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    OpenSignal tested every carrier's 5G network and determined that Sprint had the fastest average combined 4G/5G speeds out of the big 4. https://www.opensignal.com/2020/02/20/how-att-sprint-t-mobile-and-verizon-differ-in-their-early-5g-approach
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    An update to SignalCheck Pro is rolling out shortly and should be available on Google Play within the next several hours! This version includes many bugfixes; the full changelog is below with some details added about the most significant changes. Still working on full dual-SIM support; not sure when that is going to be ready. Thank you for all of your support! Added option to choose LTE cell ID display format: GCI, ECI, or hybrid. Based on user feedback, there is a new option under Preferences > Display to determine how LTE cell IDs are displayed. The default method is still "GCI", which is the hex ID most users are used to. "ECI" is a decimal version of the hex ID that some users asked for in the past; those who had previously enabled this option with a checkbox will need to re-select their choice. The new "hybrid" option displays the decimal ECI with a hexadecimal sector. This may be useful for AT&T and Verizon users because of the cell ID patterns implemented by those providers. (In my own testing, hex still appears to be the most useful for Sprint users). Resolved issue with missing CDMA data on some Android 10+ devices. This should resolve issues for Samsung users who recently updated to Android 10. Added option to display WCDMA neighbor cell PSC as hex. Resolved issue with PSC failing to be logged for WCDMA connections. The long-standing bugs with non-CDMA site logging should finally be resolved! Also, WCDMA PSC appears to be most useful as a hexadecimal value, so an option has been added under Preferences > Neighbor Cells to display neighbor IDs as hex. Moved Neighbor Cells preferences to separate menu. Trying to improve the Preferences menu organization; some of the screens are getting very long. Other less significant changes: Added additional indicators for AT&T LTE iDAS and small cells. Improved efficiency and stability of internal databases. Minor adjustments to action bar menu icons. Removed outdated references to nTelos. Resolved force closes related to missing resources on some devices. Resolved force closes when accessing Purchase menu with background service disabled. Resolved issue with invalid CDMA Ec/Io values displayed. Resolved issue with LTE band alerts not triggering when band changes. Resolved issue with LTE band alerts triggering for invalid bands. Resolved issue with some AT&T LTE band 66 connections displaying as band 4. Updated Shentel LTE indicators.
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    New beta update will become available shortly.. only notable change from the last beta is that the cell information displayed on the popup when editing a site note is more useful. A public update is also rolling out tonight that will include all of the fixes from the last two beta versions thanks to all of your help. I appreciate it!
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    The missing CDMA data on Samsung devices that have updated to Android 10 is not related to VoLTE, it is a bug in Samsung's update. I have a workaround in testing that seems to resolve it.. hope to get an app update rolled out tonight for everyone!
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    It's definitely worth using in my opinion. Call quality is quite a bit better than 1x. I've had issues with robo garble and congested 1x for at least 6-7 years now. It was so bad I quit using my Sprint number and uses Google Voice VoIP instead, since every other word was cutting out. VoLTE lets me actually use my Sprint number again. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    Can't wait for the New T-Mobile to wipe the floor with AT&T and Verizon.
