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  2. Hey Sprint store employees, ... this thread is aimed at you. Whats going on at the retail level? Any news regarding rebranding or the merger on your side yet?
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  4. What's everybody going with for cases and/or screen protectors? I typically use Otterbox but for my S9+ I've been using a Spigen case with a Bodyguardz screen protector after I had issues with wireless charging working with the Otterbox. I might try the Commuter series Otterbox this time and see how it does.
  5. I have bad news to report. After a device restart my previous issue has returned. Signal bars and SCP no longer updating correctly [emoji24][emoji24][emoji24] Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
  6. Mike, Yes, this did resolve the missing CDMA data on my S9. Thanks. Great job as usual.
  7. They are a project management company. They do have one product https://www.infinigy.com/products. My opinion is that they are the program management company in charge of antenna replacement and RHH install. I don't know if this is an effort associated with the merger yet.
  8. Just preordered S20 Ultra with AT&T. Samsung site made it pretty easy.
  9. Already pushed out a new beta this afternoon! When exporting logs, the LTE cell ID will now be formatted to match whatever your preference is (hex/decimal/hybrid). Also fixed WCDMA neighbor cells not reporting valid signal strength. The biggest changes were behind the scenes and not visible to end users, but were fairly significant in terms of potential impact.. I wanted to share it fairly quickly so I can make sure I didn't break anything before I continued working on other things.. if anything appears to have gotten worse, let me know.. I'll be watching for automated crash reports too. Thanks!
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  11. There are two permits for this site. First one says, remove and replace antennas. The second one is installing new RRH's and hybrid cables. The first does not have a vendor but second is Infinigy. I looked them up. They are a telecommunications company out of NY.
  12. The Pepwave unit I have does have 2 radios. However, changing out the second radio requires you to totally disassemble the unit to remove it.
  13. I think I found permits. The City of Albuquerque website is hard to search but best to do by address of tower. This is a tower close to me. I know Tmo already put up 600 and 700 prior. This is what I just found. I included picture of google maps. Edit: the vendor noted is not one Sprint has used in the past. The tower only has Tmo (top) and Sprint (second).
  14. While beta testing I noticed my SD card was formatted and would randomly not show up in storage option- also photos I took with SD card as the storage area disappeared after about 10 minutes (even after viewing the photos in gallery) pretty big bug to not be fixed
  15. I saw that quote. I guess its time to start of new search of building permits on Tmo towers.
  16. I read the article, and I believe this shows the power of 2.5 when it comes to deployment of 4G/5G. When I am on 2.5 4G LTE, I consistently am between 75 to 140 MBs. That is already really good. If it was more widely deployed in Albuquerque, I am positive they would be speed kings. I am excited where Tmo could take this. I am a little jealous that I am in Albuquerque and not in a bigger city. Who knows. Tmo might have a plan in the next 18 to 24 months to push Massive Mimo on a lot of towers.
  17. It kinda did. Thanks for clarifying. I, however, still think Sprint needed to cash in the chips. They have never been able to fully utilize the spectrum they had since the Nextel days and would probably ended up selling some of band 41 off as Masa Son wanted to do. They have been financially constrained big time for the last 8-12 years or more. They have been a constant 3rd place or 4th since they began offering full scale cellular service in 1998 or so. Growth and possible improvement all seem to point to having to merge to improve. They did. Perhaps,.... maybe now, the 2.5 G will get fully implemented to our delight and we'll all enjoy a much better network. I don't even like to discuss this "should of been", "could of been" or "what if's" ...I'm guilty of it myself! It's just such a waste of time. Lets move on and hope for better things to come.
  18. They don't need a permit to swap from an 8T8R to a M-MIMO panel. That's why a lot of sites with KMW 16-port triband antennas have an inactive 8T8R next to them. Any chance you were able to snag some photos of the site? If not, the mast is relatively low, and you can probably get good photos from the parking lot of Cedar Park Christian School.
  19. If you saw how well Sprint 5G performs on current handsets you would not say that, no overheating, good battery life and solid network performance, in my opinion considering how little funding Sprint has gotten, it's very impressive how well they are performing from handset and network standpoint. But alas; "Sprint sucks" is the mantra everyone has adopted and higher ups are good with that. Just makes this merger thing that much easier to make happen if as many people as possible believe that.
  20. I don't have a 5G phone, so I have no clue. I have seen sector IDs greater than 20 but not sure if that means anything besides the fact it is no longer triband. Interestingly, I can't find a permit for this change despite the fact the change is very recent.
  21. If that's the impression that I gave off that was definitely not my intention. Just illustrating that Sprint never needed this, they just wanted to put profit ahead of true competition.
  22. 😝 I cannot feel sorry for a multi-billionaire and a company that has made so many blunders. Closing cannot happen fast enough.
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