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    I hope that you have better critical thinking to offer than the above. It is more or less analogous to the "Obama supported it, so I am opposed to it" attitude. Net Neutrality is not a partisan, us vs them issue. It has significant support across the aisle. Those who are opposed to Net Neutrality tend to be few and fall into one or more of these camps: ISP entrenched interests who hope to maximize profits from anti neutral actions anti government and/or free enterprise zealots who believe that the market inherently produces the best or deserved solutions people who are ignorant of or have been misled about the actual tenets of Net Neutrality comment spam bots Lastly, characterizing Facebook, et al., as "the Oligopolies" comes across as mildly ironic, since the real concern of Net Neutrality is the oligopoly or even monopoly hold that ISPs have over so many home broadband consumers. AJ
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    No, I, as the consumer do not want to be charged twice, once for the connection and another time for streaming or consuming content by my ISP. The content provider pays for the connection on their end and I pay for mine. I also do not want my ISP to use paid lanes to favor certain content over others.
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    Well, not all opinions are created equal. I supported mine. You did not. So, as it stands, your opinion is unsubstantiated and/or ignorant. AJ
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    It’s my best guess. You can actually do this on Sprint now to a degree. Sprint now offers an Unlimited Hotspot Data Plan for $50/Month. Streaming is limited to 480P (it would be nice to have an HD Add-on) but this is passable. If you want to show Comcast/Verizon and the others how you feel, close your wallet and walk away.
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    What a douchebag/Troll!! Lawsuits incoming! https://ag.ny.gov/press-release/ag-schneiderman-i-will-sue-stop-illegal-rollback-net-neutrality
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    For the life of me I can't figure out how people were thinking net neutrality was going to solve a municipality granting exclusive rights to a single isp instead of having a open market. Sorry but that's the fault of your local governments.
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    Sorry I can’t figure out how to edit on mobile. Uploaded some screenshots.. Lower download speeds however still shows 2X CA. Exact GPS location if anyone wants to check.
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    Price ensures supply and capacity. That’s just what it is for anything. We’d like to think of the Internet infrastructure as limitless, but it’s not. It’s a limited resource like anything else. If something is too cheap, there won’t ever be enough of it and there won’t be enough of an incentive to produce it or supply it in quantity. Most conversations I’ve had about markets and supply/capacity starts with: “Why can’t we give everyone “X” for “Y”?” And ends with: “Why can’t we give everyone “X” for “Y”?” Things exist and are often better because people are willing to pay more. It also ensures adequate supply for them. This applies to mailing a letter. Pick your delivery time. There isn’t enough capacity to make all letters express next day and the cost structure can’t support it. However for the people that opt in, there’s enough supply/capacity. This applies to Sprint with its Ultra HD add-on for $10/Month. It’s there if you want it. There likely isn’t enough capacity to make all users Ultra HD, but there is for those expected number who opt-in for it. With enough competition, people ultimately get what they want for what they want to pay. People should have the option to pay to avoid cat video congestion if they’re working on mission critical work (in their minds at least) for example.
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    Vote.... or Run. Support people that want to improve and expedite the permitting process for Cell Sites. 5G Fixed Wireless will happen.... and sooner with supportive office holders.
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    Yeah. Like that’s going to happen. Most of the local level governments are a part of the reason that most Americans don’t have multiple broadband options.
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    Many areas don’t have competition when it comes to wireline ISPs. So they will have no one to respond to.
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    Net Neutrality always lived undisclosed pre legislation. Title II just made it official and a hell of alot harder for ISP's to play games.
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    Here is the tag on the pole. No equipment on it yet. It just came up this evening, around 6 I'm told.
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    I just received a call from essential, he put a request to the technical team regarding the issue with clearwire. Sent from my PH-1 using Tapatalk
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    I've got one. Thanks!! Until others join, you will have amazing odds.
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    Ok, I'm a complete moron. A bit of searching on the Internet finds that the LTE timing advance value for TDD LTE is adjusted by the equivalent of ~20 microseconds, which works out to be about 3 km round-trip or ~1.5 km (just under 1 mile) one-way. So the reason I could never get within a mile of the site is because... I was already right on top of the site. Thus I can say the band 41 site is definitely the one on Moody Road at the intersection with Feagin Mill Road. It's the only one I've spotted so far around here, and seems like an odd choice since it doesn't seem to cover a lot of people - it is probably the closest one to the old protection site, so maybe that's why Sprint decided to upgrade it as opposed to one in a more critical location. As for indicating Mini Macros and Magic Box sites, I'm happy to add the necessary code if it can be done without adding too much extra clutter - although at some level if SCP already does it I'm not really sure duplication in my app is worthwhile.