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    Alright. There may not be a Sprint anymore, but the same rules apply. Just incessant complaining about the old Sprint is getting old. People will start checking out because it just will become a complaint board. Constructive criticism only, please. Robert
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    All it took was money. Network Vision was planned properly initially, but not properly implemented due to finances. I remember hearing early into the Network Vision deployment the CFO says publicly something to the effect of, 'The beauty of the Network Vision deployment plan is that we can ramp up or slow down as necessary depending on finances or need.' It was scary to hear then, and even scarier to think of in retrospect. They were confessing that they were always concerned about how to financially pull it off that the had contingency plans of how to "half-ass" it if necessary. And they did half-ass it, and it likely was necessary. But they did. And then once you get used to losing, you forget how to win. We finally got to the point that no amount of money would fix the problem anyway. Network wise, Tmo merging with Sprint will likely be a very superior position than both going alone. The big tell in time, is what it will do to competition and pricing for the long term. That's the part we don't know. Will it be worth it 5 years from now? Who knows? But at least we will enjoy the network improvements in the interim. But even that is not totally all everyone dreamed it would be in the short term. I guess nothing is perfect, but we always imagine it will be. Robert
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    The New Tmo has lots of BRS in rural areas. Tons. Just not nationwide. And they have EBS licenses in most of those rural communities if they have a university or other educational system where they have a lease. Think Rapid City and Pierre, South Dakota as examples. As well as Albuquerque and Las Cruces, NM. Although there may be more rural areas they would like to pursue more B41/n41 spectrum through leases or acquisitions, they are still in a very good position. Frankly, if a lowly rural interstate towers only has BRS and no EBS, it's going to be way more than it needs to serve the customers that drive by it. And expect Tmo to add B41/n41 to these areas last anyway. Robert This is a Spectrum Omega map edited to show BRS T-Mobile holdings. It includes every BTA that T-Mobile has any BRS spectrum. The ones in gray show BTA's where someone else owns the BRS license. And no color means no one is shown as a licensed BRS holder for that BTA.
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    I became a Sprint customer on June 4, 2010 with the launch of the HTC EVO 4G. I came over from AT&T. I had just moved to New Mexico earlier that year and had virtually no AT&T Service in my area. Sprint had decent coverage, and I thought I better move to a "4G" device if I was changing providers and getting all new equipment. The rest was history. You know, we are coming up on the 10 Year Anniversary of the HTC EVO 4G launch. 10 YEARS!!! It really is what was the catalyst that caused S4GRU to come about. If I had gone to Verizon, this site and all the past 10 years of 4G hunting never would have happened. It was really a close decision. I think the cost of adding a line for my then 13 year old son is what probably pushed me over the edge. What's funny is I pay about the same now for 5 lines on T-Mobile what I paid for 3 lines on Sprint back in 2010. Robert
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    It’s crazy because years ago when Sprint had all this 2.5 spectrum. All the other carriers talk so bad about it and how it can’t penetrate a paper bag. Now it’s considered the spectrum of the future and now it’s Mid band and not high band.
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    It's been many years... but we're going to finally see the true power of 2.5GHz. Proper backhaul does wonders.
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    It's not as if Sprint engineers themselves didn't want to get things done. Top down decisions were made which basically precluded sprint employees from doing anything useful to improve the situation of the network. It was a multi year process but Son got what he wanted in the end after the "merger" was rejected the first time around. Not that it matters anymore. It's one for the history books. We'll just have to wait and see what New TM does with all the former Sprint assets they acquired. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Rather than all the "could have been.... should have been" talk ... guys... .... It's over. We can vent and take our frustrations out on Masa and his side kick Marcelo until the cows come home. It's a waste of energy. Welcome to the New T-Mobile! What I want to know if the S4GRU members in New York City and Philadelphia, are you guys seeing more sites come on line? The deployment was scattered, but are you seeing things fill in? Wonder when all the old Sprint cell sites will be relabeled "T-Mobile" on our phones?
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    Saw this over on the T-Mobile Reddit... “I was able to speak to the tower crew. This site has been planned for nearly a year now. They’re just doing 700/AWS for now and will be adding 600/n41 at some point in the near future. They’ve been upgrading sites in northern NJ and Central NJ with band 41 for the last several weeks. I was told expect an aggressive buildout.”
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    Shentel managed to be competitive with AT&T in West Virginia with the same spectrum that Sprint had anywhere else. I feel like the spectrum excuse is a cop-out; they didn't invest enough. In many of the rural areas I've been in, T-Mobile has deployed 700-only (5x5), which is the same LTE spectrum Sprint had on 800. - Trip
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    Things seem stable, so SignalCheck Lite was updated to 4.61 early this morning, bringing it in line with the latest Pro release. Now I can get back to fixing the log issues and adding new goodies..
