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    2X and 3X CA DL B41 2X CA DL B25 No UL CA HPUE 4x4 MIMO (10 streams) 256/64 QAM DL-UL
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    That is because the CDMA2000 networks are not tied in any way to VZW. Most LTEiRA partners already had deployed their own CDMA2000 networks. And that is why VZW contracted with them just for LTE overlay. AJ
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    If you're on B13 for an LTEiRa provider, it shows as a Verizon signal, however if you have a 1x or 3G signal, it will show the local provider information for that. At least that's how my work phone (with signal check) has shown the information in the past when I've traveled out of network.
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    But but they unbundled the prices to make it seem like you were getting a much better deal for a few years! /sarcasm. Of course the carrier planned on making more money this way, they aren't benevolent!
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    Be nice if Sprint had a backup generator on most of their towers. All the new Verizon towers going up around me have backup generators. Even saw one site that had natural gas generator.
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    Looks like more 800mhz action by my house.. this time on a second tower located in Pinckney 1x800 and LTE800 was on for a few hours today then turned off around 5:00. The other tower off us23 I reported a few weeks ago has the 1x800 fully active now. Took some pics while the 800mhz was active earlier.
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    Nothing else expected from Apple. They make a decent phone... but I will not fall victim to their financial eco system. I refuse to have to turn everything I own into an apple product.
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    I poured through all the settings and went through IPBoard support forums and could not find anything. I've opened a ticket asking for help. I'll let you know what I find out. Thanks! Robert
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    Only a guess... Possibly too far along in the production process to add. I'm clueless as to what goes into the antenna engineering.
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    This is where I live, makes me happy. I have to go see if I can spot where they are!
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    I think they are moving up here now that Toledo is almost complete. I live about an hour away.
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    I really don't want to veer this thread to a PC vs Mac thing. Being an IT admin for multiple companies I can tell you testing the most powerful equipment, PC is the name of the game. We are currently testing 16 core/32 threads CPU's for architectural devs. Apple will take years to even consider stuff like this.
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    I don't get it either, but as I consumer of all things tech, Apple still has hands down the best customer support. I have never had much success with dealing with other companies, but Apple has replaced multiple things out of warranty for me from batteries to iPad keyboards. Yes even they aren't perfect, but I am still satisfied when things go wrong.
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    Curious.. have you peeked at any third-party apps (SignalCheck, Signal Detector, LTE Discovery, etc) while "off" network to see what provider and PLMN are displayed? -Mike
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    UK prices have changed much more because Apple pegs its prices to the USD. After Brexit both the Euro and Pound lost value relative to the USD so Apple of course raised their prices, in some cases more than the exchange rate amount. The price raise for AppleCare was when they changed to AppleCare + where they cover two incidences of accidental damage (something that previously required out of warranty repair). And the further price increase for the X, makes me wonder how much that faceID system costs. Also, historically, Apple and other manufacturers have not increase prices with inflation, the iPhone 8 is the first iPhone price increase. But it isn't just Apple the that has increased prices lately, go look at the Surface lineup at Microsoft or Samsung even. Band 71 won't be supported by the iPhone 8 or iPhone X, but Apple has historically done an absolutely amazing job at creating world phones that work on just about every network there is. Just pickup the Sprint or Verizon model and you can pretty much take that phone to any network worldwide. I do not get Apple bashing nor any other cell phone bashing. People use what they like plain and simple.
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    During Hurricane Sandy up here in New Jersey where I live every carrier was down and Verizon had only a partial Network that was functioning. They're LTE was down but their CDMA was only half working.
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    For those that having issues with random resets or battery issues https://www.reddit.com/r/Nexus6P/comments/6y1tm2/official_6p_battery_shutdownbootloop_rma_thread/?utm_content=title&utm_medium=hot&utm_source=reddit&utm_name=Nexus6P
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    I was told that decoupling phones from service by ending 2-year contracts would push the market to lower phone prices. And here we are with a "starting at $999" phone.
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    Because nothing says "bad for America" like locally-owned small businesses that can respond to local customer needs, right? I don't understand why you desperately want gigantic companies who run roughshod over consumers to grow ever larger and more able to run roughshod over consumers. While complaining that they run roughshod over consumers, no less. - Trip
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    Yes, FCC OET. Trust that, after 5+ years, S4GRU staff knows what it is doing. Apple device authorizations pop up in the FCC OET within hours of their announcement events. AJ
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    unable to follow the forums themselves or any particular topics in any of the restricted forums (sponsors, premier or honored). the option is simply not there to enable at the top right.
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    Picked up a Moto Z2 at bb for an awesome deal 20/month for 24months with free projector, btw this is a new line deal only ($300 off vs $200 off for upgrades) So far it's a nice device, it isn't quite a replacement for my S8+. But more importantly, so far it's B41 radio performance is definitely better than my S8. I will continue to do more testing, taking a road trip from NYC to NC which will be a nice way of putting it through it's paces. But so far.. Feels really light almost cheap compared to GS8 AMOLED is really over saturated (I kinda like it) Fingerprint in the front is considerably better than the placement of GS8. Nearly stock Android is ultra smooth, definitely miss that on my GS8. Battery life seems promising even though not very large, but too early to tell. Camera seems decent but slow compared to GS8. Will update as the days go by with more info on radio performance..