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    I'm on Harvard Ave in Boston at my barbershop where inside I would get a weak Band 25 signal. I'm currently connected to a Band 41 Mini Macro. Ping of 29ms with speeds of 30 down and 13 up.
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    Beta update 4.453b uploading now! Just some little stuff.. but little stuff is good. A few more changes than I initially expected, so I'm gonna let you guys play with it for a couple days before it goes to the masses, just in case I missed something. -Mike
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    So I'm in the L.A area an coverage is good. Speeds ok. Almost got 30 on band 25. It's 10x10 here so that helps. Seen allot of small cells but can't tell if it's sprint or not. Haven't had band 26 yet. Also phone stays on 800 voice awhile. Anyways that's my input
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    Some information but not comprehensive.
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    Way too much work as that would require going over every single EBS and BRS allocation per market. If people are interested in it then they are free to ask and it can be looked up but I doubt anyone wants to do it for every single region (EBS leases are a pain in the butt).
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    There a way to put a chart or list of cities/markets that the MB is incompatible with?
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    This thread is becoming inflammable, but definitely not flammable.
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    I could care less about your problems, Robert. AJ
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    "Loose" = "lose" is an Internet pandemic. Sad. AJ