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    Clearly you haven't seen this post. Sent from my SM-G988U1 using Tapatalk
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    Bye Softbank! You certainly f'ed Sprint. Almost made me wish that Dish had acquired Sprint instead.
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    T-Mobile 5G working great my way. Broke upload and download records on all carriers here. Sent from my SM-G988U1 using Tapatalk
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    Not gonna lie, it's quite sad that this is just Sprint 2013's playbook with the "layer cake". That was their approach to 4G with 800, 1900, and 2.5. Just more proof that Sprint should be where T-Mobile is currently, and a testament to their management. While I am excited to FINALLY see this plan get implemented, I am completely nervous about their obsession with Verizon and AT&T. I don't want them to slowly become them...or worse.
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    It's B66 that got that upload. It's possible it 64qam and 2xca up on FDD Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
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    90 upload on band 41....wow. This speed test alone just pushed back my hairline even more.
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    I think they will get rid of Sprint's magic boxes. With better low band, the need for them just isn't there. They have band 71 and band 66. That was Sprint's answer for not having enough towers.
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    I think in your case and other similar cases it is good. For others close to Sprint only sites that are on the edge of T-Mobile sites or those with well functioning Magic Boxes, this will be bad. Hopefully they easily let those in the later category back on Sprint in some fashion, else it is tracking on the Nextel merger path for at least some.
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    Looks like I was right in thinking that the update would pretty much give S20's full access to T-Mobile's network. One thing I hate about T-Mobile's network is that because they are using 2/4/66 as anchor bands and have activated EN-DC on nearly all of their sites in 5G markets, the 5G icon is pretty much always there regardless of if 5G is on the site or not. In Sprint's case, because the anchor band was the same as the 5G band and the 5G and LTE sites were collocated, most of the time you'd only see the 5G logo when actually connected to 5G. A lot of people are going to be duped into thinking that T-Mobile's 5G is everywhere when it really isn't.
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    I wish Google would release the RCS API so third-party messaging apps could take advantage of it..
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    https://www.t-mobile.com/business/government/first-responders-connecting-heroes Our first "Uncarrier" announcement....
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    SoftBank could have turned Sprint into a successful wireless giant, or at least it could have been the majority shareholder had a merger occurred. Instead SoftBank chose to cheap out on everything for Sprint and let it languish and flounder while it dumped its financial resources/capital into Uber and WeWork.... and so here we are. You deserve this Masa/Marcelo. You both deserve it.
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    Sprint has much improved in Ohio in the last few years by tribanding sites. The problem is they waited until their reputation was trash. Lack of sufficient backhaul also an issue at some sites. 3x3 b26 also has its limits in the northern half of the state. The suburban edge is the area lacking site density. T-Mobile has addressed some of the backhaul issues. 35x35 600Mhz will be interesting to watch in my market. Another 600Mhz site was just fired up today which took a few seconds of downtime rather than the 30 minutes or so last time.
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    Visited this site again on Friday, appears they are wrapped up and gone already. Looks like it just added B71/N71 and both are up and running. SIte is now 10x10 B4(B66) 10x10 B2, 5x5 B12, 15x15 B71, and 15x15 N71. I believe this is the fastest upload I've ever seen from a macro site.
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    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 Saw's been waiting to say this his whole career... He's in his element now post-merger.
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    Just in case if you haven’t seen it
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    It's been a good run folks. May its spectrum live on.
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    A couple interesting news-bites: https://www.fiercewireless.com/operators/dish-reluctantly-extends-its-600-mhz-spectrum-loan-to-t-mobile and... https://www.fiercewireless.com/operators/t-mobile-seeks-ok-for-39-ghz-tests-3-markets
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    Almost beating Verizon while not even using mmwave is definitely impressive.
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    The whole site is now a T-Mobile section since the merger. Robert
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    Good news, borrowed 600 MHz spectrum extended through June 30th. https://www.tmonews.com/2020/05/t-mobile-extends-600mhz-spectrum-agreements-june-30/
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    Right. Masa f'ed Sprint and now he f'ed his own company.... See, when you do clownery, the clown comes back to bite. Don't let the door hit you where the good lord split ya....
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    Where is that coming from? It isn't accurate... And the T-Mobile AT&T situation isn't really analogous here at all. Correct. They're basically getting the best MVNO deal in the history of U.S. wireless, paying very favorable wholesale rates, but they're still paying.
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    That "spark" fizzled. But now part of it can serve a bigger purpose.
