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    Yes. But we didn't live in a bubble. There were two other vendors. Ericsson was clearly the worst of the three in Network Vision deployment (in some ways they had to do it twice). Also, when it comes to network management, a third party will almost NEVER do as good of a job yourself, because they don't take ownership of the issues the way you would yourself. And so there is not the sense of urgency when an issue or roadblock comes up. And you're much more likely to accept no as an answer. I see it all day long in my line of work. Robert
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    Tim YuSprint 4G Rollout UpdatesWednesday, October 2, 2018 - 9:00 PM PDT Starting right now, October 3,2018 12:01 AM EST, Samsung Galaxy S8, 8+, and S8 Active users can manually download the firmware to remove Calling Plus from their devices and bring forth the VoLTE Opt-In toggle. Oh yeah. VoLTE is live on the Sprint Network™ as part of the VoLTE Soft Launch in the select markets. The roll out to the soft launch markets will be gradual over the next weeks. So have at it you folks in the first soft launch markets that are going live! Here are the first 15 initial soft launch markets with more following in the next few weeks. Atlanta-Athens Chicago Dallas-Ft.Worth Houston Indianapolis Kansas Missouri New York City Oregon-West Washington Philadelphia Pittsburgh San Francisco Bay South Bay Southern Jersey Washington DC And if you're in a soft launch market... Source: /u/TheButlershrsmn Discuss Sprint VoLTE on on the forums.
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    Sorry for being late to this and some of this is repeating New York. They have $7 billion in cash and just under $10 billion in liquid assets. I guess I read that differently than you do. From the investor update presentation they've basically got enough liquidity to pay off their debt for the next two years if they do nothing at all. What will happen is what has happened for years. You'll likely see Sprint offer new notes at some point this year that will replace the debt or expand it further. He isn't talking about a "massive restructuring of their debt" at all. He is talking about what Sprint has done in the past and will continue to do going forward. Sprint has roughly $4.3 billion in debt due this fiscal year. If they issue $4.3 billion in new debt ceteris paribus their debt and liquidity positions haven't changed. They aren't refinancing $40 billion in debt. As maturing debt is retired they are issuing new debt. The next 3 years that is $4 to $5 billion a year at a time. Presumably indefinitely as long as someone is willing to lend to them (which there is a finite point somewhere there), but especially in the current economic conditions Sprint didn't have any trouble getting money last year and actually up-sized an offering due to favorable interest. The Free Cash Flow thing is a little weird. As a customer, I'd prefer Sprint invests in their network, something they did up about 50% year-over-year. That spending is going to drive Free Cash Flow down. If they had spent about $1 billion less in Capex they would've been free cash flow positive, which again is meaningless to me as a customer. It also isn't a really compelling failing firm argument, which is part of the reason they're having trouble convincing the DOJ of their arguement here. T-Mobile hasn't been FCF positive* since 2015. *using Cash from operations less capital expenditures
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    Small cell installation happening in the Bronx!
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    Well looks like the 5G symbol is lighting up in DC and Virginia /DC market, Chantilly wasn't a fluke.
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    Google responded on reddit, looks like it will be addressed
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    A S4GRU Moderator did take action in this instance. Posting privileges temporarily removed. Robert
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    My gut says higher prices. But it all will come down to DISH. If DISH sweeps in and buys a lot of Sprint network assets and well funds this and executes well, we could end up with a more solid 4th competitor than Sprint in 5-6 years. But that's a TALL order. Robert
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    A lot of rebuilds with B41 and B25/26 or just B25/26 on NY17 between Roscoe and Monticello. Previously these were all B25 only GMO site. Still a lot of coverage gaps between sites where I would drop Sprint LTE or hold on to B26 until -130dBm.