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    A great article by Jim Patterson on rcrwireless.com. Some nuggets format 2.5GHz: “Braxton, Mike and John have authorized me to do some work at risk this year in getting ourselves ready to deploy the 2.5 gigahertz spectrum as soon as the deal closes. Nobody is more impatient for this thing to close than me. I wish I was deploying 2.5 radio on the network right now, but we’ve done work at low cost in terms of securing, permitting, and authorization to deploy 2.5. So as soon as this deal closes, we’re in a position where we can start laying down 2.5 radio on the new T-Mobile network.” Enterprise: T-Mobile inherits not only a trough of spectrum with the Sprint acquisition, but hundreds of seasoned enterprise sales executives. As Mike Sievert recently acknowledged in his appearance at the Citi conference a month ago, T-Mobile is under-indexed in enterprise. Sprint’s enterprise roots are significant, having commanded close to 20% of the enterprise data market as recently as 2006. There are many sales executives who cut their teeth with fleet management solutions (Nextel and Sprint), wireless access solutions (Clearwire and Sprint) and IP MPLS (Sprint). *Without going through all of the details it’s important to note that the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 (and their variants) have the 2.5 GHz band already installed in the GSM (T-Mobile) version, and that the CDMA (Sprint) version of these devices already has T-Mobile’s Low Band 700 MHz spectrum, a.k.a. Band 12 (and Band 66 in the case of iPhone 😎 already enabled. The CDMA version of the iPhone SE also has Band 12 enabled. Bottom line: there is the potential for backwards compatibility within the current handsets. And the iPhone XS (and variants) and iPhone 11 (and variants) are universal devices and include T-Mobile’s 600 MHz band which will be have a big benefit for Sprint customers. https://www.rcrwireless.com/20200216/analyst-angle/the-sunday-brief-new-t-mobile-cat-5-hurricane
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    Update is available now. VOLTE is finally working. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Already pushed out a new beta this afternoon! When exporting logs, the LTE cell ID will now be formatted to match whatever your preference is (hex/decimal/hybrid). Also fixed WCDMA neighbor cells not reporting valid signal strength. The biggest changes were behind the scenes and not visible to end users, but were fairly significant in terms of potential impact.. I wanted to share it fairly quickly so I can make sure I didn't break anything before I continued working on other things.. if anything appears to have gotten worse, let me know.. I'll be watching for automated crash reports too. Thanks!
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    If you saw how well Sprint 5G performs on current handsets you would not say that, no overheating, good battery life and solid network performance, in my opinion considering how little funding Sprint has gotten, it's very impressive how well they are performing from handset and network standpoint. But alas; "Sprint sucks" is the mantra everyone has adopted and higher ups are good with that. Just makes this merger thing that much easier to make happen if as many people as possible believe that.
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    Despite all of that.. Sprint basically forced all the other carriers to announce massively under-performing and premature 5G launches. Its quite amazing, even after nearly a year of 5G being a thing, Sprint is waay ahead according to opensignal.. https://www.opensignal.com/2020/02/20/how-att-sprint-t-mobile-and-verizon-differ-in-their-early-5g-approach
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    All these cable cos and direct satellite cos are losing a lot of customers and I don't think it will stop any time soon. I can see ala carte as one thing that might stanch the flow out. At least Dish is trying the Sling skinny bundle technique. I can see me dropping cable altogether with their cable box rental and relying strictly on my Apple TV+HBO+ESPN+Disney+Netflix. Back to the subject at hand. I, along the rest of you can't wait for the merger to close so I hear the technical details about network integration and any new plans and offerings by the New T-Mobile.
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    The merger will close with or without CPUC approval.
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    Merger closing is scheduled "for on or before April 1, 2020" according to the press release. I'm assuming they are going to work hard to finish up the CPUC approval by then.
