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    Found another one. A known LTE dead zone area. Possible all that reporting on Sprint app caught their attention. Costco Market Street. I hope to catch the installer at this location. Mobilitie SD90XSE13C https://opendsd.sandiego.gov/Web/Approvals/Details/2084867
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    Found another one. Another known LTE dead zone. Seem like it is possible reporting on Sprint Zone app is paying off! Mobilitie SD90XSD43D https://opendsd.sandiego.gov/Web/Approvals/Details/2048505
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    Found another one. Another known LTE dead zone. Euclid/CA-94. Looks like another area with weak LTE coverage getting it soon! Mobilitie SD90XSE75F https://opendsd.sandiego.gov/Web/Approvals/Details/2087094
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    Yea now is the time to get on UF at its current price point minus the promos. Even if they do switch to it, there’s no guarantee that these plans will be compatible with 5G, it could become a situation where access to 5G is a add-on for UF at a certain price or they’ll be some 5G dedicated plan. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    yes i feel you are correct...because they need to raise prices to get money to help invest in their network....sprint cant continue these low prices...they wont be able to survive unless they raise prices to continue to produce a positive cash flow....
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    I agree, my PH-1 loves 1x800 and the signal levels are about the same as my Note 8 side-by-side.
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    Thats odd. In my experience, the Essential holds onto 800 like a death grip. It is actually frustrating at times.
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    Just came back from a weekend in PR. Sprint service actually very good in my parents "urbanizacion". Granted, they live very close to SJU airport and that area seems to be ok. Also very usable in Mall of San Juan. My biggest surprise was in Palmas del Mar in Humacao. Pre Maria service there was awful. Now it's very fast and full bars in the areas I hung out. Using LG G6. FWIW- my parents AT&T service in their home is horrible post Maria. Who knows... I did find many poor data speeds areas while driving around.
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    Small cell in Corona. Was at Chuze Fitness off Main and Parkridge working out, data is not great in this area