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    Sprint needs to get the rest of its sites upgraded with Band 41, and it needs to densify. I can understand where this test result is coming from as of the last count that I recall as released by Sprint, 50% of Sprint’s sites didn’t have Band 41 on them. In DC, it’s obvious where Sprint has made improvements and where it hasn’t yet. From my Rootmetrics Speed Tests, I’ve seen Sprint’s download Speeds range from 115 Mbps to 1.5 Mbps by merely going 20-30 blocks over to the other side of town. When the speeds I get are slow, I report it in My Sprint, but these slower speeds are not a surprise to me when I look at the S4GRU tower maps. The network is swamped from the massive growth of DC’s population in newly redeveloped areas of town and the network can’t keep up. Hopefully, this upgrade/build goes quickly and Sprint does better on the next go around.
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    My extended family lives in Fair Lawn and I boggle at how spotty the service is there. While the WiFi in the house makes it a bit of a non-issue, I sit on 1X in my grandmother's house, for example. T-Mobile built a flagpole tower down the street and even that doesn't do well for some reason. It's very odd. Only Verizon is decent, and that's only because they appear have a small cell around there that I can't find. Good news, of course, is that it's an Altice area, so I assume we'll see strand-mount equipment pop up at some point. That should help greatly. - Trip
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    This seems relevent. It's not specifically about Chicago, but I'd imagine the situation is similar. "Sprint’s concern was, and continues to be, that the tribal historic review process under the National Historic Preservation Act [NHPA] imposes excessive costs and delays on wireless deployment with few corresponding benefits.” "Under the FCC’s implementation of NHPA, the carrier must consult with any Tribal Nation that expresses interest in projects in a particular county or state, even when the construction of the wireless support structure and antenna will occur on private property or property owned by the government, and not on tribal lands. The fees ranged from $200 to the Tonkawa Tribe to $1,500 to the Kiowa Indian Tribe of Oklahoma." - Sprint Tells FCC: Tribal Siting Costs Are Rising Quickly
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    In a *very* pleasing turn of events, my “old” 6s 64GB was repaired today for $100. It turns out that the power management IC was at fault. Further investigation seems to suggest this is a $12 - $15 part but a lot of skill is required so I’m happy with the price. This also included a new battery. I’ve been using my 6s today and can’t stop smiling.
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    http://news.gwsolutions.com/2018/02/12/att-front-of-the-pack-in-nationwide-real-world-mobile-video-streaming-test/ Thoughts?
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    I don't know if it's the case in this specific Chicago instance, but I have seen instances in other cities that one of the approval agencies is a Minority Stakeholder Group or Groups. They can often charge review fees and impact fees and slow the approval process. That is what I was imagining was happening when I heard about the Chicago instance referenced by Sprint.
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    I picked up a second B41 carrier as well, according to SignalCheck, on Thursday. I ran a speed test in the parking lot behind Raul's that was just under 70mbps down and about 2mbps up. Hopefully it's just the start of B41 around here and it'll expand to the surrounding towns sooner than later.
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    LTE back up and running at the Carlsbad Costco Food Court with satisfactory speeds again, 9Mbps down/10Mbps up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    https://www.fiercetelecom.com/telecom/sprint-rebuilds-federal-public-sector-market-presence-taps-felix-to-lead-new-division I’m glad to see Sprint refocusing on the Federal Sector, and tapping an experienced leader for the initiative. Chris Felix will be the VP of government solutions and lead the effort. He has 27 years in the telecom industry, including several years at Verizon! “Prior to coming to Sprint, Felix served as the VP of federal government sales for Verizon Wireless. During his three-year tenure leading Verizon Wireless’ federal efforts, Felix established contracts with several federal civilian and defense agencies, including the FBI, Secret Service, GSA, the Department of Commerce and the Department of Defense.” Time for Sprint’s DC/MD/VA Network to get some CapEx!
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    Looks like Marcelo recently met with Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman of the FCC: https://ecfsapi.fcc.gov/file/1020841294284/Ex parte 020618 Pai.pdf Hopefully the FCC can accelerate the 800 MHz rebanding process so that Sprint can finally put this chapter behind it.
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    Im hoping the tri band equipment deployment starts soon!!!
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    I personally love every aspect of the X. Face ID. The Notch. The stainless steel band. The new swipe gestures. The amazing camera. It is blazing fast coming from a 6s. The battery performance also has a nice performance bump. (I wouldn’t expect less of 2 batteries!) I’ve been on iPhone since the 4s and I’ve had virtually every model since, bar the 7. This is my favourite iPhone to date and the best phone I’ve ever owned. (I’ve also owned Samsung Galaxy phones and HTC’s) I’m not as critical of carrier performance as the folks on S4GRU are. I’ve got zero complaints. If I had to be super critical...it’s quite heavy. The 6s is light as a feather next to it. Funny how a just a few grams makes such a difference. With all that’s crammed into it, plus the material composition, it’s to be expected.
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    Last streetlight adjacent to westbound Aero Drive, prior to Kearney Villa Rd, I spotted this. Is this Sprint's equipment? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I remember LTE hunting looking for signals off the I-5 & CA-52. That was one of the original live LTE sites in San Diego. I was only a few months old on S4GRU!
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    It's hard to believe a tad more than 5 years ago, Sprint didn't have any LTE in San Diego. Still more work to be done on Sprint's end but much better than at this time 5 years ago. I'm not mistaken, I think the other spot where LTE started in San Diego was in the South Bay. I found this on my Facebook memories popup today.
