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    ******* If you guys follow me on IG you can see multiple Clear Connversion ECabs I’ve completed In CA. PLEASE Follow me!!!! IG: Soto.Kali
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    I found this article interesting regarding VoLTE updates! Enjoy all! https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/sprint-eyes-volte-launch-virtualized-core-2019
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    Excellent work on finding 10 Clear Triband Conversion sites!! I like your offer of free sponsorship for those who help to find more! Most people don't realize that 1/2 of our finds are from people with android phones just going about their everyday lives with SCP Pro logging enabled which just records the lat long of the best signals. Then you just send in the log every so often.
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    I don't know yet. The eSIM set up was very easy and I was relieved it worked. Never had to use my PC to do anything. Thanks again for the help.
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    Just got and activated a Pixel 3 for one of our family plan lines. Super easy with the ESIM!
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    So confirmed the sites here in STL that area reading Sprint B41 that use to be Clear sites are still Clear sites. They only changed the site name. I have however confirmed two Clear sites that have been converted to Sprint B41
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    In case anyone wants to know, there's 142 original standalone Clear sites in the Cleveland market. A vast majority of them are in Cuyahoga county, but a handful reside between Lake, Lorain and Medina counties.
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    Only Samsung Clearwire sites show up in SCP and those are capable of up to 4 LTE 2500 carriers. Many of them were upgraded with the 3rd B41 carriers in the past year.
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    This is awesome! There is a Clear Band 41 site about a block away from my home in New York that would be an insanely strategic infill site if it were converted to a triband site.
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    I've seen a few Clear to Triband conversions in the Seattle. I reported a few a couple of weeks ago.
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    I think Sprint must’ve turned it off on one of the updates. My wife upgraded from the iPhone 7 to the XS and it made her upgrade to iOS 12.1.3 when she was restoring from the cloud and VoLTE was disabled for her. I had to manually turn it on. Voice quality is SO MUCH better on VoLTE. She sounds so much clearer and almost like HD Voice. I have Verizon and when she would call me from her 7, it was so hard to understand her, now it’s night and day. I live in Brooklyn, NY (VoLTE market)
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    I've seen one or these here in southeast Denver/Aurora/cherry Creek area. And cellmapper citizens have found a few more that I've not yet been past, especially the tower next to the Aurora Mall. They are definitely busy here in Denver. https://photos.app.goo.gl/yoZYZCAB3FcRCgUSA
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    Just follow the prompts on your Pixel 3a when you select the eSIM option in Sim Manager.
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    The VoLTE setting would not have been turned on in the backup since the backup was made from a iPhone 7. The restore on the XS, restored the settings from the iPhone 7. It was the restore process that turned VoLTE off on the XS. That appears to be a bug in either Apple's restore from backup process or Sprint's code that enables VoLTE where that code did not run after a restore.
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    Ok. I'll stop today on the way home. I pass a few of them so I will try to get several pictures.
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    So here is one of the New Clear GCIs since changing
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    Let me get your some pictures first. I think they might've just change the GCIs and still no LTE 1900 or LTE800. I'll also export my log too.
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    So the thing about that is when you see the GCI in SC. It still says Clearwire. I will have to get pictures from one of the sites. And it is also all of our sites here. So I doubt we are that far along. But I could be wrong
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    In the Missouri Market I have notice that the GCI for Clear towers have changed within the last month or so. Is this a part of this process?
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    The "Tertiary Serving Cell"? I am looking forward to the "Triassic Serving Cell," not to mention the "Jurassic Serving Cell." Those raptors can build intelligent networks. AJ
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