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    Yes yes yes YES YES!!!! https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/02/05/1332737/0/en/Shentel-Announces-Expansion-of-its-Affiliate-Relationship-with-Sprint.html http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/SHEN/5964881640x0x969980/03FEA5BA-6059-4DD6-BBB3-A6C1E6F02561/Wireless_Network_Expansion_01-30-2018.pdf My year has officially been made. - Trip
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    Looks like things are holding up...especially with that upload.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yes, Yes, Yes. I live in the Original Shentel area along I-81 in Pennsylvania. I have had GREAT service for years due to Shentel having a network that is extremely good. When you experience this type of network and had to travel outside the area into a non-Shentel area, it could be quite painful. Things will be getting better and that is a big plus.
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    Here’s a breakdown of Stadium prep by carrier: http://www.zdnet.com/article/super-bowl-lii-how-verizon-sprint-at-t-and-t-mobile-have-boosted-lte/ Perhaps Verizon didn’t disclose that WiFi offloading was part of its plan?
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    These are popping up all over the place in Louisville, Kentucky.
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    It's hard to believe a tad more than 5 years ago, Sprint didn't have any LTE in San Diego. Still more work to be done on Sprint's end but much better than at this time 5 years ago. I'm not mistaken, I think the other spot where LTE started in San Diego was in the South Bay. I found this on my Facebook memories popup today.
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    Sprint has passed AT&T in average performance, all in a year they were largely distracted by a merger. Yet, they are awful. Can't be trusted. Some act like it's getting worse and worse. Sprint cannot make some people happy, no matter what. If they aren't number one, they aren't anything. But I swear, when they make it to number one in performance, the haters will complain about coverage. They will have to be number one in everything. And then it will be that they hate old ladies, or something. They are committing more money than ever before. And already spending more money than in the past few years. They already are more active than before in the planning and early work. More bidding, more contract issued. New equipment is already hitting the streets. Small cells popping up all over and more in planning. And now they are talking about a significant macro site development too. This is nothing like the past. And Sprint is still getting better and better. And now that they are deploying B26 in my market, I will probably be coming back to Sprint again soon.
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    They are really going all in on the 5G things, look at whats sitting on the stage!! Its a Massive Mimo antenna, not to mention the banners.
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    Employee Townhall Today! https://twitter.com/marceloclaure/status/960591231704272896
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    http:// https://www.mobilesportsreport.com/2018/02/verizon-sees-18-8-tb-of-cellular-data-used-at-super-bowl-52/ Taking the article at not 100% but Verizon said they used 18.8TB, AT&T 7.2TB and Sprint has not given numbers just yet. What was interesting was T-Mobile saying they were not releasing the total data usage from the game. That’s really not like them to boast. For them not to release they numbers makes me think 1. The total usage was low because their customers were enjoying the game and off their phones. 2. The usage was low because the network was really struggling. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Watch for job opportunities in these areas in the coming months! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Don't forget to change your market label in your profile. You're in the Shentel market now.
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    I was also surprised to see Lancaster and Culpeper included, but the rest seems like a good fit. Sprint currently has a network in those areas that is either entirely non-existent (see Charlotte, Lunenburg Counties), or is the bare minimum to be able to say there's service in the area. Take Farmville as an example; two cell sites to cover Farmville, and neither is particularly well-suited to cover Longwood University, leaving plenty of holes where the students are. Sprint is the only carrier not on the site near the high school, so while B26 connects outside the Wal-Mart, it's 3G or 1X 800 inside. The LTE is long gone by the time you get the Hampden-Sydney, too, usually 1X 800 even outdoors. I will be surprised if Shentel builds fewer than three new sites in Farmville proper; Shentel Cable actually owns one of the towers AT&T is on in Farmville, so I would bet we'll see Shentel cell service appear there sooner rather than later. The other two being the tower by the high school and the tower overlooking Longwood. (Hampden-Sydney is not in Farmville, but I expect they'll put one there too.) I also expect to see them beef up the highways around Farmville, as the network is quite sparse there too. I cannot wait to see what gets built. Exciting times await! - Trip
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    I picked up a B41 signal this morning in Glens Falls for the first time that I've noticed, and I pass through downtown every weekday on my way to and from work. It was showing as B41 every time I checked SignalCheck Pro until I got close to my office about 3-4 miles away, near exit 18. I'm getting B25 in the office, which could be because I'm indoors. I ran a couple speed tests in downtown Glens Falls and was getting about 15-16mbps. The further away from downtown that I got, the more the speeds dropped toward 10mbps (and below that at times). I chalk those speeds up to the B41 being new and probably not optimized yet. I live in Queensbury, a few miles north of Glens Falls, and have had my LTE going in and out a lot since last week (per the SignalCheck notification I get when I connect to an LTE signal), but haven't seen B41 yet at home. If they're upgrading the towers in this area, that could be an explanation for my in-and-out LTE signal lately, right?
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    Haha! Already rolling on that! https://www.techrepublic.com/article/going-high-tech-with-ibm-cloud-at-atlantas-new-mercedes-benz-stadium/ The stadium also houses a neutral host distributed antenna system (DAS) and all four major carriers--AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile--have signed on to it. This means that fans will have the option of using their cellular service with plenty of connectivity, or switch to the stadium's Wi-Fi. More info here: https://www.mobilesportsreport.com/2017/10/bird-of-a-different-feather-atlantas-mercedes-benz-stadium-takes-tech-in-a-new-direction/
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    Well now how long before we start hearing about upgrades in ATL for next year's Superbowl? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    i totally agree with you. sprint has improved dramatically here and i m very impressed! site densitiy needs a bit of work but over all sprint has made alot of improvement. i cant wait to see what they have coming next.
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    You and me both. I don’t know how they manage to fill a stadium at those prices.
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    I need more free disposable income first :/ Sent from my BBB100-3 using Tapatalk
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    I remember LTE hunting looking for signals off the I-5 & CA-52. That was one of the original live LTE sites in San Diego. I was only a few months old on S4GRU!
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    Since we have seen so many folks in the vendor/carrier alphabet soup collaborating, this seems like a great time for the smaller base carriers to get aggresive in competition. I like it. This may keep them honest on rollouts or worse, at least provide some dramady to distract us when they both light up two sites each in rural Montana on January 15 and call it a success. Also, >twitter I will save my super hot fire gif's once we see a reply back. Until then it is Yaass girl, 100% emoji, and fake news gifs.
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    Oh Verizon, seems there offloading users onto wifi during the game, and device not reporting it..