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    Interesting no one here mentioning about the fact Sprints coverage map is now using Google maps. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Sprint reported they have 9.7 TB of data used. That’s damn good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Oh wow—I hadn’t checked! Looks great! Hopefully google maps makes it to the mobile coverage map soon.
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    Last streetlight adjacent to westbound Aero Drive, prior to Kearney Villa Rd, I spotted this. Is this Sprint's equipment? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    They are really going all in on the 5G things, look at whats sitting on the stage!! Its a Massive Mimo antenna, not to mention the banners.
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    Watch for job opportunities in these areas in the coming months! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My guess is that it's some type of passpoint WiFi that only Sprint devices can register on. As the Westfield Mall in the Oculus at the WTC in NYC, their WiFi is connected to Boingo so Sprint phones will sometimes automatically connect to a password protected network inside that doesn't appear in the list of SSIDs.
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    Umm.... your account was updated within a day of your donation. Wait... how did this get into this thread? I'll move it to the proper thread soon.
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    Employee Townhall Today! https://twitter.com/marceloclaure/status/960591231704272896
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    That is the biggest problem with TDD config 2. Sacrificing upload speed for more download speed may be fine for the average user somewhere else but there are large events and special locations where lots of people take lots of pictures or videos and upload them. In those cases, the normal TDD config 2 (12 to 1 download to upload ratio on a single carrier) of band 41 does not work well and gets much worse with 2 or 3 carrier download CA with no upload CA. Since we do not yet have FDD + TDD CA or TDD upload CA on most devices, I would like to see Sprint develop better band steering algorithms that temporarily move heavy uploaders off band 41 to the available band and carrier with the most upload capacity while they are uploading.
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    I was also surprised to see Lancaster and Culpeper included, but the rest seems like a good fit. Sprint currently has a network in those areas that is either entirely non-existent (see Charlotte, Lunenburg Counties), or is the bare minimum to be able to say there's service in the area. Take Farmville as an example; two cell sites to cover Farmville, and neither is particularly well-suited to cover Longwood University, leaving plenty of holes where the students are. Sprint is the only carrier not on the site near the high school, so while B26 connects outside the Wal-Mart, it's 3G or 1X 800 inside. The LTE is long gone by the time you get the Hampden-Sydney, too, usually 1X 800 even outdoors. I will be surprised if Shentel builds fewer than three new sites in Farmville proper; Shentel Cable actually owns one of the towers AT&T is on in Farmville, so I would bet we'll see Shentel cell service appear there sooner rather than later. The other two being the tower by the high school and the tower overlooking Longwood. (Hampden-Sydney is not in Farmville, but I expect they'll put one there too.) I also expect to see them beef up the highways around Farmville, as the network is quite sparse there too. I cannot wait to see what gets built. Exciting times await! - Trip
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    Well st thomas literally just got sprint service restored this past friday after 5 months so it could be worse. Service is actually much better now since there was a mass exodus of sprint customers to at&t so the towers aren't quite as flooded as they use to be, lol.
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    Haha! Already rolling on that! https://www.techrepublic.com/article/going-high-tech-with-ibm-cloud-at-atlantas-new-mercedes-benz-stadium/ The stadium also houses a neutral host distributed antenna system (DAS) and all four major carriers--AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile--have signed on to it. This means that fans will have the option of using their cellular service with plenty of connectivity, or switch to the stadium's Wi-Fi. More info here: https://www.mobilesportsreport.com/2017/10/bird-of-a-different-feather-atlantas-mercedes-benz-stadium-takes-tech-in-a-new-direction/
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    I remember LTE hunting looking for signals off the I-5 & CA-52. That was one of the original live LTE sites in San Diego. I was only a few months old on S4GRU!
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    Since we have seen so many folks in the vendor/carrier alphabet soup collaborating, this seems like a great time for the smaller base carriers to get aggresive in competition. I like it. This may keep them honest on rollouts or worse, at least provide some dramady to distract us when they both light up two sites each in rural Montana on January 15 and call it a success. Also, >twitter I will save my super hot fire gif's once we see a reply back. Until then it is Yaass girl, 100% emoji, and fake news gifs.
