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    New beta just released a short time ago. Minor update, making sure it's good for public release soon! -Mike
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    I have the same issue on Tmo VoLTE. They sent me a Cellspot. Sprint customers will need a VoLTE capable Airave or Magic Box for these types of situations if WiFi Calling is not a good option for them. But that won't help you in a client's home in most situations. I believe Sprint will optimize B26 for better coverage in VoLTE circumstances.
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    Janesville, WI. Faster than Verizon/T-mobile here
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    It shouldn't be a huge surprise based on the last earnings call (Combes strongly hinted they were looking at the high-yield market, even further so when asked a question during the Q&A); but overall, I'd say it is a pretty positive development. It shows Sprint has regained access to the high-yield bond market at terms fairly commensurate to when they last participated 3 years ago almost to the date. Plus, if you expect interest rates to rise, which certainly doesn’t seem unreasonable, now is probably as good of a time as any to lock in what you can. The other slightly positive way of looking at things is that Sprint management and Softbank appear to be comfortable with the financial position of the company right now to do this. To the former, they strongly hinted they were going to do both. I don’t read anything regarding not being able to do something re: spectrum co. To the latter, there are plenty of reasons. The best of them being ideally the spectrum backed secured debt probably needs to be somewhat reserved for when it is actually needed. The solvency of the company to an extent was in question in early 2016 with some analysts estimating the company would run out of money unless something was done in the subsequent 18-24 months in large part due to $10+ billion in debt coming due in the following few years. The primary reason that Sprint was using spectrum backed debt vehicles, using 2.5 vendor financing options, selling future customer income at discount for money now, selling off phones and leasing them back, etc. is that the company was in such a giant liquidity pinch. This was compounded by the fact that the company effectively lost access to the high-yield debt market at the same time. In Early 2016, Sprint’s debt that had been issued at par was trading at about 75 cents to the dollar with coupons in the 6-8% range was yielding 12-13.5% (implying that would be Sprint’s future cost of borrowing on any new high-yield debt). Robbiati came on at roughly the same time and said the following at one of his first investor conferences, “Would you really want to tap into the high-yield market at 10%, 12%?” No. It doesn’t make any sense.” So, they went the handset leasing, spectrum backed security route, which again isn’t without it’s downfalls. When it happened in 2016 a Bloomberg article likened it to “borrowing against the tires to make car payments.” An equity analyst in a WSJ article said, “it shows what kind of bind Sprint is in, when you have to collateralize the plates and silverware.” Neither are exactly wrong. The spectrum backed debt has two advantages for Sprint. 1) The interest rate is significantly lower than the junk bond market and 2) it is a way for Softbank to get around some of their debt covenants and end-run-around inject money into Sprint. Both of those advantages come with some costs though. The spectrum is a finite asset and they already sold 14% of it off. Secured debt is cheaper for Sprint, because it is less risky for the lenders due to the fact their bonds are secured by the asset (in this case the spectrum). If Sprint were to hypothetically default or go bankrupt they in all likelihood lose the spectrum. The other bigger factor is that as illustrated in the paragraph directly above this one, there was a time less than two years ago when Sprint really had no other realistic borrowing options other than doing this. In a lot of ways, you’d want to preserve the capacity to do this again if you absolutely needed to in the future i.e. a “rainy day” when the market conditions aren’t favorable or the company isn’t in a financial position to obtain funding through more traditional sources. The junk-bond market isn’t going to last forever if Sprint cannot show an ability to generate actual free cash flows on a consistent basis. Furthermore, the more they collateralize assets for securitized debt the greater the potential they cut themselves off from the traditional unsecured debt markets due to covenants, seniority placement, and concerns about Sprint’s capacity to payoff non-secured debt in the event of default. It literally could be the difference between getting 80-90% of your money back versus pennies on the dollar. So the tl;dr of this is even if you can obtain debt cheaper by say offering 2.5 spectrum as collateral that isn't necessarily the better option. The whole reason Sprint was offering 2.5 secured debt or handset leasing vehicles was they didn't have access to traditional debt markets. It is certainly creative, cheaper borrowing that will have a place at S going forward. That said, tapping the high-yield market while Sprint can at relatively decent rates makes a heck of a lot of sense. They'll tap Spectrum Co again soon based on the earnings call.
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    Do we know if Sprint's existing equipment (8T8R, mini macros, etc) can support B25+B41 or B26+B41 with a software upgrade? Or will this require new equipment?