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    Not sure about 31.0. I hope it helps with band prioritization. I am having issues with the X locking onto B25 first when it is slow. 11.2, I do see Apple Pay Cash in Wallet for sending/receiving payments through Messages.
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    i was told they put off the November update "because of the Thanksgiving holiday and the associated freezes put in place to minimize impacts, we won't be doing the next coverage map update until early December."
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    Download is finished. Here's the change log.
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    So I just did my usual obsessive check for updates on my Note 8 and behold. A software update is incoming. Probably just the November security patch. The update looks to be about 158 Megs.
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    I had no more luck on the way back; my Pixel 2 XL wouldn't even connect to 1X or 3G on CSpire. My Nexus 6 on Project Fi wouldn't connect either when I forced it to connect via CDMA/LTE using the *#*#FISPR#*#* dialer code.
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    I had my Nexus 5 activated a couple of weeks ago while LG had my phone for repair and I didn't notice any SMS or MMS problems. Sent from my LG-LS993 using Tapatalk
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    Speaking for my devices, the problem is independent of the default messaging app. I mainly use Android Messages and Textra. In fact I reloaded the last factory image and used it stock to prove it wasn't any app or update. Sent from my BBB100-3 using Tapatalk
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    Any B25 carrier that isn't in the G block is technically B2. B25 is a superset of B2. Sprint has many second B25 carriers throughout the country (Columbus, Cleveland, and San Francisco for sure). I didn't realize they were also broadcasting it as B2... likely it's for roaming compatibility with other providers whose phones may only support B2 but not B25. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    [PSA] "GEN 3" Magic Boxes Incoming Will be called ASPANMBGN2 or GEN2. Really Generation 3 if one goes by chronological order of ASP540 GEN1, ASP 545 GEN2. Biggest change is exterior looks, display (LCD), and external portable battery pack like the GEN1 MB 540.