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    I, too, am aware of outdoor areas with no Verizon service. I might well be a Verizon customer if those areas weren't places I needed to be. (Sprint roams on US Cellular in those places, so I'm a Sprint customer.) - Trip
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    Well looks like the 5G symbol is lighting up in DC and Virginia /DC market, Chantilly wasn't a fluke.
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    My gut says higher prices. But it all will come down to DISH. If DISH sweeps in and buys a lot of Sprint network assets and well funds this and executes well, we could end up with a more solid 4th competitor than Sprint in 5-6 years. But that's a TALL order. Robert
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    So in my travels I've been gathering data. I have my iPhone on Verizon and my iPad on Sprint. I haven't collected enough data to post a full report yet but this is what I've got so far out of 26 tests: Sprint Average Download: 32.22Mbps Verizon Average Download: 49.59Mbps Sprint Average Upload: 4.21Mbps Verizon Average Upload: 15.55Mbps There have been areas where Verizon kicked butt. There were other areas where Sprint took the win. There were actually a couple of places in central Wisconsin where I had no service with Verizon and had US Cellular roaming with Sprint. Once I get more locations in this report then I'll probably post it. I really want to compare them in San Diego. Edit: Should add locations tested so far. Grand Forks, ND Minneapolis Airport Central Wisconsin Appleton, WI Detroit Airport Atlanta Airport Savannah Airport Beaufort, SC
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    Thanks for looking into solutions! Ideally, running in Google maps with all the data present to scroll around would be best.
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    He has a point though. Clear posts are important when trying to help. Everyone makes typos, myself included. But if we can't understand the posts, we can't help. I ask that everyone does their best to post clearly so that we can actually help.
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    I doubt T-Mobile has the right to sell Shentel's customers to others unless and until they acquire the Shentel network and customers. - Trip
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    It's official!!! DOJ said OK!!!
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    You will get the official word at 11am with some but not a lot of details. Just the broad outlines. Details to come at 1PM and probably on Monday if they close on Monday. But it looks like the merger is approved.
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    Let’s bring out additional clowns and magicians to magic this merger through to approval. I will sit back and watch with great interest in this circus.
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    No, it is New Tmo's for 3 years; after which dish will pay about $3.6B to buy with the option for Tmo to lease back for 2 more years.
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    Deal will not close while litigation is on-going. - Trip
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    Only Band 26 got divested or rather sold.
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    Hell, they can get a 600Mhz network with good coverage but not necessarily lot of capacity going in couple of years. Then they can thicken it with band 66 and band 26.
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    ******* If you guys follow me on IG you can see multiple Clear Connversion ECabs I’ve completed In CA. PLEASE Follow me!!!! IG: Soto.Kali
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    Delivered about 2 hours ago and so far impressed.
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    That first link you posted, go almost all the way to the bottom at 'for journalists' click and it will give you a splash page to download.
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    PSA: Telits mailer is compromised. If you received an invoice from them it is full of spam, do not open.
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    Sure did! Going to have to test this thing tomorrow while I'm working at the airport.
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    At this point I'm convinced Sprint has no plans of bringing volte to the S9 unless the merger happens. Sent from my SM-G977P using Tapatalk
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    The following other factors must be considered: any leases of Dish 600MHz spectrum, Dish may choose not to own 800MHz in the area, T-Mobile has a two year extended option on 4MHz of 800MHz, 2.5 in the area will go up for auction soon for the first time in many decades, mmWave could help in denser areas.
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    T-Mobile just deployed 600MHz in my area.
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    Here in Louisville Sprint has PCS B block (15x15MHz), T-Mobile has E, F, and C3 which combined is also 15x15 MHz. Together it will be 30x30 contiguous plus G block on top of that. Plus T-Mobile has H and I blocks AWS 3 for a 10x10 channel, and dish has G block. If they share and combine together they could have a 15x15 AWS 3 carrier. Plus 10x10 AWS 1, 5x5 B12, and whatever 600 T-mobile has here. T-mobile has much better density here than Sprint, if they can get everything deployed on all sites rapidly they could blow away Verizon (90MHz with everything deployed here) and compete well against AT&T.
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    Dish doesn't get B41. T-Mobile gets to keep all that. Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
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    Red Hair (....and not where you'd expect)
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    Nothing is going to happen to your 6T on B41 until the merger closes.... maybe late this year. Here's a better question.... since this merger is about 2 months late from originally planned, is there an "Updated Integration Plan" available anywhere to see? Does anyone know. It was hinted on the T Mo earnings call that they've had a lot more time to plan the integration than originally thought.... I'd like to see or hear what that is.
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    No, Exynos is modem too. Samsung Galaxy has Qualcomm version and Exynos version. Just like iPhone has Intel version.
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    Transportation Corridor
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    DOJ cancelled press release Tmo cancelled earnings call Is dish getting cold feet Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Good read... However, speed tests sell to some people who care about specs like 0-60 times in cars. For other people, it’s 0-60.... yes.
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    While we wait with baited breath for the announcement let's discuss what the cable cos are going to do in the future. Here's what I think will happen for each of the major cable cos: 1. Comcast - I expect them to be a major player in the CBRS and C-Band deployment via strand and pole mount small cells. They were starting to cooperate with Sprint in 2.5GHz small cells. Will T-Mobile follow through on that cooperation? I think they should. Comcast also has some 600MHz spectrum covering their footprint. Although they have the financial wherewithal to deploy it themselves, should they? I think they should let T-Mobile host their 600Mhz spectrum. Either way between small cells and 600Mhz they will be in good position to reduce their payments to Verizon for their MVNO. Charter - They are also going to be major players in the CBRS and C-Band small cell deployments. Will they continue cooperating with T-Mobile now that Sprint has been absorbed? Cox - They have no MVNO and they have a lot of Sprint small cells deployed. I don't see why T-Mobile will do anything to jeopardize that. Altice - Altice has cooperated closely with Sprint on deploying 2.5 Ghz small cells but it also has an infrastructure based MVNO so will T-Mobile follow through? Will the DOJ merger agreement force T-Mobile to continue cooperating on Sprint-initiated Cable Cos efforts? I hope so.
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    For now tmo gets to keep all the spectrum expect band 26.. the divesture timeline is 3 years.. so, dish has 3 years to pay 3.6 billion to tmo for the spectrum Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Interesting article. Sprint’s off to a good start.
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