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    Agreed. Verizon is over rated and doesn't serve the hype. Sprint is under rated and doesn't deserve all the trash talk. People pick winners and losers and over claim the positives and negatives of each. They have to have someone to cheer and someone to jeer. If you aren't first, you're nobody. I have a Verizon work phone. It rarely wins in total speed throughput compared to my Sprint and T-Mobile phones (and USCC on Google Fi). Verizon doesn't win in coverage in my area. But it's a pretty consistent experience. And that's good for a lot of people. Let them have Verizon. But Sprint has pulled off nearly a miracle the past few years with little capital infusion, in a highly competitive environment and spending billions still in capex. They just have had to be very deliberate and measured where and how they spent it. Every year since 2011 Sprint was nearly going bankrupt in the eyes of the naysayers. Every year, they would claim this was the year they were going to lose it all. Yet they still have over 54 million customers. They are nowhere near bankrupt, and doing better by most measures. And soon it won't even matter. Because Mr. Legere will be in charge of it all. And Sprint will be a forgotten name. But they were not bought out of bankruptcy sale and were not even close to bankruptcy. Robert
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    I wish I had the screenshot, but it's sitting on my US Cellular phone at home. I forgot to post that on Friday, my wife and I went out shopping and I noticed my US Cellular phone was roaming on T-Mobile LTE instead of Sprint. I was trying to get it to look at Sprint B25, so I locked it to Band 25 to try to force it onto Sprint. I then found myself connected to T-Mobile B25, which was on the T-Mobile PCS carrier. They must be running MFBI on it now. I'll post my screenshot of it in SCP after work. - Trip
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    Redundant sites will be collocated and the original Sprint site decommissioned yes, but anywhere the Sprint site adds to T-Mobile coverage they will be retained, with T-Mobile bands added. Coverage should only grow, not shrink.
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    I, too, am aware of outdoor areas with no Verizon service. I might well be a Verizon customer if those areas weren't places I needed to be. (Sprint roams on US Cellular in those places, so I'm a Sprint customer.) - Trip
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    FYI, looks like 5G is unofficially live on a ton of sites in NYC. Connected from 41st to 47th St 51st to 80th St and from upper east side into the Bronx (with some LTE to 5G and vice versa swapping in btwn) handoff between LTE n 5G is ultra smooth with zero interuptions ( in a moving car while on a video call all the way through) Speeds hovered between 90mbs and 480mbs (uploads btwn 4mb and 30mb) Happy to finally take advantage of my V50, and glad that the TMobile deal didn't change the current 5G deployment here in NYC at least for now.
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    Well looks like the 5G symbol is lighting up in DC and Virginia /DC market, Chantilly wasn't a fluke.
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    Ported my unlocked S9+ to Sprint tonight from Verizon. VoLTE (LTE Calling) seems to be working good here so far. I left back before any of the T-Mo network roaming started last year so it'll be interesting to see how well that works around here. Definitely seems better than when I left based on what I've seen so far.
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    The 5G symbol is up on my V50 and I'm sitting in Chantilly, VA right now. Yesterday it was saying LTE. Just noting a observation.
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    I just want this all to be completed one way or another... I don't care anymore. Just want all the uncertainty done with. Time for Sprint and T Mobile to get back to business with or without each other... Time to get it done!
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    My gut says higher prices. But it all will come down to DISH. If DISH sweeps in and buys a lot of Sprint network assets and well funds this and executes well, we could end up with a more solid 4th competitor than Sprint in 5-6 years. But that's a TALL order. Robert
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    So in my travels I've been gathering data. I have my iPhone on Verizon and my iPad on Sprint. I haven't collected enough data to post a full report yet but this is what I've got so far out of 26 tests: Sprint Average Download: 32.22Mbps Verizon Average Download: 49.59Mbps Sprint Average Upload: 4.21Mbps Verizon Average Upload: 15.55Mbps There have been areas where Verizon kicked butt. There were other areas where Sprint took the win. There were actually a couple of places in central Wisconsin where I had no service with Verizon and had US Cellular roaming with Sprint. Once I get more locations in this report then I'll probably post it. I really want to compare them in San Diego. Edit: Should add locations tested so far. Grand Forks, ND Minneapolis Airport Central Wisconsin Appleton, WI Detroit Airport Atlanta Airport Savannah Airport Beaufort, SC
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    Milan Milanovic has a very nice blog post about PCS contiguity between Sprint and T-Mobile and then total 600MHz spectrum between T-Mobile and Dish. One very interesting tidbit is that Dish has an option to purchase Sprint's 800Mhz holdings but if they refuse they have to pay substantial penalties. So it's not a foregone conclusion that it will be sold to Dish. If it does not get sold, T-Mobile has the option to auction it off or continue using it. While there is a lot of contiguity between T-Mobile and Spint in the PCS band, there is also lot of opportunities/challenges in spectrum horse trading. There are quite a few markets in which Block G is stranded. https://www.speedtest.net/insights/blog/new-t-mobile-spectrum-coverage/
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    I have always wondered about the wisdom of a 120Mhz unit when so many place have 194Mhz. They should have left the 8T8R up in those places IMO. The trouble with 5G NR is it is basically extended carrier aggregation. I want to see full B41 5G with lots of bandwidth (ideally 100Mhz) so the upload issue goes away before you even get to the notion of being able to tweak the timing to get more upload. That would also leave more room for carrier aggregation with other bands.