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    We don't need 4 carriers. It is wasteful to have 4 carriers covering the same sparsely populated areas that can barely support one carrier. I am all for them merging with USCC and partnering with Dish or the cable cos. Anything to create value.
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    I agree. Improving the product will improve perception. Sprint doesn’t have the brand power or equity to rely on a rebrand. In fact, a rebrand would be a total disaster. Sprint needs to do what Domino’s Pizza did: You could essentially substitute Sprint Corporate folks for the Domino’s ones. Instead of crust, sauce and cheese, you talk about towers, spectrum, Speed/Coverage. This is what Sprint needs to do. I’d actually love to see a video like this from Sprint, shot on location in Overland Park HQ, in conjunction with actual progress of course. We’ll hopefully get a better sense of where things stand in terms of Sprint’s plans/progress from Dr. Saw’s discussion at CES on January 10th at 2:45PM ET: http://investors.sprint.com/news-and-events/press-releases/press-release-details/2018/Sprint-CTO-John-Saw-to-Speak-Jan-10-at-Citis-2018-Global-TMT-West-Conference/default.aspx We’ll also learn more during Sprint’s upcoming Earnings Call, which I believe should happen at the end of January, so I expect details on that to be announced soon.
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    Many people don't know and won't read these articles. The word of mouth of bad experiences prevents new customers from flocking over. If there is a narrative that this is a new company, new ownership, and works great, people will likely give it a try. But its same old Sprint, it will get trashed because too many people had bad experiences. T-Mobile didn't have a tarnished name during her 4G era so the comparison is not the same. People are looking for a carrier that will be as good as Verizon or AT&T, because that is people's prospective. T-Mobile was able to push out great marketing and many did switch. Sprint can do whatever, they are known for no 4G LTE, slow data, missed texts, and dropped calls during her 4G era. IMO, fix the network, make sure it is great and a new name. The network is coming along but needs to shatter the competition by speed. People need to be wowed by it. Everytime I bring up Sprint let's say a family function, someone will always say wow you still with Sprint, on Sprint I had so many calls and texts and its slow. Cannot argue because many did have Sprint. Verizon shined during 4G era so people has the prospective she is better. It's a fact, Sprint is lagging and needs to be great for people to see that prospective. Many of my employees did switch on BYOD 1 year deal and the first prospective was Sprint customer services is awful. Name keeps getting tarnished because of the expectations Verizon had set. And yes all switched from Verizon.
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    A brand change would be very expensive to do. This money would be better used for improving the network in my opinion. A brand change would also be ineffective in my opinion. People would remember the old brand name and reputation for a very long time. Given that there are only 4 Major Wireless Carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint), Sprint’s Legacy Branding and Reputation wouldn’t simply go down the Internet (or off-Internet) memory hole for the foreseeable future. There would be a slew of articles and press referring to Sprint’s rebrand which will continue the association with its legacy brand. The saturated wireless market would constantly refer to Sprint’s old branding and reputation. This is therefore not a near term fix nor a long term one, as it takes resources that could be better used for tangible improvements to the business and product. In short, I’d expect a rebrand to have as much effect as Comcast trying to call itself Xfinity. Was this even a real rebrand? I’m still not sure. However, it didn’t work. T-Mobile went through a terrible branding period... and it’s emerged fine on the other side. No rename necessary. Here’s the solution and it’s nothing novel: Network, Network, Network. Make the Network blow the other guys’ out of the water. Distribute flagship devices to prominent columnists (Sascha Segan, etc.) and have them write reviews on the Network. Share these reviews widely. Here’s a start: https://www.pcmag.com/review/358021/lg-v30 https://twitter.com/saschasegan/status/945682340105289729 https://twitter.com/saschasegan/status/945688172943593473 The customers will come if the product is better. People are savvy enough to see through a brand change and it would be a waste of money. A brand change would be a waste because Sprint doesn’t have a perception problem as much as it has a product problem. Here’s what’s wrong with the product: Sprint doesn’t have Band 41 on 50% of its towers (or about 30% of its POPS) . It doesn’t have Band 26 on many others. It needs thousands of more tower sites to improve coverage on its existing footprint and at the fringes where there’s been suburban development that has exceeded the capacity of the Network. It needs to get all three LTE Bands deployed on every site. Sprint doesn’t have VoLTE for simultaneous Voice/Data (and for good reason as we all know why, but Prospective Customers don’t and may not switch.).
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    This entire thing falls apart when you see that the top ranked carriers are all Sprint and T-Mobile MVNOs despite Sprint getting the lowest ratings. All you have to do to see that BGR loves to fan the flames on the Sprint hate train is search for Sprint on their website. Literally every article where Sprint is mentioned is an attack on them. Searching for T-Mobile shows an article for every single deal they have. They even have an article telling readers that a T-Mobile BOGO deal ends in 8 hours. The site borders on T-Mobile advertisement. Even TmoNews isn't that biased and they're a site strictly about T-Mobile.
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    We don't allow political discussion at S4GRU for good reason. We're bordering on that now. And that illustrates how what Marcelo did was not smart. The tax bill ended up being highly partisan. So joining the bandwagon looks political and alienates millions of customers. Exactly why we insist on staying out.
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    AWS would be a waste of money. Every dollar they spend on spectrum and hardware they could be spending on full B41 deployment, expansion and densifying their network. And if you could see where they could get AWS, how wide it would be and how much it would cost, you would see it wouldn't even be worth the effort.