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    I was excited to hear the LTE coverage was available. I've used it in New Jersey in the East Brunswick-Freehold Area. Waiting for it to roll out to the rest of Central New Jersey.
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    Test Date: Dec 2, 2012 9:03 AM Connection Type: Cellular Server: Harrisburg, PA Download: 13.59 Mbps Upload: 5.65 Mbps Ping: 70 ms External IP: Internal IP: Latitude: 39.9823 Longitude: -76.6893
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    Parking lot but picked up LTE outside of the Harley Davidson factory about 2 blocks from the hotel on 30.
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    I was at a stop light near Baymeadows and I-95. I looked down and saw a 4G icon. I quickly ran a speed test and whoa... The signal faded pretty quickly once I started driving. I completely lost it when I got to Philips Highway.
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    Just noticed my GS3 4G icon lit up and ran a speed test in the JTB/Gate Parkway area. Pulled roughly 10Mb/s down and 2Mb/s upload. Went back off after a few minutes so it may be that they are testing and we should have it soon.