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    When I first switched to Sprint, I couldn’t place a call at my house. Today I can easily pull 130-140 mbps download on LTE at home. They’ve certainly come a long way.
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    It would be very impressive if they do put all three bands in all their towers like Marcelo was saying they are going to do. That would be a pretty consistent network experience. I think the biggest fear from the other three carriers is if Sprint gets their network together and they really tap into their 2.5. If done right, Sprint can really do some damage here in the states. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yay for no more distraction. A loose confirmation that this merger mess has been a huge distraction from network planning and marketing strategy. And why wouldn’t it be? Just getting all 3 bands deployed on 100% of the footprint would be impressive. Now to wonder- will Sprint pursue the fastest backhaul when adding sites or the the cheapest? Understandably a balancing act. I tend to think Son is looking for a partner who doesn’t have a national network footprint, meaning the deeper and wider the footprint goes, the more attractive Sprint becomes as a partner. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There's no such policy. Posting extremely slow speed tests without context or just to complain is not tolerated. (For example, "Look at this ridiculously slow speed! Sprint sux," would not be tolerated if there wasn't more information). Sent from my LG G6
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    Guess I've been fortunate; in Central TX they *have* thrown B41 on rural-ish macros. Even ones that I'm sure are still backhauled over microwave. Mobilite isn't the only one who has tried to pull public ROW shenanigans. AT&T is trying to strip Austin of the ability to regulate its own ROW so they can do heavier 5G trials here (they're already doing gigabit over mmWave to a couple test locations...and we're a "5G evolution" market so standard LTE is nice and speedy as well). Re: rural coverage, Sprint either needs to throw some B26 up or do reciprocal roaming (a la Alltel a decade ago) with someone who will. AT&T roaming on LTE at 1x speeds is a horrible stopgap...coming from someone who goes to places where T-Mobile's LTE funs at a few Mbps. Speaking of T-Mobile, their 600 coverage may as well not exist for 99.9% of their subscribers due to lack of phone support. That'll be fixed by the middle of next year, but right now they have one standard flagship that supports 600. Going back to Sprint-land, they need to: Get 8T8R on a LOT more B41 macros to decrease signal fragility, which I think is worse all-else-equal now with Config 2. Get more partnerships with cable companies that allow for piggyback-ing small cells on existing ROWs/backhaul. Altice will be amazing for that in NYC. Here they *might* be able to pull it off with Grande, which happens to serve parts of town that need extra density anyway. Fix the Magic Box shipping backlog Help phone manufacturers get HPUE into their devices (/me mumbles about Essential not being able to find an appropriate amp for the tech, despite having Sprint as their primary carrier) Get 256/64QAM D/U running on at least B41 and B25. Granted, the usable area for those modulations will be small on B41, but plenty of areas on the B25 side could benefit, and that will reduce site loads appreciably as folks upgrade their phones. Guessing TMo is doing 256 on both AWS and PCS (and CAing them together) so should be doable on 25. Make sure every area is covered by either native or roaming, then watch roaming use/performance very carefully and build macro network relatively aggressively where people actually are. Even if that macro network is a string of four sites spaced for B26, sharing 100 Mbps of backhaul...that's enough to hold a call and a data session while not on someone else's network. They're already doing this in east-Central TX, FWIW.
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    Sprint has a deal going on, started yesterday. $25 down, $5 a month for 18 months and then the buyout is only $30. I got in on this yesterday and just need to wait for the phone to come in. Once thats set up i am simply going to pay the phone lease off immediately which will end up being $145 plus tax and then i own the phone. Pretty crazy.
