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    I've owned two XC90's. And other vehicles too. I totaled an Isuzu Ascender by hitting a deer outside Bismarck, North Dakota chasing Sprint LTE tracks on Sensorly (which turned out not to be actual Sprint signals). I have run into golf ball sized hail while signal tracking. Been chased by a funnel cloud. I have slid off icy roads. I have backed into parking bollards. Numerous paint scratchings from brush and trees while driving up mountaintop access roads. I have blown a transmission. I have had more close calls than I can count with other cars and pedestrians (and sometimes farm animals). I have dropped a brand new phone on asphalt jumping out to view new base station equipment deliveries. I have been chased off by well armed unhappy property owners. And other things that aren't coming to my mind quickly. There have been a lot of casualties. But many fun memories. I think I get the same rush that extreme sport enthusiasts get when I discover a new signal or some sort of unexpected anomaly and begin the chase. Like a less dangerous storm chaser? And less useful. I don't provide useful information to climate scientists and meteorologists. But hey, we do have a meteorologist on staff at S4GRU. And I'm glad for that! Robert
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    Beyond T-Mobile getting money from AT&T, they also got an influx of 9 Million customers and a bit of spectrum from MetroPCS. Dan Hesse wanted to buy them first but the board told him no. T-Mobile jumped at the opportunity to buy them and it paid off.
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    I guess people forgot that Sprint still had to pay out for frequency rebanding , some jurisdictions being a pain in the butt wanting more money for the effort, trying to get Sprint to help there budgets. California going broke.
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    I think it is very stupid that the Sprint/T-Mobile did not merge over control of the combined entity.
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    Alltel was the biggest one. If they had done that, that would have given then way more coverage and it's possible Sprint would be the largest carrier these days. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    The board was epically wrong. They should have merged with not just Metro but Leap. Influx of 15M customers and strengthened midband spectrum. Just like they were epically wrong not to merge with Alltel.
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    Not to mention that the parent corp forgave $5B when Metro and T-Mobile merged.
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    It definitely was. Sprint's plan was to make the company as strong as possible (in revenue, stock value and subscriber terms) while investing as little as possible and then merge the two companies with Masa having strategic control of the new company so that he could integrate it with his other investments. That would explain the company's 2015 and 2016 talk about densification with while not actually densifying campaign. Masa just believe the control of sprint is worth more that ~40 percent of 32 billion of value. He is either epically wrong or a genius.
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    I am hoping there is at least an "opt-in" way to do VoLTE on iOS by the end of 2018. Kind of like how Verizon added the feature when they rolled it out, but it wasn't on by default. My market is totally ready for it, but I understand that many aren't quite there yet.
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    I don't know how many disappointing miles I have logged a wireless enthusiast. Probably tens of thousands. I get your frustration. And I've experienced them with every carrier at some point or another. All funny anecdotes now. Enjoy the view, the greasy roadside food and keep mapping! #manymilesbeforeisleep Robert
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    Okay, so now that I am over it, I will post about it...................Went to Gillette last weekend to map and test out Band 71 on my LG V30. Get all the way to Gillette and you can only guess..............................NO SIGNAL. Yes, 160 miles just to find out NOTHING! Was not happy at all and took to Twitter to message both Neville and John Legere. Received a reply back from T-Mobile Help, which is nice, but they can't help with turning on towers now can they.................I just would prefer honesty when they are making announcements and making believe they have all this wonderful 600mhz coverage when they really don't. Will NOT be going back until I see it LIVE on the coverage map on T-Mobile's site. #DISAPPOINTED
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    It was actually quite a bit: https://dealbook.nytimes.com/2011/12/20/att-and-t-mobile-whats-2-billion-among-friends/ https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2011/12/att-admits-defeat-on-t-mobile-takeover-will-pay-4-billion-breakup-fee/ and it started the ball rolling on T-Mobile’s LTE Network build: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2012/02/t-mobile-takes-3-billion-att-breakup-fee-builds-4g-lte-network/
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    My understanding was cut back to raise money for a higher capex in 2018. Some people talk about how well Tmobile has done all while Forgetting it was att's money that paid for that. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Mostly done. Triband (750, 1900,2500) sites will be getting deployed once the cleanup from the hurricane mess is completed.
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    The best way for sprint to rebrand is to densify and build out their network. The problem is that they have been talking about doing this for year's and in my opinion they have been misleading people about what their network plans have been. I am still very sceptical about anything that sprint management says with regards to their network investment.
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    I carry a Sprint and Verizon phone for work, as well as a T-Mobile device, Note8, S8, and S8+ respectively, so I get to use all three networks on a consistent basis. Sprint's claims of 1% are usually spot on in my experience. May not be the fastest, but it works. That's the real tag line, works for me. T-Mobile usually blows away Sprint in terms of raw speeds, but it's very inconsistent. For example, was in Denver last week, and Verizon bounced between great LTE and 1x, T-Mobile was strong signals but piss poor throughput, and Sprint had 3CA everywhere I went. Sprint needs to make their network work better across the board, and not be limited to city hotspots.
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    I think that T-Mobile has plenty of 600Mhz spectrum.
