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  1. And what will this all mean for S4GRU? We are in a wait and see mode before we decide how to adapt. Until then, we will be here every day with you all, plotting our wireless destiny. Robert
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  2. Couldn't help myself. Got to work today and went to put my lunch in the fridge. I noticed the microwave, did a double-take, then took this picture: I sent it to my wife with a note, "We must have good reception on the microwave today. 4 bars." I'll show myself out. - Trip
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  3. Alright. There may not be a Sprint anymore, but the same rules apply. Just incessant complaining about the old Sprint is getting old. People will start checking out because it just will become a complaint board. Constructive criticism only, please. Robert
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  4. We don't allow political discussion at S4GRU for good reason. We're bordering on that now. And that illustrates how what Marcelo did was not smart. The tax bill ended up being highly partisan. So joining the bandwagon looks political and alienates millions of customers. Exactly why we insist on staying out.
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  5. I'm definitely going to miss Sprint. It's like a homely introverted ex-girlfriend. She's a cheap date and just likes to stay home (on WiFi). You know there was so much potential, if she could just be what you wanted her to be. Get moving, get out of the house, get a makeover. You weren't in love with her, and made so many excuses for her to all your friends. You've been meaning to break up with her, but you didn't want to end up with one of those 3 other narcissistic chicks out there, who really didn't look much better with their makeup off. Eventually she just finds someone else (T-Mobile). Robert
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