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    A new SignalCheck Pro release is rolling out today on Google Play! Version 4.54 is not a major update, but includes the following changes: Added in-app purchase functionality for voluntary contributions. This will allow users to make one-time or automatically recurring donations using their Google Play accounts directly from within the app. There's a silly easter egg if you donate, but it's nothing terriwnality at all. This is a stepping stone to combining Lite and Pro into one app, with Pro becoming an in-app purchase upgrade. This will help keep both versions up-to-date (the free version is embarassingly out of date). I sincerely appreciate everyone's support! Changed imperial LTE TA distance units to display miles instead of feet. This was a nice visual change suggested by a couple of users. If you prefer meters, that can be selected under the Preferences menu. Resolved issue with invalid CDMA sites being displayed/logged. Some invalid connections with BID 0 started appearing when Airave 4 support was added. This is now fixed. Resolved force closes related to the Location Service on some Android 8+ devices. Resolved various force closes related to installing, starting, and exiting the app. Bugfixes are wonderful! Any feedback, positive or negative, is always welcome.. as usual, more improvements are still in progress! -Mike
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    All this news about 5G is great, but I was on Amtrak yesterday for a day trip between Washington DC (Union Station) and Iselin, NJ (Metropark Station), and Sprint’s coverage while on the trip was atrocious. It repeatedly dropped to no 1x, 1x, 1 bar of LTE, or unusable LTE with more than one bar. (I have a fully updated iPhone XS and I reported the network issues where/when I could.) It makes me wonder if any of Sprint’s Network Team has tested/ridden the Amtrak Northeast Corridor and tried using their device(s). How can they expect anyone to get work done (or other personal usage) while on the trip with this level of network performance? Hopefully Sprint addresses this, because 5G only goes so far in acquiring new and keeping customers. Sprint needs to address these fundamentals.
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    Sprint is really giving the other carriers a run for there money this year https://www.speedtest.net/reports/united-states/
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    Yes SA NR deployment with ENDC on the downlink. UL NR+LTE ENDC will likely be deployed in the future although I'm not sure the exact forecast on that.
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    EXACTLY. Give my good 4G. I have no need for 5G at all. Most people do not. All the hype about 5G is just the marketing dept trying to get users for 5g when there really is not much demand.
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    It wasn’t a hard concept: “hey, let’s add band 41 to all sites and see what happens. Lol a bit sarcastic, but that’s what it took Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yeah so Speedconnect and Sprint initially did some swaps back in middle of 2017 - mostly Sprint got SC's E, F, and H block for their BRS2 (and probably some money). Last year, it looks like SpeedConnect let their Blackhawk College lease expire for the C and D block, and Sprint picked those 2 up, so now they are sitting pretty well with 100MHz+. At their current configuration, it seems like they are only using the F, H, and G-blocks. I haven't seen any C, D or E spectrum used around here yet. Almost all the sites are using 3 B41 carriers, but only a couple sites I've seen have really great speeds (Southpark Mall site I've got 100+). They must still have limited site backhaul for most of them. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cHdOzM5i-Jy5HtqGrqvukOSDlbfFPbLhVWfxcgR4Ljw/edit?usp=sharing
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    New SCP beta 4.54b rolling out now.. minor bugfixes behind the scenes, primarily this is to align with the public app update also going out today. Goal of the next round of testing will be to add some features for Android Q including 5G support. Thanks for all of your support! -Mike
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    Turn the corner away from a Verizon 5G node and this is what happens, it drops to LTE and Sprint keeps a solid 5G connection.
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    Quote from interview with John Saw.. Four more markets -- New York, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, and Phoenix -- will get 5G in the next "couple of weeks."
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    I was in Atlanta and Sprints 5G coverage was impressive but most of the time it felt like LTE speeds with a 5G icon. Kinda of like AT&T's 5GE. When band b41 LTE didnt work good then neither did N41. The highest speed I managed was around 450 which is great but it was not common. Also the fact that it was using LTE at the same time makes it even more obvious that Sprint is not putting the backhaul as a high priority. I went inside the Atlanta aquarium and had full bars of 5G but speeds at best was around 15mbps. Meanwhile Verizons LTE was doing around 75mbps and 40-60 upload too. All and all I gotta say I was left fairly disappointed and now see why Sprint needs T-mobile. Sent from my SM-G977P using Tapatalk
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    Just got my LG V50 today and was worried at first because SignalCheck was having issues where it wasn't updating the signal info. But after this update, things seem to be working now!
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    Power outage in midtown. Looks like backup generators are doing their thing since cell service has not been interupted so far.
