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    T-Mobile announces Un-mergerâ„¢. AJ
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    I have several locations that upload multiple video feeds over LTE. This is a requirement for us to operate securely. This will also soon be a requirement of law enforcement operations as live video and body cams come online; many will begin to feed into cloud storage as more accountability is demanded. LTE as a public safety standard is coming with AT&T and the first responder network deal, this will have folks using video and picture response as e911 evolves. Many suburban locations unserved use this as failover or load balanced connections to stay connected. This will connect many more people as LTE pricing stays down and unlimited is a trend. Having a strong uplink is a very valuable connection. So valuable to Sprint, they spent sweat and treasure coming up with HPUE on 2.5GHz in league with the Chinese and many other providers and vendors. I am not knocking the speed test, that is a magnificent speed. These are simply examples of strong upload needs many are dismissing; if the 2xCA upload device I plan to win in the giveaway brings me to 15Mb p/s that sure would be sweet with three and a third down.
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    I always wonder what people are doing on their mobile connection that say that an upload over 5mb/s is not fast enough. The pictured upload is faster than my real world speed tests on my home internet connection rated at 75mb/s down and 8mb/s up. Any time my mobile connection is faster than my home internet, it is perfectly fine with me. Extremely fast upload is for hosting servers or uploading very large files. Neither of those are what mobile connections are designed for. That upload speed should do everything you want to do on a mobile connection quite quickly.
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    Honestly what sort of uploads are you doing that this (7.65 mbps) wouldn't take care of (and relatively quickly, at that)?
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    It's not the 7.65 Mbps that personally bothers me. What bothers me is that Config 2 completely kills the upload in fringe areas. There are parts were I used to have at least 1 Mbps upload with a weak signal, but now it struggles to even break 0.2 Mbps. Sure, the added download speed is nice, but it wasn't needed. B41 doesn't have much congestion in my area. It's very hard to find a place where download speeds were slower than 10 Mbps before the change.
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    My Magic Box disconnects from Band 41 on football game days because of congestion and switches over to Band 25. I figured because it maintains an active data connection, it wouldn't switch back to Band 41 on its own so I typically restart my Magic box for it to reconnect to Band 41 immediately. Last Friday it disconnected from Band 41 because of the FSU game and I decided to see what the Magic Box would do if it was left alone and it switched back to Band 41 on its own yesterday night. I don't know why it took so long or what caused it to switch, but it's pretty cool that it'll just pick the best network available.
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    For most users, the upload speeds are fine. For my job however, robust upload speeds are needed. TV stations are increasingly moving away from expensive microwave and satellite live trucks toward the much cheaper mobile backpacks (whether this is a good thing or not is another conversation). These backpacks rely on the mobile networks to stream/upload the full HD video back to the studio. Weak or congested upload channels make this very difficult.
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    This may qualify as post of the year.
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    After the cost of the contest, S4GRU made approximately $375 for the site. Thank you all who participated! We will hold the drawing this coming Sunday at 6 PM Pacific/9 PM Eastern. All entries have been sent. Good luck to all the participants. THANKS FOR SUPPORTING S4GRU! Robert
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    Well, if you were the only US wireless consumer I suppose that would be relevant.
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    Some of you may remember the times I've reported here about my leaving T-Mobile in the past, which I officially did about three or four times. A few of those were to try Sprint, and the others were two specific times T-Mobile messed up on my preorders for smartphones, in which once I went to Verizon, and the other to AT&T. Then several months ago, I mentioned about how I might leave T-Mobile because of the Digits issue, but I didn't end up leaving T-Mobile after all since executive response offered me a great deal for whenever I decided to upgrade my device away from the Microsoft Lumia 950xl I've been using, which ver these past months has seen a huge drop in support from many companies who previously supported the platform with various apps. Its been quite frustrating, but the problem really is with Microsoft for failing to promote its platform to compete with Android and iOS. BTW, the two smartphone preorders T-Mobile messed up on were the Samsung S7 and the Note 7, both I tried to preorder and went through a bunch of problems dealing with T-Mobile trying to get the devices while plenty other customers were already receiving theirs. However, I'm happy to report T-Mobile not only gave an incredible discount to me for my iPhone X 256gb (they're covering the full down payment), but I'm receiving the device on Friday this week, tomorrow, on time, finally! Not only that, but they're discounting my mother's iPhone SE and Apple Watch Series 3 42mm Stainless Steel model the same discount as on my iPhone X. So, between that and the service being improved lately, I'm keeping T-Mobile.