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    These are popping up all over the place in Louisville, Kentucky.
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    Sprint has passed AT&T in average performance, all in a year they were largely distracted by a merger. Yet, they are awful. Can't be trusted. Some act like it's getting worse and worse. Sprint cannot make some people happy, no matter what. If they aren't number one, they aren't anything. But I swear, when they make it to number one in performance, the haters will complain about coverage. They will have to be number one in everything. And then it will be that they hate old ladies, or something. They are committing more money than ever before. And already spending more money than in the past few years. They already are more active than before in the planning and early work. More bidding, more contract issued. New equipment is already hitting the streets. Small cells popping up all over and more in planning. And now they are talking about a significant macro site development too. This is nothing like the past. And Sprint is still getting better and better. And now that they are deploying B26 in my market, I will probably be coming back to Sprint again soon.
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    That's great info. And coupled with that, it makes me even more convinced there is not an actual connection occurring. If so, given the way NSG takes directly from the modem, it would be showing that data the instant it was connecting. Yet it has never happened to me in NSG. I use Cellmapper a lot in the background. But I find watching the Cellmapper connection screen difficult to glance at while driving. So I never monitor it. Of course, it doesn't seem like it's an SCP error. The app isn't doing anything wrong, it would just be that these phantom connections are being reported to SCP from Android. It is contaminating its reporting data when it scans and reports it. Then SCP populates that data from Android. Even though a bona fide connection did not actually happen. Other things that make me think these are not connections...It happens to me with Project Fi SIM too. If I am connected to Sprint or US Cellular or T-Mobile, it happens to me too and the PLMN ID stays with whomever I was connected to last. In addition to Sprint, I've seen US Cellular B4, US Cellular B17, US Cellular B41, US Cellular B12 and T-Mobile B5, T-Mobile B26, T-Mobile B41, etc., etc. I believe Android OS gets some data from these scans, and it doesn't get a new PLMN ID because there was no actual connection. It reports out the data it received in the scan and mixes stale data that it did not receive, like PLMNID. Voila. Of course, all hypothesis on my part. But it matches what I've seen. And Project Fi does not roam on AT&T LTE. And neither does US Cellular nor T-Mobile. But it freely populates AT&T LTE channel locations all the same. Because it is in an unlocked every band device and those AT&T channels are being scanned looking for a Sprint, T-Mobile or US Cellular connection. I am convinced these are other bands scans showing up in the connection data from Android OS. And the best I can recollect, this only happens when I have a really weak signal and it is actively scanning for anything. To keep from dropping completely. And it seems to only affect me when I'm driving and signal intensity and proximity is randomly changing. Most often in conjunction with band locking in my instances. The phone is definitely reporting the signals. And it probably was trying to connect with them. Much of the information is accurate about what it's reporting, like channel assignment. Giving us hope that something great is happening. It's just not a live and usable connection. Scanning is still ongoing. I'm not convinced something good is happening. We just are seeing a little more behind the scenes of scanning, and misreporting of that data. I could be wrong. But I see this error frequently. Nearly daily. And sometimes, a dozen times in an hour. It can be really annoying when trying to locate weak and distant new B26 sites. Like here in Washington State and over there in Michigan. Robert
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    Not sure you still need the block messages but here you go: ERROR The request could not be satisfied. Request blocked. Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront) Request ID: ItIoSX-wGeef0sbuNh8JjA1S4cUva-RRumY4LzsWFEYA9RokCUnSaA== Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    I had an entire section dedicated to Airave 3s and S1000s being an alternative to Magic Box. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    A lot of the small cell sites in NYC have two carriers... ? Sent from my LG G6
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    I would assume them decommissioning that tower would take a blow to coverage in that area and a waste of money since they did a full build out on that tower as well. So I would guess it's Sprint just beefing up the network in that area. I would keep an eye on that location for sure. Its great that you're seeing a lot of activity going on in El Paso!
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    1st official small cells permit for sprint in El Paso besides using them on there own stores Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk