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    Quick rundown of UBS Conference with Tarek Robbiati -70% POP on B41 -50% of Towers have B41 -Adding a couple thousand Macro sites -Making all sites Triband is key -Massive MIMO will be deployed extensively compared to other carriers -Full access to Altice backhaul to deploy small cells (seems limited to their footprint) No Permits needed, quick to market deployment and best price. -reiterated increase in Capex between 5 and 6B for 2018 -Improving Customer service -Increase in prices (but still be the least expensive of all carriers)
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    Sprint CFO Tarek Robbiati @ 45th Annual Global Media and Communications Conference All Q&A Sprint priorities for 2018: on execution - network rollout, customer experience, distribution. decisions to invest in network was made before merger talks. we will triband a lot of our towers. 2.5 now on 50% of tower. expansion is #1 2) add a few new towers in specific neighborhoods (a few thousand) 3) will be aggressive about rolling out massive mimo 64x64 4) small cell densification: mini macros, air strands, magic boxes 5-6 billion next next, and then same level for a few more years *year small cells: have obtained several thousand small cell permits. Altice as well which includes reasonable backhaul. looking at markets where they can really gain share first 1100 company owned retail stores at the end of June then 360 stores via Radio Shack, 200 via car warehouse, 200 new Sprint improving the customer experience: have analytical model for churn score - relates highly to network quality. Now looking at other churn factors such as customer care. churn has improved this quarter churn is always a local issue Sprint seems to be changing its tune on how they address price? they intend to remain price leader. raised prices in the last few weeks and may again. iphone x short supply limited promotions arpu is higher than t-mobile. will be offering new services to raise arpu what is driving people into the Sprint stores? we will go deeper in markets where we feel that we have the networks up to scratch in 9 quarters we have cut 9 billion in costs. now is the time to rebalance cost cuts with reinvestments. *5 billion more into IT to improve customer experience really critical that we put our spectrum to use once and for all cash flow should be around break even except next year will be doing the second traunch of spectrum lease co, and another spectrum financing will be doing the same with devices arm and satellite LTE mentioned as futures. Marcello is in Japan. pro and cons of staying public. happy where we are. done.
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    Yes. Verizon may have more at the moment, but Sprint's relative lack of infinite investment cash is really making them get creative and they're cooking up some really neat stuff with the relays, magic boxes, and the Altice plans.
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    Say what you want about Sprint but it seems like Sprint is the most innovative with regard to small cell solutions right now.
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    I'm talking about the B41 footprint, not the Sprint footprint. We have seen B41 going up on sites in areas that did not have B41 before, expanding the B41 footprint.
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    Possibly. Increasing density, but not really expanding the footprint. Recently we've seen more evidence of the B41 footprint expanding.
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    I didn't see it on the page. Am I blind or just crazy? Wait, don't answer that! Sent from my BBB100-3 using Tapatalk
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    I love the plan to get all bands on all towers... this is something with low band that T-Mobile has not done. It will give Sprint an advantage if they choose to do this in addition to the high band add.
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    Sprint says they’ve been able to reproduce the WiFi Calling Issue on iOS 11.2:
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    Had not seen this yet. Band 41 in Christiansburg and Blacksburg.
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    Marcelo spoke on this a few weeks back. When he was interviewed by Wells Fargo or whoever it was, He stated that about half the network has B41 deployed. This interview happened soon after the failed merger attempt due to who was going to control both companies.
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    That's not too far from me.. I can check my logs and/or take a drive if you're looking for something specific, just let me know. -Mike
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    Today at 10:15 a.m. ET http://investors.sprint.com/news-and-events/press-releases/press-release-details/2017/Sprint-CFO-Tarek-Robbiati-to-Speak-Dec-5-at-45th-Annual-UBS-Global-Media-and-Communications-Conference/default.aspx Direct Link: https://cc.talkpoint.com/ubsx001/120417a_as/?entity=35_8GW0RFD Who’s tuning in?
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    I had a 35mb update this morning. Not sure what it did though.
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    If you live in Southern California then YOU (and others like you) would be the source of any new band 26 reports. So we are all looking to you SoCal residents to let us all know when and where it begins to pop up. Everyone knows you guys really need it and everyone knows what all is in play and why it's been such a long and exhaustive process. But as this site is not at all related to nor sponsored by Sprint nor Softbank then all we (and you) can do is simply wait for it to begin showing up. In the meantime I would suggest a Verizon or AT&T MVNO like Straight Talk or Cricket until Sprint is a better contender in your area. Instead of getting frustrated, just use a better service. I think they call that "voting with your wallet."