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    Couple of thoughts: 1. It is apparent from the rcrwireless.com article above that T-Mobile has been stockpiling 2.5GHz equipment (Massive MIMO antennas/RRHs) for a while so that they can hit the ground running. They are also making basestation changes. Installing these M-MIMO will require a tower climb. In order to minimize the number of climbs they will try to combine it with other work on the site such as new RRHs, installing T-Mobile equipment on non-colocated Sprint towers that they're keeping, etc.. Installing brand new equipment on the additional 10,000 sites will of course require a site visit/climb 2. I am thinking that adding band 25 spectrum capability to all 65,000 T-Mobile sites so that they can take advantage of the combined spectrum holdings is a software task that can be done remotely. They will need to turn on MFBI for Band 2/25 compatibility. So this should happen rather quickly. 3. 800MHz, this is where it gets interesting. Dish has agreed to purchase Sprint's 800MHz spectrum after 3 years and then keep it along with Sprint sites and equipment to help them build their network. If they elect not to (penalties apply) then T-Mobile can elect to keep it or auction it off. I am not sure that they want to keep it. They would have to deal with 600MHz, 700Mhz and 800MHz. If they don't want to keep it who would want to buy it? Well, AT&T and Verizon and USCC who have 850Mhz holdings adjacent to it (Celullar A) might be interested. I hope this is what happens and then the FCC and the cellular carriers can rationalize the SMR+cellular band so that it can be a 15Mhz Cellular A side and 15Mhz Cellular B side and leave a 2MHz guard band. If Dish decides to buy Sprint's 800MHz spectrum they will have 600MHz, 700Mhz and 800Mhz to deal with and it might get a bit complicated. Even if Dish decides to purchase Sprint's 800MHz, T-Mobile may elect to lease back a portion of the 800MHz for an additional 2 years. Like I said, it's interesting. 4. 700 MHz - T-Mobile will probably keep their Block A spectrum and will probably try to purchase the rest of Block A from AT&T. Dish should probably sell their 700 E Block to AT&T particularly if they decide to purchase Sprint's 800Mhz spectrum and try to purchase the rest of the block from AT&T that they don't own (New York+New England, California) if they decide to pass on 800MHz. 5. 600Mhz - T-Mobile & Dish have agreed to enter negotiations to lease some or all of Dish's 600Mhz while Dish is constructing their network. That'll reduce Dish's MVNO payments to T-Mobile and enable Dish to build their network sooner. Comcast should lease or sell their 600Mhz spectrum to T-Mobile and get a good MVNO agreement from T-Mobile. 6. AWS-3, AWS-4 (Band 66, Band 70). I don't think that T-Mobile will lease any of Dish's paired AWS-3 spectrum. There is just not enough there to make a fuss about. The additional 20Mhz of downlink 2180-2200Mhz is attractive but they won't touch it. Same thing with Band 70. Dish is on it's own and I am thinking that as Sprint's sites are decommissioned Dish will install their Band 66 and 70 equipment on the same racks.
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    Sprint stock price now above $9 for the first time in years. https://seekingalpha.com/symbol/S
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    Same here. Shentel has a very good network and handing it over to somebody else would not be wise. Allowing Shentel to combine the two networks and then totally manage the resulting network will result in one "KILLER" network. Nobody will beat it.
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    I received a Sprint Business email over the weekend. Closing could be as early as April 1, 2020.
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    Craig Mofett is a clown. He needs to eat a whole lot of crows, feathers, beaks, claws and all. The man has never being right.
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    Pixel phones support all the bands for both providers, so they're an option. Samsung phones also are one SKU now, differing only in firmware, so they are physically capable of all the bands. I think pretty much any phone on the market now that works with Sprint will be capable of using TMobile bands, at least with a software update (if they artificially lock out bands). Or rather, they'll support B2, B4/66, and B12. The only one that you'll want to pay attention to is B71, since some may not have support for that. I know Google and Samsung phones do though. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    I just now noticed that it says SignalCheck Pro at the top, not sure if you want that to say Lite for the lite version. Also, since most of the people that install the lite version will be new to the app it may be a good idea to have a pop up message the first time it opens that the user has to acknowledge about the CA values being hit or miss (as well as any other Android quirks), and that its a known Android issue.
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    Finally got the update, looks good. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Slightly different request for help today.. I have finally(!!!) updated SignalCheck Lite, after several years of dormancy. It was stable and didn't need a lot of changes until Android 10 made it completely unusable. Anyone on the SCP Beta Crew is automatically able to opt-in for the Lite Beta as well. The update (version 4.572Lb) should be available shortly.. could you please take a few minutes to install and test it, to make sure it is stable? https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.blueline.signalchecklite (edited link) The code is nearly identical to Pro, but with many components removed. Once you verify it is working, you can uninstall Lite to minimize confusion. Please send me a brief comment (here, PM, email, whatever) after you give it a try and let me know how it looks. I do not expect any issues, but I want to make sure it is stable before it goes out. Thanks!