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    One options contract allows you to control 100 shares of a "x" stock, option calls are for when you believe the price of the stock will go up, option puts are for when you believe the stock price will go down. I do not trade options much but this was a easy give me free money that this merger was going to get approved. Basically I purchased 300 option calls at a strike price of $8.50 to control 30,000 shares of Sprint. These options as of yesterday were only $.03/ per option = $3.00x300 per contract for a total of $900.00. When the merger was announced at 11:30AM and as Sprint's stock started moving towards $8.00 per share these option calls increased in value. My $900.00 entry netted me close to $8,000 within 24hrs. Easiest trade I have ever made in my trading career.
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    Well, looks like we need transfer everything to T5Gru.com pending the state lawsuits
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    Love it! 325% on my option calls, thanks T-Mobile and Sprint you have paid for my wireless bills for the next 10 years! 🤑 Exciting times!
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    In the words of others on here, I'll believe it and breath a sigh of relief when I see it. Just hurry up and be done with this mess!
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    They've bought some 2.5 GHz spectrum for fixed use, as shown in their presentation on page 18: https://investor.shentel.com/static-files/1de15196-74e9-42bf-9237-7f820c1a9b93 Q&A just ended. Key items: Apparently 90% of Shentel's prepaid is Boost. They don't know how the settlement impacts them from that perspective. Said that Richmond sliver expansion is still moving forward, though I've seen little evidence of that. If deal falls through, would consider expanding further with Sprint. - Trip
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    Got back from the southern part of the state today. Wow, has T-Mobile lit up. I locked my phone to Band 71 today, and I've connected to 26 of them so far since Friday, assuming Culpeper and Fauquier are not part of the market. (They were running before Friday.) That includes near-constant connection on B71 from about the Fairfax-Prince William County line to home south of Alexandria. - Trip
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    Your phone is probably so full of errors, lack of periods, commas, misspelled words, etc, and it just shut down.
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    Found 5G coverage between 41st and 43th street on the west side (7th ave all the way down to west side hway and 2nd ave and 3rd ave between 42nd and 43rd st). Averaged btwn 150-250mb peaked around 400mbs.
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    No, that was south of the beltway on the way to the Alexandria Wegmans, near the intersection of Telegraph and South Kings Hwy. Right now, with the south end of the Metro closed, I've not been through the Pentagon City Metro station since the end of May. Won't be again until September. I've been taking the free shuttle from Huntington to Pentagon via I-395. T-Mobile has done a lot of densifying around here, but still has some really strange gaps in service. I'm hoping they keep the Sprint sites in those areas. As an example, Sprint works in the Old Town Alexandria Trader Joe's, while T-Mobile does not, because T-Mobile has nothing at all in the northeastern part of Old Town. It's an enormous hole that is very obvious if you look at the tower sites on a map. But then go to the southwestern part of Old Town and T-Mobile has a whole pile of sites seemingly right on top of each other. Given a choice, I'd rather use the T-Mobile network in this area than the Sprint network, though the T-Mobile network, itself, needs work. But in the Shentel region? I'm never happier to be a Sprint customer than when I'm in the Shentel region, particularly when my T-Mobile phone, and sometimes my AT&T and Verizon phones too, spend extended periods of time telling me "no service". Shentel in the Shentel region, perhaps with Shentel getting even more of the network in weaker areas for Sprint/T-Mobile, and T-Mobile elsewhere with improvements, is basically my dream network. - Trip
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    I Googled a bit and found this FierceWireless article from last year on the prospects of what might happen for Shentel: https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/shentel-carrier-at-crossroads-sprint-and-t-mobile-merger Pertinent part: First, Shentel’s Earle MacKenzie said, Shentel cannot file an injunction to try to block the merger. If the merger is approved, the combined Sprint and T-Mobile—generally called New T-Mobile—will have 60 days to decide whether it wants to purchase Shentel’s wireless business. “If they do decide to buy our wireless business, there is a formula that you provide to our shareholders, a very handsome return. If they choose not to buy our wireless business, Shentel will remain an affiliate of the New T-Mobile and for the next 180 days, we have the option to acquire the T- mobile customers and that work in our 7 million POPs service area at 75% of the value of the customers and asset as determined by the merger value,” MacKenzie said during the call, according to a Seeking Alpha transcription of the event. “If we can’t finance the purchase, then the New T-Mobile will finance the purchase at their cost of capital for up to five years. If Shentel decides not to buy T-Mobile network and customers, then the new T-Mobile must turn off the T-Mobile network that overlaps Shentel within two years.”