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    Right. Sprint is technically 5G ready between their 2.5 and Massive MIMO. So with 3CA alone with M MINO, you’re talking almost 1Gbps. But I’m basing that off of the getting 300mbps using just a single 20mhz. I really want Sprint to follow through on these new network plans. This is truly a sink or swim time but I think Marcelo and team are serious since he was beyond honest about the network and convinced Son to give Sprint an actual chance. I think it’s a good time to be on Sprint IMO. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I've been getting 10+ hours of usage with 15-17+ hours of standby, and only getting into the teens of battery percentage remaining. This phone has the best battery life of any phone I've ever had. -Anthony
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    300Mbps on one channel is not that big of an accomplishment. 2x2 Mimo at 64QAM is 112.5. 256QAM is about 33% increase but QAM is strange basically push as many bits until failure. So not exactly a 33% increase but a small increase. 112.5 Mbps x 1.33 (gain from QAM increase) x 2 (going from 2x2 mimo to 4x4 mimo) = 300Mbps
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    Correct. Just have to pay the remaining lease payments plus $30 so about $145 out the door.
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    finally seeing configure 2 band 41. getting 150.00 down on 2 carriers. found more 10x10 band 25 , hitting 50 mbps.
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    Hey Brynn great topic ya started here: I hope I can interpert this correctly. But I think we have to look at it from an overall investment over a time period and see how much higher sprint will invest over a few fiscal years together.. their is only so much sprint can do wiithing 1 full fiscal year, but over 2 to 3 years we could see a big difference Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    I believe so too. I’m reading old articles and according to this one Sprint will start Massive MIMO deployment beginning of next year. Now this article was dated back in September (during T-Mobile merger) however if we take Marcelo’s word on the network I would assume this is still on track. Its awesome that Sprint and Ericcson was able to achieve 300mbps from one 20mhz channel!
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    Well suck, just bought the essential phone for a 2nd time....Couldn't pass up this Best buy deal to get paid to buy the phone! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Hopefully it's not a one hit wonder, but if it does I can see why with how badly things got started off to unfortunately. Hopefully the company has enough financial reserves and/or investors to give it another try next year and revamp their business model?? Only time will tell though..... That sux on the RF end hopefully things turn around RF wise! I don't necessarily have issues with my V20 RF but definitely don't want the Essential phone to be worse RF wise!! Still this phone is a kickass deal with the coupon code for $299!! Almost all is forgiven at that price point.
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    Not sure if it is sarcasm or not, but when you work at corporate HQ high level executives usually hold town hall meetings where employee groups can get an update and ask questions directly to them.
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    I like how it says “No more distractions, now it’s our time. “ Hopefully Sprint goes full steam ahead on upgrading their network as stated after the merger ended.
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    After "leaving" Sprint in 2013 for MVNO Republic Wireless, I'm officially back on Sprint, thanks to their 1freeyear promotion. I must say, a lot has changed on Sprint's network since 2013!
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    Early adopter here. I am one week into having the X in my hand, and it now feels odd to use my ipad and ipad mini with the home button. Using the gestures with the X took a few days of getting used to, but I'm glad I went this direction.
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    Masa’s desire all along was to merge with T-Mobile and run the combined entity. That wasn’t going to happen under the prior administration. So the plan became make Sprint lean for the future for another go around at this merger attempt under a new administration. Get rid of all the waste. Do a low cost “non traditional” upgrade program with small cells as a holding strategy and try again under more favorable conditions. Wait it out essentially. Unfortunately, it seems the low cost “non traditional” upgrade plan didn’t make as much progress as hoped for. Marcelo effectively said that... and the merger didn’t happen, not because of a new admin opposing it, but because T-Mobile didn’t want to cede control to SoftBank. It’s true that Marcelo needed to get Sprint’s house in order over the past few years. However, I do think there was a holding strategy in terms of CapEx and Network builds per Masa’s guidance in the hopes for a merger. Marcelo was in a tough spot for the last year... and he finally sounds relieved that he can execute a real network plan for Sprint that receives full funding and attention from Masa.
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    https://boston.maps.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=968bcd0da75f44cca75298153b33ac7f Here's a map of Mobilite sites in Boston.
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    SoftBank likes Sprint so much that Masayoshi Son legally added Sprint to his name. What a difference a comma can make... AJ
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    https://new.reorg-research.com/data/documents/20170430/59065e944dd12.pdf interesting read