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    Sprint is only using 2xCA on the DAS. But im willing to bet, it will hold up really nicely because of one major thing.. Quote from Sprint blog post "We're using a brand new state-of-the-art Distributed Antenna System (DAS) with more than 800 antennas inside the stadium powered by Sprint small cells" This leads me to believe that peak speeds will be somewhat limited but average speeds will stay quite high despite traffic due to antenna density.
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    800 DAS antennas for around 72,000 users is 90 users on average per DAS antenna with most of them not Sprint customers. You will probably see an average of less than 20 Sprint users per DAS antenna. 224mbps down and 8.8mbps up (2xCA Band 41) should be perfectly fine for well more than 20 users to share although it could be a little slow uploading pictures and video clips.
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    The CT siting website updated and there are a lot of permits issued for 2.5ghz upgrades
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    Map was updated. One change I saw was in 21502, the Sprint 3G and more areas are now full Extended LTE
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    Just got updated on Jan 12th Last time it was updated was Oct 11th
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    There is people who can and will steal your info when on a unprotected connection. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Excellent! Cox is the local cable company where I am. I don't actually have Cox service (waaay more expensive than FiOS) but hopefully it means they'll do something locally. - Trip
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    No matter the signs. I'm not using public WiFi. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Why only 2xca? Even the Mall of America has 3x. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    That's true. So Since Sprint has Partnerships with Altice and Cox, They should really be hitting the running with massive network changes this year that will be noticeable. Too, they would also be dodging alot of permits too correct?
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    It’s awesome! I would love to see a partnership with RCN next! It would definitely help out here in DC! I don’t see Comcast going for it given its partnership with Verizon.
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    Face ID has always worked for Apps still only set up for Touch ID. This update cosmetically “added” Face ID to the app’s log-in process. Not much changing in the consumers view.
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    Just a minor correction, international data is full 3G or LTE speed depending upon what's available in country, NOT 256 Kbps. That changed roughly 18 months ago. https://techcrunch.com/2016/07/12/googles-project-fi-high-speed-international-pokemon/
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    That airpole needs a splash page on Sprint dot com, like the magic box. I would thoroughly enjoy having one of those.
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    The Rapid City one was there in the 12/8 update. It's Golden West Wireless on Sprint spectrum. G Block.
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    Well Praise the Lord! The "LTE Plus".coverage issues for the Cleveland market have been mostly resolved. They forgot to add the new B41 coverage in Geauga county. Then again, it has only been continuously live for less than a week. It looks like the Toledo market may have been thinned on B41, but my hunch is that it needed it. It doesn't look like anything was done in west PA to account for any of the B41 live sites around Erie, Meadville and State College. It may be that an official launch hasn't occurred yet.
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    Those few old 3G only sites around Cumberland & Frostburg, Md could easily be turned off now This would make it much easier to do a quick rip & replace without disturbing anybody. Allow all users to use the Extended LTE while the contractors have the ability to rip all the old 3g, start with a clean slate at each of the sites, install all the new. I do not know if it will happen that way, but I would surely consider doing it that way if I had the responsibility.
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    More updated areas onto 21502 (Cumberland, Maryland) and surrounding areas, those 3G areas were reported on the app a few times, and I had made a case number last week, so I'm curious if they turned off the towers for it. Other locations in which I see these changes: Frostburg, Maryland - 21532. When traveling through these areas, the phone would stick to Sprint 3G and then hook back onto Extended LTE when leaving the areas. I'm glad to see that these changes are now full Extended, but I wonder if they have kicked into effect, as I was there this past week and it was still 3G. On the case number, i1335175766 if any employees want to check it.
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    Much of the new Shentel coverage is shown. - Trip