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    Jason has answered our questions from the Q&A! https://www.reddit.com/r/Sprint/comments/a8e65e/qa_with_g_jason_schnellbacher_responses/
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    The coverage map was updated today and it includes T-Mobile roaming as Extended! Take a look: http://coverage.sprint.com
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    List of mobilitie san diego small cell 1st and second batch
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    New beta finally pushed out yesterday.. sorry it took forever. Hopefully it was worth the wait! -Mike
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    Oh snap !!! https://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2393262,00.asp Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    So in my travels I've been gathering data. I have my iPhone on Verizon and my iPad on Sprint. I haven't collected enough data to post a full report yet but this is what I've got so far out of 26 tests: Sprint Average Download: 32.22Mbps Verizon Average Download: 49.59Mbps Sprint Average Upload: 4.21Mbps Verizon Average Upload: 15.55Mbps There have been areas where Verizon kicked butt. There were other areas where Sprint took the win. There were actually a couple of places in central Wisconsin where I had no service with Verizon and had US Cellular roaming with Sprint. Once I get more locations in this report then I'll probably post it. I really want to compare them in San Diego. Edit: Should add locations tested so far. Grand Forks, ND Minneapolis Airport Central Wisconsin Appleton, WI Detroit Airport Atlanta Airport Savannah Airport Beaufort, SC
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    All this news about 5G is great, but I was on Amtrak yesterday for a day trip between Washington DC (Union Station) and Iselin, NJ (Metropark Station), and Sprint’s coverage while on the trip was atrocious. It repeatedly dropped to no 1x, 1x, 1 bar of LTE, or unusable LTE with more than one bar. (I have a fully updated iPhone XS and I reported the network issues where/when I could.) It makes me wonder if any of Sprint’s Network Team has tested/ridden the Amtrak Northeast Corridor and tried using their device(s). How can they expect anyone to get work done (or other personal usage) while on the trip with this level of network performance? Hopefully Sprint addresses this, because 5G only goes so far in acquiring new and keeping customers. Sprint needs to address these fundamentals.
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    Sprint calls in Ericsson for site work ==> Ericsson assigns available local peons of varying quality to work ==> some time later ==> Ericsson worker arrives on site ==> worker connects to Ericsson employees in India to do the actual work ==> worker verifies work is "done" and calls it a day ==> tells sprint all good. TLDR of Ericssons network management work. TLDR2: Remember the 65 MHz PCS project? Ericsson completely ripped out the entire PCS NV ERC network in 2014+ for brand new radios for basically free while ALU and Samsung NV era PCS radios are still in use. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Spotted another M-MIMO site in Astoria this morning. Still wasn't active and was connecting to neighboring M-MIMO cell.. Explains why my speeds were slower yesterday. Speeds this location were 75Mbps to 125Mbps at all times of the day. Really hope the old 8T8R equipment get reused in neighboring markets that lack B41.
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    Sprint's plan is to deploy standalone NR with EN-DC, as they don't suffer from the same uplink issues mmWave deployments do. This is effectively an NR PCC aggregated with LTE SCCs. That being said, I don't know if we'll see SA or NSA NR for the initial launch. Judging from the upload speeds in the screenshots I've seen on various Sprint engineers twitters', I doubt the initial launch will be SA NR...
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    Tim YuSprint 4G Rollout UpdatesFriday, December 14, 2018 - 11:00 PM PDT Beginning today on the Sprint subreddit, individuals can begin submitting questions in this thread that will be forwarded to Ms. Schnellbacher to answer at his leisure in a few days time. Who is Mr. Jason Schnellbacher you may ask? So go forth and submit all your questions about Sprint Magic Box's, small cells, and other Sprint related stuff!
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    Transcript from the Earnings Call is up: https://s21.q4cdn.com/487940486/files/doc_financials/quarterly/2018/Q3/S-US-20190131-2200667-C.pdf Some good questions/answers in it!
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    While it (MB3) can pick up the full 3xCA 4x4MIMO and 256QAM from the macro site, Its limited to a single B41 carrier for the UE side. So around 110mbs. It's more about broadcasting a new clean B41 signal much deeper indoors than the signal from the tower can provide, at the same time improving battery life since its no longer hunting for different sectors and/or macro sites. But if your already seeing great speeds from the macro site everywhere indoors, your just adding latency and lowering your speeds. If you have other locations where you don't have great signal, you might want to consider moving it there.
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    Speaking of the A, I was at Hartsfield this morning and can attest to the fact that - at least where I was in Concourse D - data speeds have increased tremendously since my last visit to that concourse. I was pulling over 40 megabits per second just before boarding (D38 to be extremely specific as that airport is absolutely enormous). WiFi was NOT engaged.
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    LTE B26 in Corona near Magnolia and Fullerton. Noticed my phone was on 3G, toggled airplane mode, connected to B25, should be in B41 cause have a MB at home, went upstairs where the MB is installed and saw it was working fine (had to restart MB already twice since I got it cause sometimes it looses LTE), checked my phone again and boom LTEB26 Was at AMC at Tyler Mall over the weekend, inside the theater saw the B26 for a second but wasn't able to grab a screenshot and then it parked on B4 Roaming on T-mobile so I knew it was coming.
