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    Sprint has passed AT&T in average performance, all in a year they were largely distracted by a merger. Yet, they are awful. Can't be trusted. Some act like it's getting worse and worse. Sprint cannot make some people happy, no matter what. If they aren't number one, they aren't anything. But I swear, when they make it to number one in performance, the haters will complain about coverage. They will have to be number one in everything. And then it will be that they hate old ladies, or something. They are committing more money than ever before. And already spending more money than in the past few years. They already are more active than before in the planning and early work. More bidding, more contract issued. New equipment is already hitting the streets. Small cells popping up all over and more in planning. And now they are talking about a significant macro site development too. This is nothing like the past. And Sprint is still getting better and better. And now that they are deploying B26 in my market, I will probably be coming back to Sprint again soon.
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    Sprint has their work really cut out for them this year. They are making a lot of big claims with what they plan to do this year and next. I just hope they follow through and either meet or exceed. Given their track record with promises, I can believe most are taking it with a grain on salt until proven wrong. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Google Drive spreadsheet has been updated with latest results.
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    One thing that I just remembered no one mentioned during the earnings call. The fact that Marcelo said Sprint officially surpassed Att in average LTE speeds nationwide.
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    Only in specific markets that have 30 to 40Mhz of contiguous PCS spectrum. Seattle has contiguous spectrum with the G-Block that allows them to widen the channel to 15x15. Many markets have 30 to 40Mhz of PCS spectrum. The limiting factor is whether it is contiguous or not. In markets that have C-Block spectrum adjacent to the G-Block spectrum, they can expand beyond 5x5. Some markets that have 20Mhz of A or B-Block spectrum may also see 10x10 channels + 5x5 in the G-Block.
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    As of recently, there has been a huge uptick of work being done in many markets. It seems as though Sprint is putting the pedal to the metal with the network. I do miss the high activity with posts, mapping screenshots and etc that was going on in here during 2013 -2015. Anyways, with all the work that is currently being done, I think its a good time for us all to start mapping again where we discover new and or improved coverage.
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    Anybody at or near the game today? Please share some speed tests!
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    Happens to me on Project Fi. I turn off my WiFi when it happens. If it doesn't identify the WiFi in a commercially known name to me, like Comcast, Starbucks, Mariners WiFi, SeaTac Airport, Public Utility District, etc., then I turn off my WiFi and force it on to the wireless network. Project Fi will turn it back on, on its own after a few hours.
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    Samsung uses different GCI's on their tri-band antennas. In Nokia markets, we can't identify them. As Tim said, they are limited to 3xCA, though that is still plenty of capacity for most areas.
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    I’m using the Rootmetrics Coverage Map on iOS. I was in the Navy Yard in DC yesterday and did some Mapping and Speed Tests while there. I love turning the orange or blank hexes dark blue with new fast Speed Tests. Orange means slow. The darker the blue, the faster the average speed in the Hex. So I’ll run a few tests to bring that up. However, if I register a slow Speed Test in an area, I submit an issue report in the My Sprint App for “slow speeds”. I wish Sprint increased the reporting limit from 3 reports per day per line.
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    Tri band antenna. It's a cheaper way to deploy B41. Sites like that can only do up to 3xca. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Finally a breath of fresh air and reason... Sent from my XT1635-02 using Tapatalk
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    Not sure you still need the block messages but here you go: ERROR The request could not be satisfied. Request blocked. Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront) Request ID: ItIoSX-wGeef0sbuNh8JjA1S4cUva-RRumY4LzsWFEYA9RokCUnSaA== Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    If you're looking to try to find tower locations or correlate GCI/PCI information to towers, here's some code I've been working on that processes the data collected by my SignalDetector app, using the LTE Timing Advance information reported in recent Android versions for triangulation. It's not 100% perfect with only a few data points but it can zero in pretty decently with sufficiently-spaced data points; typically it gets within 50 meters or so of Sprint's recorded GPS coordinates of the towers. https://github.com/lordsutch/cellfinder An example of what it does is attached. Note that this is not based on anything except data collected from the phone—it's not using any sponsor data from S4GRU to estimate the tower locations, just signal data collected by me driving on I-16 and around the Savannah area in early November.
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    Thanks! I thought that this would be a great time to start back up again and bring back more life to this forum like the old days lol.
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    Sensorly, Rootmetrics and Cellmapper are all great.
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    Agreed. I've started back at it myself. Good idea.
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    You have some excellent folks in Cleveland. Donate the cost of lunch and at become a sponsor to more easily hook up with them. Then you can go here for more info: They also have a Premier forum.
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    So my MB is stuck in a reboot loop it looks like. Haven't been connecting in several days and its just a rolling screen of the sprint logo followed by a black screen. Gonna tinker a bit tonight and see if it stops then