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    http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/SHEN/5470481102x0x962380/768CF7A2-6377-4D29-B258-69EB6C21CD0F/SHEN_Earnings_Call_Q3_2017_-FINAL_v1.0.0.pdf From Q&A - still working on 2018 CAPex budget, which will include new sites in April 2017 expansion area, Cumberland, MD, Parkersburg WV mentioned. They believe their network is equal to or better than national carriers. Shentel launched their biggest advertising in their history and the end of September to show LTE and new coverage. Store traffic has picked up. They are almost doubling their typical advertising.
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    Some are saying that is just to get a better deal with T-Mobile. Now we have this latest refinancing deal. Softbank secures $23.3 billion refinancing for Sprint and ARM.
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    Next to Lebanon city highschool Sent from my PH-1 using Tapatalk
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    Welp..power is back and the site is only broadcasting LTE now. EVDO and voice did not come back online for some reason. Any call I try when connected to Sprint LTE has the phone fall back to USCC 1x for the call. Also, if i receive a text while connected to LTE on this site, the phone kicks over to USCC 1x to get the text. Very weird.
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    -Fair and just -Yeah that stinks, I am laymen and like solutions but people have legal reason to make a fuss. =Yeah I figured G dude had this in a lab and white coats were helicoptered in to make it into a sexy video. My lingual is functional to our awesome smart user base that will get signal where it needs it in action, but fun for those of us who have basic ideas of how a flying internet remote helichoptermatron just might work.
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    It is just a warning as we do not want to encourage people to tamper with these things. We don't want to give sprint and airspan a reason to make the next MB revisions have an anti tampering setup like that of tmobile which causes the unit to kill itself if opened up. As a FYI. They didn't literally strap a magic box to a drone. It's a specialized airspan setup. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    By all means feel free. You're just running a risk of getting your sprint lines terminated in addition to being charged a fee for tampering with the equipment. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Really? Since when? Maybe I wasn't paying attention or maybe I've been on Band 41 too much lol. I always noticed the second Band 25 carrier but I never saw it aggregated with the first carrier.
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    I never was debating whether there is a deal, no deal, walking away, Masa has a new plan...none of that. You are completely missing my point. Whether news of deals, or no deal being accurate was not my point. I was just addressing that someone should not expect a formal announcement if they decide not to pursue a deal. That's all. Formally, there is no deal currently. They don't need to formally announce the current status quo. 'News Reports' have not reported a formal deal, they have report rumor, speculation and leaked info of private negotiations. Now someone said they will not believe the unannounced still under negotiation deal is off until there is an official cancellation of the deal. There was no official announcement of a deal, not even a final agreement to what a deal would even be, therefore there will not be an official announcement cancelling it, should the deal fall apart. There will be news reports on rumor and speculation about the deal falling apart. Which is what is occurring now. As to whether Masa is walking away is bargaining tactic or he has a new plan without T-Mobile, I have not discussed. But if this deal is dead, don't expect a press release. That's all I'm saying.
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    Whether the merger is still ongoing is immaterial. I'm not even guessing Masa is really walking away. My point is that if nothing has been formally announced, I doubt they would actually formally unannounce, even if they do walk away from a deal.
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    Official word? How can there be an official announcement that a deal is off when there has been no official announcement that a deal is on? It's all rumor and speculation.
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    Should have posted this a while back: https://www.shentel.com/news/2017/october/ntelos merger completed The key item is the amount of work completed a full quarter ahead of schedule: "Shentel committed $240 million for the initial network upgrade and coverage expansion. As of September 30, Shentel has upgraded 854 sites to 4G LTE, added 800 MHz coverage and capacity; decommissioned 99 overlapping sites; and added 2.5GHz capacity to 197 sites. As planned, Shentel will have built 60% of the 220 additional coverage sites in West Virginia and southern Virginia by year end 2017, with the remaining 40% to be built in 2018. By the end of 2018, Shentel will have the largest 4G LTE wireless coverage area in its West Virginia and southern Virginia Affiliate area." "The Company is pleased to have migrated approximately 65% of the prepaid and 73% of the postpaid former nTelos customers to Sprint, while at the same time having rebuilt the entire acquired network." It is almost true that they have upgraded the entire nTelos network. They are continuing with extensive work in the April 2017 expansion area which covers Marietta OH, Parkersburg WV, Gallipolis OH, Portsmouth OH, which you guys can look at or report here if your are a sponsor (donate the cost of a typical lunch to become one): and also some here (look at the bottom of the map: