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    ****************************** Edit: As of March 7 or so, my Magic Box is no longer working in Lincoln. I did a reset or factory reset on it and it will no longer boot up completely to work. ***************************** well holy #@)* Magic Box working in Lincoln, NE! So I plugged it in this morning again to see if it was a fluke. No fluke. It's working! I just checked my address on the Magic Box site to check eligibility and it says "Not available in this area". When I press any of those 3 icons, nothing happens, it just goes back to the clock after 15 seconds or so. So the only thing I can see is the time or those 3 icons.
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    Ericsson RRUS82 2.5 GHz 8T8R Now being found in Ericsson vendor territory, these augment the existing Nokia Flexi 2.5 8T8R radios in place. Photo Credits: mdob07
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    So this is the ad I mentioned running on Facebook. It is making customers upset because it reads "upgrade today" which naturally is interpreted as referring to existing customers who want a new phone. When it comes to cell companies, people have been conditioned to read "upgrade" as "get a new phone for your existing line" And yet only when you log in to your account, is it clear that this offer is for new customers only. It feels like a bait and switch. Sprint doesn't have the best reputation, and this kind of thing doesn't help. I started my day with zero thoughts about Sprint. I saw the ad, and thought "great". I clicked through and became disappointed and angry. The 100+ comments all expressed the same sentiment. Spending money to make people upset is not good business.
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    Ah ok gotcha. Carriers always try to be somewhat vague when it comes to this stuff, same like the car industry (granted nowhere near as bad as car industry) But I could see people getting lured in by this without even qualifying and end up with something else, which is somewhat the advertisers intent. Not entirely malicious but not 100% kosher and somewhat annoying.
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    Well Samsung is rolling out a new update, CRB7 so guess we still have a long wait since I'm sure Sprint will need to do their testing and add the bloatware... This may be my last Samsung phone, this long for an update that was released more than half a year ago and still waiting.
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    That is what you are looking for. https://www.google.com/maps/@41.8915542,-87.6177293,3a,37.3y,217.09h,110.03t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1szlTWckf2NeOG11Y-Kuah0Q!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 Or a few blocks over https://www.google.com/maps/@41.8925985,-87.6187761,3a,61.7y,30.12h,118.72t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1syTkfZJXcuqxInWygbjfZUg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
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    As my dad would’ve said, Son.... Bulls__t walks and Money talks!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wow, that's almost the lowest frequency possible. Anything below 2496 MHz is something else entirely. Cleveland had a WiMAX carrier on 2508.5MHz, but the channel was only 10MHz wide.
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    Hopefully it's better than the "CRAP" update.
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    That's basically peanuts. Maybe enough for protection sites. I still think that their best best is to be acquired. This payTV side lost another 121K customers. Their SlingTV is doing great however.
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    Yes, that is likely a Verizon or AT&T small cell. The Sprint ones use a skinnier antenna at top, along with a relay antenna lower down the pole like in the images that Mr Nuke linked to. All of the equipment that was attached to those light poles is part of the Sprint small cell.
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    Nope. Take a look here to get a better look at what Sprint Airharmony small cells look like...
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    What do the relay and lte screens look like?
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    While Sprint has issued debt basically to payoff debt (and they'll continue to do it as long as they aren't turning a profit, 10 years running now), I highly doubt that is the case here. They actually retired debt early last quarter. Additionally, Sprint currently has enough cash on hand to cover their debt maturities through fiscal year 2018 (3/31/18). What they're likely doing (and what they said they'd be doing on the last earnings call) is building up money for the increase in CapEx.
