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    I just found a way to check to see if it is shipping. take your Sprint account and go to UPS.com and search with your account number in the reference part. It will pull up the tracking number and you can see your phone on its way
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    UPS just updated my tracking info: Looks like we are going to get it tomrrow I live in MN FYI. Scheduled For Early Delivery On: Thursday, 05/24/2012, By End of Day Originally Scheduled For Delivery On: Friday, 05/25/2012, By End of Day Last Location: Louisville, KY, United States, Wednesday, 05/23/2012
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    Inside Sprint Now tweeted that pre-orders for BestBuy are shipping!
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    I just got mine! Will be here tomorrow Your order is on the way! We've shipped your order today. To find out when it will arrive, please review the important order, billing and shipping details below. To help make your Sprint experience even better, be sure to review the tips and information provided. Please save a copy of this email for your records.
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