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    I was in Atlanta and Sprints 5G coverage was impressive but most of the time it felt like LTE speeds with a 5G icon. Kinda of like AT&T's 5GE. When band b41 LTE didnt work good then neither did N41. The highest speed I managed was around 450 which is great but it was not common. Also the fact that it was using LTE at the same time makes it even more obvious that Sprint is not putting the backhaul as a high priority. I went inside the Atlanta aquarium and had full bars of 5G but speeds at best was around 15mbps. Meanwhile Verizons LTE was doing around 75mbps and 40-60 upload too. All and all I gotta say I was left fairly disappointed and now see why Sprint needs T-mobile. Sent from my SM-G977P using Tapatalk
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    Yeah so Speedconnect and Sprint initially did some swaps back in middle of 2017 - mostly Sprint got SC's E, F, and H block for their BRS2 (and probably some money). Last year, it looks like SpeedConnect let their Blackhawk College lease expire for the C and D block, and Sprint picked those 2 up, so now they are sitting pretty well with 100MHz+. At their current configuration, it seems like they are only using the F, H, and G-blocks. I haven't seen any C, D or E spectrum used around here yet. Almost all the sites are using 3 B41 carriers, but only a couple sites I've seen have really great speeds (Southpark Mall site I've got 100+). They must still have limited site backhaul for most of them. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cHdOzM5i-Jy5HtqGrqvukOSDlbfFPbLhVWfxcgR4Ljw/edit?usp=sharing
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    Do not just zoom in on one device. Sprint stopped the volte updates for ALL older devices in mid December after the iphones and LG v30. They will start releasing those after the full national launch which is not far from now. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    FCC stopped the shot clock... https://www.reuters.com/article/us-sprint-corp-m-a-t-mobile-us/u-s-telecoms-regulator-stops-shot-clock-on-sprint-t-mobile-merger-review-idUSKCN1QO2KW
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    I’m really impressed with the amount of coverage sprint is providing with their 5G. See this is the advantage Sprint has when it comes to 5G. Their spectrum is 5G ready and all the need to do is get Massive MIMO on these towers and backhaul. This could be really big for Sprint if the results from users are positive. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sprint has not been active in the auctions due to cash flow, which was not initially admitted. There is another auction that the FCC as starting talking about that is of far more importance to Sprint: 2.5GHz. This would be primarily for rural areas but they would not have to do much to use it since they have been tribanding most of their sites. 10x10 is required for 5G. I have been told that the plan with the Nextel purchase was to have at least 10x10 band 26, then 9/11 changed that when it became a national security issue to have first responders on the same frequency. So Sprint got less LTE 800 in the end (this took a few years). The consolation prize for Sprint was the 1900 G Block to fix the "interference" issues: https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/FCC-04-168A1.pdf
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    With TMO when you call in for help the first time you are designated an experience center (call center) and also a specific team/person. Each time you call they will do their best to get you back to the same person (or team, or experience center) pending time of day and busyness. It’s 100x better than the off shore crap Sprint does. Not slamming Sprint - just my observation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New beta should be available on Google Play within the hour. Fixed numerous bugs, several which first appeared in the beta from last week. Added some of the new stuff, will be adding more and continuing to squash bugs.. -Mike
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    On a more positive note, I was in LaGuardia Terminal C today pulling 170Mbps+ down and 8Mbps up.
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    I just barely beat your upload. I got 73.3 down and 40.6 up. [emoji16] Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    http://imgur.com/a/qk2Adnj T-Mobile roaming as spotted, uh, in my house in Alexandria. Have great service so not sure why since I have at least B26 throughout the house... - Trip
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    Clearly spoken as someone who has never dealt with the Mexicans. Or, at least, didn't deal with them in the previous decade. During the digital TV transition, there were stations in early 2008, leading up to the 2009 transition date, who had not yet had their applications approved by Mexico. Applications which were filed in 1998. - Trip
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    The Sprint Unlimited Premium plan says Full HD streaming but from my findings its uncapped. I was surprised to see the network automatically pushing me to 1440p 60fps when it can. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    This plan could spark off with the other carriers. But this plan essentially covers all of your media needs. Also to top of off a monthly $20 Uber credit as well. It’s a pretty sweet deal. Now if we can work on these taxes and fees.
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