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    Yepper, do a project Fi type of thing. Make it even better than Project Fi. Quit building duplicate cell sites in the same area. Keep all the Spectrum. Build the 600 network in the very rural areas and build the crap out of the 2500 network where needed. Trade/merge 1900 spectrum if it can be done to make it more efficient and wider channels. Trade any oddball spectrum with AT&T or Verizon. Maybe even include a deal of some type with US Cellular. I can not see a full blown merger and the resulting need to dump Spectrum.
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    Tells me that the announcement of the merger is close at hand.
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    It would be pretty consistent with what was reported last week that a merger announcement is still likely imminent, but wasn't going to be ready by earnings as previously hoped by both parties. There is little point in holding a conference call with analysts right now when you know the questions would be merger dominated (and T-Mobile's executive team can't really answer most of said questions in such a setting right now), especially when you expect to have to hold a conference call with analysts at some point in the coming weeks after you announce a merger.
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    So I finally picked up my V30+ on Wednesday night. Spent the next day and a half getting it set up to my liking. Radio-wise, this phone seems to be about on par with my G4 - possibly a few dB weaker. I don't have B41 at my house, so I haven't been able to do much on that front. I do have B41 at work, but when I'm there I have to do, you know, work stuff. But from at I can see there and at customer sites B41 seems strong, stable and fast. Overall this is great phone, and I'm really pleased with it so far. Despite the bigger screen, it's barely any larger overall than my G4. I've seen some comments that the phone has a plastic-y feel to it, but I haven't found that to be the case at all. Speaking of cases, I did slap a Spigen Neo Hybrid on it right away; it barely increases the size of the phone at all, while making for a secure grip with my sometimes sweaty hands. Functionally, it's quick and smooth as butter, as you'd expect with a brand-new phone. Battery life has been awesome. Yesterday I was working in a facility where signal was terrible, but I still had 70% battery when I left; my G4 would have been down to 30% or less. My experience has always been that battery life is not so great for the first week or so, either due to battery physics or because the phone is doing a lot of background work for updates, etc. (I've heard both theories - don't know if either is correct). So I won't be surprised if battery life gets even better in the next week or so. This is a lot of money for a phone, but I bought it with an eye to being future-proof for at least a few years. By then - who knows - we might be looking at 5G devices!
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    The DOJ reviews potential antitrust issues in mergers. The FCC is supposed to look at whether the merger is in the public interest, which includes reduced competition. So the FCC could reject the merger on the grounds that the reduced competition is not in the public interest. I do not, however, see Chairman Pai doing that because he is so pro-business. From the FCC's FAQ about merger reviews: Q: What is the FCC’s public interest standard/test? A: Under section 310(d) of the Communications Act, we determine whether a proposed transaction will serve the public interest, convenience and necessity. First, we determine if the application complies with provisions of the Act and our Commission rules. If it does, then we consider whether granting the application could result in public interest harms by substantially frustrating or impairing the objectives or implementation of the Communications Act or related statutes. Competition, diversity, localism, and encouraging the provision of advanced services to all Americans are among the principle objectives of the Act. We also consider what potential public benefits might occur because of the transaction. We balance the potential public interest harms against the potential benefits. The Applicants bear the burden of proving, by a preponderance of the evidence, that the proposed transaction, on balance, will serve the public interest.
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    Before we jump to this conclusion we need to see sustained financial growth over a period of time and a much larger increase in net additions to the network. Sprint is still offering the best deals in wireless and their growth is lagging the competition. This is not sustainable over the long term. Honestly, I see a merger as inevitable as the larger providers will have much more flexible cash for network enhancements in the near future, which they can then leverage to gain more customers.
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    For exurban and rural sites, microwave and satellite backhaul are often used.
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    Life goes on before and after the merger and I am sure that the agreement will be looked at after the merger.
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    This merger doesn’t need to happen. Sprint has finally turned the corner on its network build. We just got a bunch of new extended coverage as well as an announcement from Gilat on October 16, 2016 about Sprint expanding its Contract to a Three Year Managed Services Project: https://www.gilat.com/pressreleases/sprint-expands-gilat-contract-to-a-three-year-multi-million-dollar-managed-service-project/ Original announcement by Gilat was made on October 26, 2016: https://www.gilat.com/pressreleases/gilats-satellite-based-cellular-backhaul-solution-selected-by-sprint-to-extend-lte-services-to-metro-edge-and-rural-areas-in-the-us/ This Gilat coverage can be deployed quickly it seems. What would happen to that agreement in the case of a merger? Would Sprint senior management, who I assume are in a position to know about any pending merger announcements, really sign off on a Three Year Managed Service Project of this scope for Sprint less than 10 days before an Earnings Announcement?
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    Exactly! At least on T-Mo end they always announce a week in advance that they are doing their Q earnings. What I did notice today is that John also posted a video saying that this video was a good way to keep everyone focused on the results and not the rumors going around daily. Traditionally too, Sprint normally does their Q earnings at the start of a new month and never in the same week as another carrier. In a way the writing is all over the wall. If Son does announce it, the Sprint brand has to go. there's no ways around that. It's sad at the same time that we may possibly see a company this old go bye bye.
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    T-Mobile just did: https://newsroom.t-mobile.com/news-and-blogs/tmobile-q3-earnings.htm
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    I have advocated a merged network while the parent companies remain separate for a little while now. But failing that, a traditional merger. Just remember that it can only be rejected on anti-trust grounds. I don't think that anybody can find antitrust grounds for this merger. Reduced customer choice, yes but anti-trust, no!
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    And no call... Just a note from management. That is strange, especially at such a precarious time for Sprint.
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    "Message from management" If history is anything to go by, when Sprint hypes things up and actually announces its not really what we think it is. If this is indeed the actual announcement of the merger, I could honestly see Son doing it. I just don't see why they cant do a full blown Project Fi type thing with both networks but remain separate. A merger of this size is def going to take some time to review...if it gets that far...probably the reason why its a all stock trade as of now.
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    It will not be over for a while. It could last a year or more after announcement, assuming they get that far. AT&T and Verizon lobbyists are likely already active, especially with the FCC in terms of how much bandwidth will be allowed. Corporate culture issues often are ignored in these deals. Hopefully a battle against the duo would be enough.
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    https://newsroom.t-mobile.com/news-and-blogs/tmobile-q3-earnings.htm Sprint also has value in its loss carry forwards.
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    sprint has improved when i came back into delaware so i can tell you that sprint has improved!
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    Could be a combination of the two. HPUE has improved coverage substantially from devices I’ve seen with it. Only way to know which is the bigger contributor overall would be to get your old iPhone and test it under the current network. iPhone 6s supports 2xCA. It’s also a generation (or more in my opinion) behind in terms of RF components and features as it lacks HPUE. The S8 supports 3xCA and HPUE. When the iPhone finally gets HPUE a year from now, Sprint’s network will be in even better shape... or heaven forbid it will be running on T-Mobile, which doesn’t do HPUE as far as I know. :-(
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    According to Günther’s Post, more enhancements could come as soon as November. Wonder what they have in store for us. Exciting times ahead for Sprint’s Coverage Map! I’m glad this important section of the Sprint website is finally getting some major attention.
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    He means CDMA will go away slowly. They are not going to deploy CDMA equipment anymore. Moving forward all expansion will be LTE with VOLTE. When you are using VOLTE on Verizon, you are not using CDMA for voice.
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    Only 2 days away???!! This is unusual. http://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-corporation-schedules-fiscal-2017-second-quarter-results-announcement.htm?linkId=43825106