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    Those few old 3G only sites around Cumberland & Frostburg, Md could easily be turned off now This would make it much easier to do a quick rip & replace without disturbing anybody. Allow all users to use the Extended LTE while the contractors have the ability to rip all the old 3g, start with a clean slate at each of the sites, install all the new. I do not know if it will happen that way, but I would surely consider doing it that way if I had the responsibility.
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    I have to admit, it’s somewhat encouraging network wise for 2018. I’m not overly excited becuase we all know Sprints execution is laughable but if they can expand the network plus continue to densify and add all the bands on all the existing and new towers then they should be back in business. They should have done this back in 2014 but at least it’s getting done. My question is how much expansion are they doing. He mentioned neighborhood expansion just outside coverage areas as well as location destination spots that typically sprint doesn’t provide service to that would get new coverage. My guess is it would be decent expansion when it’s all said and done but nothing overly dramatic. Also, I would love B26 and small cells to takeover SoCal all 2018 but I know I’m dreaming. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The general rule for mobile coverage is that coverage needs to match up to the road network. If you want to know where the population lives and works, More than 95% of the population are always within about 10 miles of anywhere where there are roads with 2 or more lanes in each direction or are driving on those roads with 2 or more lanes in each direction passing through that area. Once you get about 10 miles outside of the multi-lane road area to single lane in each direction roads, you are in rural areas with very few customers. In my opinion, native or native-like roaming coverage covering the multi-lane road areas makes the most financial sense for Sprint with slower limited roaming outside of those areas.
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    Map was updated. One change I saw was in 21502, the Sprint 3G and more areas are now full Extended LTE
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    You will enjoy the X. One thing I would suggest, get a fully enclosed case. The screen is very easy to scratch. Just received this case yesterday: https://www.lifeproof.com/en-us/iphone-x/fre-for-iphone-x/lpfr-apl-iphn17.html
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    We will shall see what happens with Sprint...no one can predict what will happen....I m just hoping Sprint really kicks it into high gear to improve even faster..but we will see.
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    Hopefully they’re planning thousands of sites for new coverage. They also need to keep rolling out small cells, and should be calling businesses EVERYWHERE to send a Magic Box. It’s do or die time for Sprint, and they need to keep both the momentum and money flowing in the right direction.
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    Same can be said for many new bands. As long as there still is movement on some portions of the border I advise patience, as difficult as it may be. I do wish Sprint would be more forthcoming, but action is best. Sent from my LG-LS997 using Tapatalk
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    Hmm, where was the quote from? I know direct from Apple, a dead iPhone 6S replacement out-of-warranty is only $299 + tax.
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    Why won't Sprint gain more customers with "all that roaming?" They'll almost certainly go broke if they try to duplicate completely AT&T's coverage, much less Verizon's coverage. This is especially true now that T-Mobile is trying to fight in that same space. Does Sprint need to cover more places natively/roam-like-native than they do today? Sure. But there's certainly enough people who don't need like-native coverage next to every forest and prairie with no people for miles around that Sprint could cater to. Sprint just needs to expand their network to the point where most (90% or so?) people are covered where they live, work, and spend most of their time outside of home/work, let roaming coverage offer essential connectivity when they're well off the beaten path, and let the other three carriers fight for the 10% of customers who wouldn't be well-covered by Sprint's network.
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    People dont hate roaming, they dont even notice except when some services are missing. Roaming agreements make alot more sense that haveing four carriers spending the money to compete for 500 customer of some town in the middle of nowhere. Let one or two players offer service to the locals and other players rent their network when ond of their customers accidentally wander in to those areas. Ps. People that call sprint an MVNO are ignorant of simple definitions.
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    That is why roaming was invented. Compete where it makes sense, and cooperate where it doesn't. - Trip
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    I'm Glad they didn't merge we need 4 carriers. I would like to see them merge with USCC. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    I carry a Sprint and Verizon phone for work, as well as a T-Mobile device, Note8, S8, and S8+ respectively, so I get to use all three networks on a consistent basis. Sprint's claims of 1% are usually spot on in my experience. May not be the fastest, but it works. That's the real tag line, works for me. T-Mobile usually blows away Sprint in terms of raw speeds, but it's very inconsistent. For example, was in Denver last week, and Verizon bounced between great LTE and 1x, T-Mobile was strong signals but piss poor throughput, and Sprint had 3CA everywhere I went. Sprint needs to make their network work better across the board, and not be limited to city hotspots.
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    Early adopter here. I am one week into having the X in my hand, and it now feels odd to use my ipad and ipad mini with the home button. Using the gestures with the X took a few days of getting used to, but I'm glad I went this direction.
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    Congrats! I think you'll love the X. I'm enjoying mine and its refreshing new way of using an iPhone with the swipe gestures.
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    So far I love the X. I do like that it is smaller than my 7+. Still hate iOS 11 update. Took me all two seconds to get used to no home button. Really easy.