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    Aaand.. merger is off: https://newsroom.t-mobile.com/news-and-blogs/t-mobile-sprint.htm
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    Except if he wanted to dump Sprint he would have today. It seems none of us have a clue here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The merger talks are dead. I guess now Legere will go back to his childish ways to mock Sprint. I am pretty sure these two companies were having talks for a long time. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-sprint-corp-m-a-t-mobile-us/sprint-and-t-mobile-end-merger-negotiations-idUSKBN1D40RY
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    Agreed. Would be nice to buy out the remaining portion of Sprint, take them private and pour some money into the network and help pay down the debt. #pipedream Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Maybe Sprint and SoftBank will go pedal to the metal. Get serious about competing and make some game changing moves. The Sprint network has improved dramatically since 2010.
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    Is it just a coincidence that Trump is visiting Japan this weekend as well???
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    I feel like he has no choice now but to do this. The next upcoming months will be interesting.
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    Joint announcement from both companies https://newsroom.t-mobile.com/news-and-blogs/t-mobile-sprint.htm?view_id=485 http://newsroom.sprint.com/tmobile-and-sprint-end-merger-discussions.htm
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    Was able to order a R910 hotspot with unlimited data today. Looked at hotspots online while logged into my business account and plan selection was 10GB for $35 or unlimited for $55.
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    I’d love to hear more about this as well. As for the 8 and 8 Plus, since the back is now glass instead of aluminum, I wonder how that affects the antenna design vs. the 7.
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    Still Calling Plus.... no VoLTE on any Sprint device for now. Good news that more devices are seeing the Calling Plus update.
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    More than likely it shares the same/similar antennae design as the 8/8 plus. We would have to hear from Tim or AJ or someone else who is a little more knowledgeable on the subject than I am. -Anthony
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    After the cost of the contest, S4GRU made approximately $375 for the site. Thank you all who participated! We will hold the drawing this coming Sunday at 6 PM Pacific/9 PM Eastern. All entries have been sent. Good luck to all the participants. THANKS FOR SUPPORTING S4GRU! Robert
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    Can Charter and Comcast help Sprint accelerate band 41 deployment so Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile phones can have access to band 41 too? If they can help Sprint densify their 2.5 spectrum, then it will be a great win for all of them. Also band 41 would be able to handle both Sprint users and Xfinity Mobile users. Just my opinion.
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    It would be truly great to see Son just crap all over TMO Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looks like GS8 Active coming to Sprint..
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    I get it, cable has basically been operating like it is still the 90s. But the great conflict between content providers and cable providers is coming. All cable has to do is to increase the bandwidth available to the cable modem so that people can stream different channels over the internet and hopefully from the cables cos own video servers. Something like Apple does with AppleTV. Apple takes a percentage off the top with no risk. The risk lies with the content providers. Heck they can partner with Apple or Roku or Amazon or Netflix. Provide access to content over wireless or cable.
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    I received my iPhone X today, but I haven't opened it yet. T-Mobile is working with my mother on some complex number porting/switching arrangements with our plan, so I'll wait until Monday to get the phone ready for use after the other stuff gets done over the weekend. T-Mobile has been really great lately with everything, and I'm really glad they haven't messed up on anything.
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    Just started working out of nowhere. I was on B25 driving home on VoLTE, my phone wouldn't switch from B25 to MB once I was home. My call hung on B25 until I hung up. I was able to start a new call on VoLTE on my MB.
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    So far I love the X. I do like that it is smaller than my 7+. Still hate iOS 11 update. Took me all two seconds to get used to no home button. Really easy.
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    Comcast will not merge with Verizon. Just stop. That would create a mega corporation beyond all imagination. Not even a Trump administration would approve that. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-07-28/comcast-buying-verizon-it-doesn-t-like-wireless-that-much
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    Great post, Fraydog Right now is absolutely not the time for cable to get involved with wireless mergers, with the possible exception of Comcast/Verizon. Besides the points you made, which were very good, I also cannot stress how bad a situation would be were you have a cable company which mostly is just regional, selling a national wireless service, but putting bundles for that service with cable that only is available in areas where their cable service is shared. I am a very anti-discrimination person, as I have a deep dislike for anything unfair to someone or a group of people, which I know especially from being severely inflicted by physical disability and how society is, etc. Customers are literally disabled (though certainly not in the same sense as actual physical disability), but monetarily, market-based disability based simply on where they live and which services they have access to. This is a big part why I advocate for service industry mergers, so that there is greater equal access to what people have around elsewhere in the country. People should not be so limited based on where they chose to live, or literally have to reside somewhere based on circumstances. The only thing that I am more tolerant of with lack of access is when it involves people deciding to live in extreme rural environments, where it just cannot be feasible for all of these options. Yet even now, larger areas still have lack of access where really shouldn't be an issue to serve, but regulation and competition challenges make it difficult for even moderate populated areas to be fully served. Such as if Sprint had more customers and more money, they could grow the network faster, but they can't really, because they are the smallest carrier with money issues and three much larger competitors. Yet together with T-Mobile, it makes Sprint much stronger as it does for T-Mobile, gives them much more power and resources to compete, along with a much stronger combined network that has the ability to really grow. Not to say though that Sprint couldn't do this alone with the right financing, but really can we seriously trust Softbank to do that now after so long of not financing Sprint as it needs? T-Mobile under DT and John Legere certainly will, and we will all benefit under it, regardless of our disappointment Sprint couldn't get the proper support to do it alone. But it could be even worse with Charter. Cable isn't the right path for Sprint at this point.
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    https://www.dslreports.com/shownews/Sprint-Charter-in-Merger-Talks-140639 Charter back in it. I see the problem with this is that Rutledge and Malone will want control over Sprint and will put Masa in the back seat. When Masa meets with them, that will be the air let out of the Charter/Sprint balloon. Also, cable and wireless tech isn't exactly complimentary at this point, though Sprint could push Charter off QAM to IP for wired video, they might also need a better DVR because Charter's current DVR sucks compared to Dish' s Hopper, DirecTV's Genie, or Comcast's X1. Even my local cable company has a whole home DVR. Charter got rid of theirs! It isn't like a combined Sprint and Charter will be able to bully people into getting wireless like Charter does with cable and Rogers can do with cable and wireless up in the frozen North. Rogers has one less national competitor for one. Only way Masa can replicate that is for DT to take over Sprint and with Masa playing backseat driver while Legere and Hottges trying to negotiate something with Comcast or Charter. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    Keeping an eye out for those November Coverage Map enhancements!
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    I never was debating whether there is a deal, no deal, walking away, Masa has a new plan...none of that. You are completely missing my point. Whether news of deals, or no deal being accurate was not my point. I was just addressing that someone should not expect a formal announcement if they decide not to pursue a deal. That's all. Formally, there is no deal currently. They don't need to formally announce the current status quo. 'News Reports' have not reported a formal deal, they have report rumor, speculation and leaked info of private negotiations. Now someone said they will not believe the unannounced still under negotiation deal is off until there is an official cancellation of the deal. There was no official announcement of a deal, not even a final agreement to what a deal would even be, therefore there will not be an official announcement cancelling it, should the deal fall apart. There will be news reports on rumor and speculation about the deal falling apart. Which is what is occurring now. As to whether Masa is walking away is bargaining tactic or he has a new plan without T-Mobile, I have not discussed. But if this deal is dead, don't expect a press release. That's all I'm saying.