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Strand mount small cells of the tmobile flavor. Supports LAA or LTE-U Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    I discovered an Android Q bug that is causing WCDMA/HSPA/GSM type networks to be missing in SCP.. please 'star' if you have a free moment to help attract attention: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/139350424 Thanks, -Mike
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    It has started Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ugh now Oregon has signed on to block the Sprint/Tmobile merger!! 😞 I don't like the fact that the growing list of states opposed to the merger is now 15. They really need to make Dish a viable competitor sooner and this state AGs need to be concerned with other matters than the Sprint/Tmobile merger. The sooner the Sprint/Tmobile merger can be finalized, the sooner the benefits of the combined spectrum assets can be deployed to help all customers.
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    Seriously? I'm sure coverage is better in general on the East Coast and Midwest, but there is a lot of places with no signal at all in the West. I can drive from my house right now and be out of Verizon coverage in 7 minutes. Robert
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    July security patch is finally out for the US unlocked S10.
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    Altice USA said Wednesday that it has secured a new nationwide roaming contract with AT&T that complements the coverage it's getting from Altice USA's underlying full MVNO deal with Sprint and the cable operator's own WiFi network. The deal with AT&T "ensures an aggregate 99% nationwide coverage" when Altice Mobile launches later this year, Dexter Goei, Altice USA's CEO, explained today on a media call timed with company's Q2 2019 financial results. The AT&T deal will give Altice's forthcoming mobile service coverage in areas where Sprint does not offer service. Altice USA has also inked some new international roaming contracts with multiple partners that will provide additional global coverage, he added. Goei also reiterated that Altice USA's agreement with Sprint is poised to be expanded to the new T-Mobile network, inclusive of 5G services, via a contract extension pursuant to the DoJ's conditions on the proposed T-Mobile/Sprint merger and T-Mobile's merger commitments to the FCC. source: https://www.lightreading.com/mobile/altice-usa-signs-atandt-to-nationwide-roaming-deal-/d/d-id/753161? These are the kind of details that are buried in the DOJ agreements. Hopefully it gets printed in the federal register soon.
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    1.2B in Capex spent isn't the sign of a company that is completely defeated... For comparison "T-Mobile spent $1.8 billion on cash capex, excluding capitalized interest, compared to $1.3 billion in the first quarter of 2018 and $1.1 billion in the fourth quarter of 2018." If you truly look deep into the numbers, Sprint really didn't do that badly at all. Especially considering they have rangled in most of those super discount heavy promotions. In fact, most wallstreet analyst had them pegged worse than they did. Even ARPU is slightly up Y over Y. At the end of the day, Its really about looking doom and gloom to finally get that merger approved, that is Masa's number one priority.
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    Thanks for looking into solutions! Ideally, running in Google maps with all the data present to scroll around would be best.
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    Fiscal 2019 First Quarter Earnings are out... with a “Message from Management”. The company had 175,000 net losses in the current quarter compared with 57,000 net additions in the year-ago period and 8,000 net losses in the prior quarter. Sprint ended the quarter with 54.3 million connections, including 33.1 million postpaid, 8.6 million prepaid, and 12.6 million wholesale and affiliate connections. 175k net losses... ugh. At least there are ~3,000 MIMO units on air now, but this gives you a sense of the pace of Sprint’s 5G deployment.... “Better than expected”? Not the best take... 😕
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    I have 2 S9+s. One is AT&T model and still locked to their network, that's my primary line and phone. The unlocked one is my second phone that I move around. Its actually an old work number they let me transfer to a personal account when I got promoted to management and got rid of my company owned phone. A lot of my work contacts still call me on that number since I had it for years. I travel a lot for my job and like having two phones on different networks.
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    Nobody has suggested it before, but it doesn't sound too crazy. I will work on creating an option to add padding around both sides of the main screen. Thanks for the idea! -Mike
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    Went all in on this new dual sim router built for failover. I am having quite the time getting all these radios to behave! Nice to be able to install an mPCIe WiFi card since all mediatek embedded radios are trash. Even this repurposed laptop WiFi card I installed does better. Currently hosting an LM960 and an EM7565. The custom port I needed to make in goldenorb for the LM960 do not play nice with the EM7565. I am going to get some Telit support baked in and then I should be good to go. The Telit card is still on version 1 firmware and no connection issues. The EM7565 . . . I have to perform reanimation on every time it needs an update. Telit card is just shooting 3's from half court now. The router has a small physical switch to manipulate which sim you want. I am going to put this in a box on the roof, I wonder how I could automate that switch? It would probably be better to just enjoy the stability this build offers with one radio and a 5GHz wifi card for outdoors, but I probably can't just do that.
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    I do believe that integration of the two networks will be faster than 3 years. T-Mobile and Sprint teams have been working feverishly since the merger was proposed to identify which sites will be eliminated and which sites will be kept and what will happen to each site's equipment.
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    Just sold half of my Sprint stock holdings @ $7.90 per share
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    It's official!!! DOJ said OK!!!
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    You will get the official word at 11am with some but not a lot of details. Just the broad outlines. Details to come at 1PM and probably on Monday if they close on Monday. But it looks like the merger is approved.
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    Let’s bring out additional clowns and magicians to magic this merger through to approval. I will sit back and watch with great interest in this circus.
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    This is amazing. In an homage to the warrior-poets Warren G, Nate Dogg; I'm so thoroughly pleased by the regulators for once, they appear to have mounted up successfully.
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