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    A brand change would be very expensive to do. This money would be better used for improving the network in my opinion. A brand change would also be ineffective in my opinion. People would remember the old brand name and reputation for a very long time. Given that there are only 4 Major Wireless Carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint), Sprint’s Legacy Branding and Reputation wouldn’t simply go down the Internet (or off-Internet) memory hole for the foreseeable future. There would be a slew of articles and press referring to Sprint’s rebrand which will continue the association with its legacy brand. The saturated wireless market would constantly refer to Sprint’s old branding and reputation. This is therefore not a near term fix nor a long term one, as it takes resources that could be better used for tangible improvements to the business and product. In short, I’d expect a rebrand to have as much effect as Comcast trying to call itself Xfinity. Was this even a real rebrand? I’m still not sure. However, it didn’t work. T-Mobile went through a terrible branding period... and it’s emerged fine on the other side. No rename necessary. Here’s the solution and it’s nothing novel: Network, Network, Network. Make the Network blow the other guys’ out of the water. Distribute flagship devices to prominent columnists (Sascha Segan, etc.) and have them write reviews on the Network. Share these reviews widely. Here’s a start: https://www.pcmag.com/review/358021/lg-v30 https://twitter.com/saschasegan/status/945682340105289729 https://twitter.com/saschasegan/status/945688172943593473 The customers will come if the product is better. People are savvy enough to see through a brand change and it would be a waste of money. A brand change would be a waste because Sprint doesn’t have a perception problem as much as it has a product problem. Here’s what’s wrong with the product: Sprint doesn’t have Band 41 on 50% of its towers (or about 30% of its POPS) . It doesn’t have Band 26 on many others. It needs thousands of more tower sites to improve coverage on its existing footprint and at the fringes where there’s been suburban development that has exceeded the capacity of the Network. It needs to get all three LTE Bands deployed on every site. Sprint doesn’t have VoLTE for simultaneous Voice/Data (and for good reason as we all know why, but Prospective Customers don’t and may not switch.).
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    I switched away on my last upgrade. They just dont seem interested in making phones like I want. The s8+ is as close to my perfect phone as I think I've ever been.
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    long term I think your current deal would be hard to beat. If I was in your situation and happy with my current performance then I'd stay put.
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    The biggest thing I”d have to lose is that I would be relinquishing my Tmo plan - I pay $118/month taxes included for five lines. Then I get kickback on at least one line and I have One Plus (double international speeds)/HD pass on three of the lines - all included in that price. I guess I switched at a pretty sweet time. So this decision is pretty hard. At this point, I’m leaning to stay with Tmo for the time being.. their service seems to be better than it had been in my area, so we’ll see.
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    Finally got a SignalCheck Pro update pushed out yesterday afternoon! By now I'm sure many of you already grabbed it, but here are the version 4.47 highlights.. Added option to hide "Unknown" neighbor cells. If you enable this option, you will not see "Unknown" neighbors displayed individually.. instead the total number of unknowns (if any) will be mentioned in the neighbor cell header. "Unknown" cells are usually nearby cells that are on a different band than your active connection. Android used to handle these without an issue, but since 7.0 it's been broken. Resolved issue with missing signal information on GSM devices reporting 99% BER. There's a decent number of older Samsung devices (and possibly others) that report a bogus GSM bit error rate (BER) even when the connection is valid. This should work around that. Overhauled implementation of Android 6+ runtime permissions requirements. This has been a nightmare, but it's getting better. Essentially, you need to grant SignalCheck the location, phone, and storage permissions it asks for if you want full functionality. There is still a glitch where you may not be prompted for every permission if more than one is pending in the background, but I'm working on it. There is an explanation of why these permissions are needed on the website FAQ, but please ask if you have any questions. Overhauled Wi-Fi channel and bandwidth routines. Wi-Fi channel/frequency/bandwidth information should be greatly improved for those who were lacking this information before. Still some occasional reports of issues with DFS, please let me know if anything doesn't look right. Changed AT&T LTE band 17 indicators to display as "B12/B17" if EARFCN cannot be obtained. I'm probably getting the technical explanation wrong here, but AT&T is deploying B12 and B17 together with MFBI. SignalCheck will now show either B12 or B17 if the EARFCN confirms one of those, or "B12/B17" if it's not sure. Added additional indicators for AT&T LTE band 2, 4, 5, 12, 17, and 30 cells. Added additional indicators for Sprint CDMA Airave cells. Added additional indicators for Sprint LTE band 41 Magic Box cells. Added Data/EPST and Debug/Engineering shortcuts for rooted Pixel devices. Added indicators for T-Mobile LTE band 71 cells (excluding East Coast & Western US). Added support for newest LTE bands in 3GPP spec. Reorganized Display Settings screen. Resolved force closes on devices with multiple user accounts. Resolved force closes when necessary permissions have not been granted on Android 6+. Resolved force closes with Send Diagnostics function when storage permission is not granted. Resolved issue with CDMA BSL display failing on Android 8.1. These should all be self-explanatory but feel free to ask if you want more information. As always, thank you to everyone for your support! There WILL be an update to SignalCheck Lite this month to catch it up to this release. I have been holding out because I was hoping to get all of the permissions issues ironed out before doing that, but my patience has run out. -Mike
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    Ya one weak spot was the West gate district.. the band 41 site is too far away so it drops to band 25 and that's a busy area .. at the time I was there speeds were ok , but once packed it's more then likely going to be a bad experience.... The Arrowhead mall received new band 41 upgrade since I was connected to a mini macro.. speed we're around 100mbps .. I was connected to band 41 85% of the time.. sprint was also good downtown went to a Phoenix Suns game and they perform well Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Was in Phoenix ( Glendale, tempe, Scottsdale ) sprint performed very well.... Phoenix was part of 1st phase of band 41rollout ..so, all site we're 3xca that I connected to with new band 41 site running Nokia mini macros 2xca... Also, band 25 is now 10mhz in Phoenix that was good to see.. band 26 is a nice fill in for indoor coverage not crazy on speeds, but around 5-7mbps.... Also, the cell grid looks to be dense... don't know if that just started happening recently or has Phoenix been a pretty dense market? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    For people who bemoan the limited coverage of band 41, many of you are irrationally gung ho over 256QAM, which has a usable coverage radius much smaller than that of band 41. AJ