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    This is starting to sound pretty real... I really don’t want this to happen.
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    FCC and DOJ will approve this. Enjoy the last glorious months. The chain of events was setup when the board didn’t allow Hesse to buy Metro PCS. If T-Mobile never gets Metro they would be a weak company right now. Another stupid move before this was Att arrogance of cutting a deal with a breakup fee during an administration that was very anti big business. I have been saying for three years this is why they never decided to invest in the network because they weren’t on it for the long run. Marcelo didn’t have a problem burning billions on promotions but when it came to network investments the debt bs excuse surfaced. Thanks to The massive band 41 Spectrum Legere and Ray will claim a super fast Network. Now Neville will says Band 41 is a great Spectrum. Watch how he changes his tune.
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    Yeah, people assume this is a foregone conclusion. I'm not so certain. Govt approval may not be a slam dunk.
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    That's nice to know, I've noticed that when Sprint "updates" their map it never seems to reflect any real changes at least here in upstate NY. Also speaking about coverage I really wish Sprint would use their old Nextel sits along route 12/12D between Utica and Lowville, the ONLY tower that you come across is in Boonville, NY (to me its like whats the point?) Also as of last week I noticed that Boonville is still 3G only, I wish out of all the sites they would give 800 to that tower since its the only one serving that area! Sprint also give me another mind boggling coverage when you go from the NY/PA border to Williamsport, a pretty decently used road. In BOTH cases Sprint could of used their old Nextel sites to fill in the gaps! Just some thoughts on what I wish Sprint would do/ change.
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    Even if they do announce a merger, there are still many hurdles to jump through. I have a funny feeling thay this gets blocked by the justice department. This is a job killer, plain and simple.
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    I hear you on that I feel the same way. But honestly we all saw this coming. Son wants to merge Sprint and we had a few years to mentally prepare for this. With the current state of the network and the minimum improvements we’ve seen, is it really enough that screams I’m going it on my own as a carrier? To me it looks like hey I’m just doing enough to maintain until we get scooped up. Sprint is not getting droves of people switching. Hell they’ve been giving away the service for free that lasts for a year. If that doesn’t tell you that Sprint has given up I don’t know what does. The brand as a whole is weak and just never recovered fully. It’s a sad reality because we know that Sprint has the toolbox to bring serious competition. I hope no one takes this post as being anti Sprint but more so as a small retrospective that the writing was on the wall that Sprint was going to be folded into another company at some point.
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    Well guys - I have the LG V30 in hand (but for Verizon - I switched back yesterday). Let me know if any of you have any questions. First impressions are that this is REALLY nice. Torn on whether or not to even keep my Pixel 2 XL pre-order. Might end up keeping this. I only tried it because Verizon was offering no restocking fee for online orders, and I love the look of this compared to the Pixel 2 XL. I thought the urge for pure Android would win over and I would end up keeping my Pixel pre-order, but now I am not so sure. RF (yes for Verizon, and obviously band and provider dependent) has been pretty good. B13 and B2 have been great on this phone (definitely better than my old iPhone and Nexus) - AWS has been pretty average. Battery life has been awesome (very limited, yes I know). Used it all day yesterday from 11AM on with only the 50% that came on the phone when I opened it (and that included all of the installing/setting up apps). Today on my first full charge, I am going on 4 hours off the charger with about 2 hours of screen on time and still rocking 81% (about 35 minutes of which was SignalCheck and Pandora running on my commute).
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    And if they find out they will gladly charge him for the device. And he will more than likely be 100% okay with paying the fee because he knew it going in. -Anthony
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    I don't think the DOJ or the FCC will block the merger. If you look at the attitudes of the decision makers in both agencies, they are both free market guys, it seems very unlikily it will get blocked.
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    Yes I have a YouTube channel and I am posting videos on what’s going on with the merger and people are coming to me asking Oh is it already done? And I tell them don’t watch those other videos on YouTube those are all just a bunch of rumors. And I told them they could take a few months before his other denied or approved.
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    for apple care i m not to sure about...but they do provide their own insurance for 12 dollars a month per phone. there are no multi line discounts. there is no bring your own device policy.you can only use a phone with their service that you buy off their website..they have unlimited data..but after passing the 20 gig threshold you are throttled back to only 1.5 MBPS. i was able to easily port my number from tmobile even though i owed them money...so it should be fairly easy.
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    You have to sign up over the phone or on their website. And you can only use a phone you buy from their website. There is no bring your own device policy yet. So you would have to buy a phone from them either out right or finance it. And you can only get insurance when you purchased the phone you cannot add it later.
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    thats lame! thats why i didnt get the Pixel 2 ...... thats why i am going the the V30....
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    Especially since it's not his property. I'm sure Sprint doesn't appreciate this.
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    No, perhaps I wasn't clear. I went to Louisiana and came back home to Philadelphia, PA and went to one of my normal bars that barely had service maybe a bar or two of 1x800, and since I came back it's now B26 inside. Louisiana does have B26 however, I was connected to it most of my time down there being out in the middle of nowhere. Only saw B41 at Baton Rouge airport unfortunately, never outside anywhere just B25/B26. I was impressed though, I was matching my brothers service on AT&T if not surpassing it in most areas, speed aside as we all know B26 is molasses but it worked well.
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    Went to Louisiana for a wedding, came back and went to a bar I frequent in Philly and LTE is usable there now.
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    Android has assigned someone to investigate this issue and they are asking for specific information from users experiencing this problem (@ingenium @lilotimz and others). They need to know what devices are affected as well as OS bug reports taken while the problem is occurring. I do not have DFS so I can't provide any direct feedback for them, but if anyone experiencing this could visit the link above and post their device information and attach a bug report (see below for instructions), they will investigate it. I already replied to their other questions. Let me know if you have any questions. If you prefer not to post directly to the Issue Tracker, send me the bug report (support@bluelinepc.com) and your device details, and I'll pass it along. Thanks, -Mike