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    It shouldn't be a huge surprise based on the last earnings call (Combes strongly hinted they were looking at the high-yield market, even further so when asked a question during the Q&A); but overall, I'd say it is a pretty positive development. It shows Sprint has regained access to the high-yield bond market at terms fairly commensurate to when they last participated 3 years ago almost to the date. Plus, if you expect interest rates to rise, which certainly doesn’t seem unreasonable, now is probably as good of a time as any to lock in what you can. The other slightly positive way of looking at things is that Sprint management and Softbank appear to be comfortable with the financial position of the company right now to do this. To the former, they strongly hinted they were going to do both. I don’t read anything regarding not being able to do something re: spectrum co. To the latter, there are plenty of reasons. The best of them being ideally the spectrum backed secured debt probably needs to be somewhat reserved for when it is actually needed. The solvency of the company to an extent was in question in early 2016 with some analysts estimating the company would run out of money unless something was done in the subsequent 18-24 months in large part due to $10+ billion in debt coming due in the following few years. The primary reason that Sprint was using spectrum backed debt vehicles, using 2.5 vendor financing options, selling future customer income at discount for money now, selling off phones and leasing them back, etc. is that the company was in such a giant liquidity pinch. This was compounded by the fact that the company effectively lost access to the high-yield debt market at the same time. In Early 2016, Sprint’s debt that had been issued at par was trading at about 75 cents to the dollar with coupons in the 6-8% range was yielding 12-13.5% (implying that would be Sprint’s future cost of borrowing on any new high-yield debt). Robbiati came on at roughly the same time and said the following at one of his first investor conferences, “Would you really want to tap into the high-yield market at 10%, 12%?” No. It doesn’t make any sense.” So, they went the handset leasing, spectrum backed security route, which again isn’t without it’s downfalls. When it happened in 2016 a Bloomberg article likened it to “borrowing against the tires to make car payments.” An equity analyst in a WSJ article said, “it shows what kind of bind Sprint is in, when you have to collateralize the plates and silverware.” Neither are exactly wrong. The spectrum backed debt has two advantages for Sprint. 1) The interest rate is significantly lower than the junk bond market and 2) it is a way for Softbank to get around some of their debt covenants and end-run-around inject money into Sprint. Both of those advantages come with some costs though. The spectrum is a finite asset and they already sold 14% of it off. Secured debt is cheaper for Sprint, because it is less risky for the lenders due to the fact their bonds are secured by the asset (in this case the spectrum). If Sprint were to hypothetically default or go bankrupt they in all likelihood lose the spectrum. The other bigger factor is that as illustrated in the paragraph directly above this one, there was a time less than two years ago when Sprint really had no other realistic borrowing options other than doing this. In a lot of ways, you’d want to preserve the capacity to do this again if you absolutely needed to in the future i.e. a “rainy day” when the market conditions aren’t favorable or the company isn’t in a financial position to obtain funding through more traditional sources. The junk-bond market isn’t going to last forever if Sprint cannot show an ability to generate actual free cash flows on a consistent basis. Furthermore, the more they collateralize assets for securitized debt the greater the potential they cut themselves off from the traditional unsecured debt markets due to covenants, seniority placement, and concerns about Sprint’s capacity to payoff non-secured debt in the event of default. It literally could be the difference between getting 80-90% of your money back versus pennies on the dollar. So the tl;dr of this is even if you can obtain debt cheaper by say offering 2.5 spectrum as collateral that isn't necessarily the better option. The whole reason Sprint was offering 2.5 secured debt or handset leasing vehicles was they didn't have access to traditional debt markets. It is certainly creative, cheaper borrowing that will have a place at S going forward. That said, tapping the high-yield market while Sprint can at relatively decent rates makes a heck of a lot of sense. They'll tap Spectrum Co again soon based on the earnings call.
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    I noticed an ad on Facebook for the Galaxy S8 for only $8 a month. I also noticed every single comment on the ad was negative. People were furious that when they logged on to their accounts to take advantage of the deal, it wasn't there. New customers only. Sure enough, when I log on, my great deal is $25 a month after my loyalty discount. Yeah, no thanks. It baffles me that you would spend money on an ad that makes your customers upset.
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    For the most part I had only seen mini macros. Only exclusion has been down town and uptown sites. I don’t have time today but I’m pretty sure which site/sectors cover that store. I ran ran a test and I got 76 down.
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    Good to hear. Usually it's as simple as your nearest tower not having Magic Box connections "enabled" which is hopefully the case for you and that they can fix it quickly. Do let us know how things go!
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    Are you contacting the Magic Box tech support? If so try their suggestions. Sometimes a macro donor sites do not have the settings switched on to allow Magic Boxes to connect. Seen it here and there and usually doesn't take long for MB teams to diagnose and fix the issue.
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    Alright guys. Great news. I am at Whole Foods for lunch and I usually have full LTE here at Academy ans Wyoming. I only had two bars on my iPhone so I checked. I am connected to Band 41. Earfcn 39874 first sighting north of the uptown area for the northeast heights. Great news.
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    Great write-up by Dr. Saw on the difference that HPUE makes for Network Coverage and Speed: http://newsroom.sprint.com/new-hpue-report.htm?linkId=48356122
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    I love how much more active Sprint has been on Social Media; Dr. Saw and Craig-S especially!
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    2 permits for small cells have surfaced in the last week in Springfield, and we have found small cells in Central Missouri and in St. Louis! Keep your eye peeled and report anything you find!
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    It must of been a crap update then.
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    Well, on the plus side you didnt have any distraction while watching your movie.
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