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    There are those who see technology as magic and then there are those of us who see it as science and try to understand the how and why it works. Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
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    AT&T President and COO John Stankey is "surprised" by the judges decision on Sprint and T-Mobile tie up? Really? Hummm... didnt' they just have a couple of huge mergers under their belt too? Of course he's "surprised"! When you listen to this, he's kinda of disappointed. His Duopoly with Verizon is over... Now Dumb and Dumber are nervous! AT&T (T) President and COO John Stankey Surprised over judge's decision on T Mobile and Sprint Merger
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    Those people that think that T-Mobile does not need to offer attractive offers to upgrade the handsets just imagine what kind of offers AT&T and Verizon will start offering to Sprint customers. A brand new iPhone on us or an attractive trade-in offer if you bring your number to us and you won't have to worry about these integration pains. Oh and these attractive per month plans. They will try to poach each and every Sprint customers. So T-Mobile will have to fight for each and every customer. They better come prepared.
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    For people worried about Shentel with respect to this merger, I found an old article from when the merger was first proposed: "Specifically, the analysts at Macquarie Research wrote that the proposed Sprint and T-Mobile merger “could lead to one of several positive outcomes: 1) New T-Mobile could buy Shentel’s wireless business; 2) Shentel could buy T-Mobile’s subs in its footprint at 75% of their value with financing help from New T-Mobile (if needed); or 3) T-Mobile would have to turn off the competing network; with this, Shentel would get rid of a competitor and gain access to T-Mobile’s spectrum. For the right deal, including the purchase of T-Mobile’s subs, we expect management could take leverage up to 4.5x.”" https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/shentel-carrier-at-crossroads-sprint-and-t-mobile-merger
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    Was told last week by a district manager (T-Mobile) that as soon as possible after closing T-Mobile had lots of deals ready for Sprint customers to upgrade/switch phones. The exact words she used were that they were "very aggressive offers." She wouldn't give any details. Take with a grain of salt but it makes sense.
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    I was going to ask a similar question. I wondered that too. I think I'm in a pretty good spot as I have a Samsung 9+ and I know it gets all of the bands from both carriers. I think any higher-end Samsung from the S9 (and Newer Notes) up maybe and some very new I-Phones?
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    Edit: whoops, looks like I haven't gotten the update yet. Lol the cart ran over the horse. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    I have no idea what will happen to the third party stores. I guess location and volume should play a role or they could just let them all compete. Some of them could become Dish/Boost stores or Verizon/AT&T. There is sure to be some upheaval. We also don't know what role Amazon will play in this scheme with respect to Dish. I could see them reselling Dish/Boost phones bundled with service. They cannot be a Dish MVNO during the 7 years while Dish is an MVNO of T-Mobile.
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    ...or the entire mall closing... LOL... Sorry... couldn't resist. Malls are more endangered than Sprint Stores...
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    If that's the impression that I gave off that was definitely not my intention. Just illustrating that Sprint never needed this, they just wanted to put profit ahead of true competition.
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    When you've been "King" for a long time without any competition, it's not surprising that he's a little "shocked"... LOL... I'm like a kid a few days before Christmas anticipating my presents.... I'll be interested in seeing some of the upcoming T-Mobile advertising addressing exactly this...(John Legere's words): New T Mobile vs Dumb and Dumber"... I'm also anxiously awaiting T-Mo to put some sort of press event together soon. I'm sure it won't be for a little while until all the dust settles.... but I can't wait! 😎
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    I don't think the AG will appeal. The CPUC might impose some conditions but the merger is going forward no matter what. Sorry about just noticing the email notification.
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    Wow that long lines site still has all the original equipment still installed and in good condition. Almost every long lines site in Oregon has at least had the horns removed if not all the equipment removed.
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    NOW THERE'S SUPER COLON BLOW! I remember this skit so well. I loved it. Oh, how I miss Phil Hartman! Robert
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