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    Yep, for years now as soon as I got on the island I switch to 3g because that was reliable while lte performance was non existent regardless of the time of day or night or location. Now I don't have to do that anymore.
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    Something else to note is that in NR TDD config 2, all 13 timeslots are flexible. This means cell sites will be able to assign any and all of the timeslots to either download or upload on the fly. This will do wonders for Sprint's speeds when they count. Imagine running a speedtest on an unloaded sector where you used the entire 60 MHz carrier to download and then the entire 60 MHz carrier to upload. That would be fast.
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    I just replied to his tweet asking about my home site. - Trip
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    Blue dots are outdoor DAS facilities, I believe. And I hate to say it but that map appears to have some errors in it. There are definitely sites that have been upgraded that are missing, though I suppose they could have been done at the end of last year. But more concerning are a handful of red dots that reflect Clear sites awaiting upgrades that have not yet actually happened. My home site is marked in red on that map--it was still running Clear gear this morning. - Trip
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    Have you at least noticed an increase in speeds? Over here on stt I have notice a substantial improvement with additional band 25 carriers as well as carrier aggregation on band 25. Wish they would add band 13 as well.
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    Especially when the sales pitch of network vision rip and replace (2011) was cabinets that allow massive software upgrades without hassle. Claure and the Japanese were the worst thing to happen to Sprint. If you want to turn around a cellphone company you don't bring in a guy that has zero experience on telecom, but if you want to make massive cuts and lean the company for a sale then you bring in..... Claure.
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    Yes lets add band 41 to every tower and why not solve the upload problem at the sametime with band 41/25 CA....... Oh no we have been sabotaging the company from the inside for that stupid merger. Saw has done a good job but he has been too slow to implement techs.I am sure he gets his orders from the overlords. The only reason VOLTE has been in a massive deployment in every place now is because they want a seamless transition with the Tmobile network.
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    Don't forget Sprint Plus and Premium are add on options now. So if 3 members only need basic and you wanted premium it would be a $20 add on per line. $10 add on for Plus. Also the nice bonus is you all get hotspot. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Still room to grow. There are a few sites here that still lack B41. STL has been aggressively getting M-MIMO up. I have found off top of my head slightly over 10 I think. Probably even more I haven't found yet.
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    Really goes to show that despite all of the anecdotes, Sprint is pretty much on par with all of the other carriers in almost every metric besides upload speeds.
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    This merger and the resulting DOJ circus is turning into a house party where everyone brings a booze to throw into the 32 gallon pale for the Party Punch! LOL.... How many more players/ companies will the DOJ entertain before getting this done? This is the most bizarre regulatory approval process!
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    Real Madrid Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    It can get faster, in Dallas and in Chicago peak speed of 800mbps were seen, but my concern is why are peaks speed being mentioned? Nobody is on the 5G network other than testers and maybe a very small % of sprint user. So, peak speeds should be hit on average. I really wanna see the % of market share sprint has on the 5G network and then see how it performs with actually load on the network Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sensorly appears to have died (see above).
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    Hopefully LG won't take two years to push Q to the V50, so I can actually get you some 5G data. [emoji23]
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    I ran multiple Rootmetrics App speed tests along the route. I utilized different servers and ran the tests multiple times. At certain locations while on the tracks, I was able to pull 100 Mbps down. At other locations it dropped out completely for a couple minutes, dropped to 1x or it was barely hanging on to 1 bar of LTE as we went along. It did this repeatedly. I ran speedtests when it did that and I reported the issue in the My Sprint App. Given that I received a mix of good and essentially “zero” speeds in locations, I’m not sure that signal degradation was the issue. I believe it’s more due to poor tower spacing and congestion. Based on my experience yesterday, Sprint’s service along Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor needs some major improvement, because honestly I was left holding a brick at times. Emails wouldn’t load. Links wouldn’t load. You can’t market a service like this.
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    That's all well and fine, an unloaded tower proves very little, this is comparing two of the same devices in the same location. Its a huuuuuge win for Sprint. Chicago has a ton of folks using all networks and this clearly shows what happens when comparing them under similar circumstances.
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    I figured it wasn't an app issue, either way, I will test today near the tower that I used to test the B25 values. I was only able to test it yesterday on B25 because there was a period where it seemed that B41 wasn't broadcasting. Either way, even the values at 4 and 5 are not really accurate either. So it could be my device more than anything else.
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    https://www.wsj.com/articles/t-mobile-sprint-talks-slow-over-dish-ownership-11562857383?redirect=amp Deadline will be extended Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just enough to cover their footprint.
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    Haha! Google is the king of abandonware.
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