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    I went up to the Bronx yesterday and experienced a weird issue where my phone wouldn't get more than 2Mbps down. It definitely seemed out of the ordinary given that the network screens showed that I had pretty much a perfect signal. After I restarted my phone, speeds went up to 71 Mbps down and 27 Mbps up. Maybe I'm lucky but for me T-Mobile has been consistently in the 40-80Mbps range. It's slower than my average Sprint speeds in the same areas but T-Mobile has had better indoor LTE coverage in the places I frequent. My only complaint is that they really need to densify their 5G footprint. It's a shame that T-Mobile can get away with saying they cover NYC in 5G when 9 times out of 10, I'm on LTE while outdoors. The 5G experience on Sprint is way superior to T-Mobile.
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    A new SignalCheck beta has been pushed out and should be available shortly! It is focused on 5G improvements.. I still don't expect to see actual signal data yet, but there is now a possibility of seeing more information than previously. I have added several new status indicators; these descriptions are taken directly from some hidden Android routines: Restricted: "camped on an LTE cell that supports E-UTRA-NR Dual Connectivity (EN-DC) but either the use of dual connectivity with NR (DCNR) is restricted or NR is not supported by the selected PLMN" Not Restricted: "camped on an LTE cell that supports E-UTRA-NR Dual Connectivity (EN-DC) and both the use of dual connectivity with NR (DCNR) is not restricted and NR is supported by the selected PLMN" Connected: "camped on an LTE cell that supports E-UTRA-NR Dual Connectivity (EN-DC) and also connected to at least one 5G cell as a secondary serving cell" My educated guess is that many devices are showing the "5G" icon when any of these statuses are present, not just "Connected" -- hopefully this will help confirm that. Configurable alerts for when an actual 5G connection is detected or lost have been also been added. These are similar to the LTE and SMR800 alerts already in the app. One difference is the "5G Found" status bar icon is a "5G" graphic so it should be clear when you connect. It is an "Alert" so it will only appear once, when the connection is made (if it's dropped and reconnected, you will be alerted again). That also means that it is not a true 5G "indicator" like the regular status bar icon because if you do not swipe away the alert notification, it will stay there forever (or if you do swipe it away, that doesn't necessarily mean you are no longer on 5G). You can also continue to use the "LTE Custom Alert" to make your own 5G alerts for now, because any 5G information still displays in the app as text under in LTE section for. I do not have a 5G device (or coverage), so I am relying on feedback from those of you who do. Let me know.. thanks!
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    Almost exactly what I've been working on, great minds think alike! You will like the next beta update.. hopefully this week..
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    I have a Pixel 4 on Sprint and LTE band 41 has suddenly become unusable over the past 2-3 days in the suburbs northwest of Boston. Signal strength is strong, but no data is flowing. Eventually the "X" appears on the system signal bars. Toggling airplane mode gets it working on B41 again for a few minutes, but it's only temporary. Bands 25/26 are working fine. I had to disable B41 to make the phone usable. Presumably it's upgrade-related, as it seems to be impacting at least 8-10 sites across several towns. Tried manual profile/PRL updates and several reboots, no change. Probably noteworthy that all of the impacted sites began broadcasting unusual GCIs several weeks ago that don't match any local patterns.
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    Wow I never knew that the Evo 4G was the spark for the creation on S4GRU. I thank you for not going to Verizon! I’ve had sooo many memories of this site. I still have my Evo 4G that I got in college. Over the years I did switch away from Sprint a few times to see if the grass was greener being that Sprint has been the only carrier I’ve had since being on my parents plan in high school. The other carriers (Verizon and att) did have better service at times but for me the price just wasn’t worth it to have service that was slightly faster. However, no matter what carrier I switched to, I kept my sprint account on the side just to keep up with things. As of yesterday I officially closed out the Verizon account after two years and ported my number back into sprint. I’m at the point where for the places I go, Sprint works just fine. Yes Verizon might be a little faster but it doesn’t justify the price. Hell I have the unlimited Premium plan for $65 per month (employee discount and Byod discount) thats a price you can’t beat with the amount of features you get. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    With all the nuts overseas attacking 5G masts and telecom workers I wouldn't say a thing either. We have a habit of importing bad ideas from overseas at our own expense and now we can't have a casual conversation with some doods working.
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    I'd kill for a source on individual T-Mobile N71/N41 sites going live. Was so spoiled with all the Sprint information during network vision.
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    4 p.m. I'm sitting on T-Mobile's NR 71
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    Suddenly I cannot at all make my phone to connect to any Sprint bands. Even after multiple reboots and disengaging and then re-engaging all Sprint bands. Really weird. My phone shows all Sprint bands enabled. But will ONLY connect to TMobile. Been that way 12 hours now.
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