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  2. I think I have been experiencing that with low-numbered Verizon 1X IDs (I never connect to Verizon LTE). I assumed it was something on my end, but maybe it's related.. I'll have to try getting some specifics and monitor that thread.
  3. Mike, I don't know if it's related to the beta or not, but I got a new Moto E5 Play for US Cellular and everything seemed to be good with it. But I went on a several hour drive today, and when I got home, I found that the log had recorded nothing. No updates on existing rows, and no new rows. I checked and the logger is enabled, etc., and I've gone so far as to factory reset the phone and it's still not logging anything. I sent you diagnostics in case you see something I don't. I am able to import and export log databases without issue, but it doesn't seem to want to actually write anything to the internal one. - Trip
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  5. ...which would be B26. Just like "reconfiguring B4 to include extended frequencies" resulted in B66. FWIW the slice of B26 Sprint uses for LTE is right next to the bottom of B5, with a center frequency of 821.3 MHz on the uplink. That leaves 200 KHz between the top of the "advertised" 5 MHz LTE band (actually a bit more than that because as I recall a 5 MHz LTE carrier has 500 KHz of guard band built in) and where CLR starts. Then the 1xA carrier Sprint's using runs below that, rounding out their use of the 7x7 of SMR they have. Catch here is, you'd have to reband the entirety of CLR + SMR to get what amounts to 5 MHz of extra spectrum over what's available in CLR + SMR right now...and that would have to happen across everyone in the band. 'cuz right now you have 10x10 + 10x10 + 5x5...potentially even better spectrum usage for folks who are shimming a 1x channel or some GSM in there (Verizon or rural carriers). You're not just dealing with all three major carriers. At which point you only benefit spectrum-wise if you drop from three carriers to two in the band...and you can get to two carriers in the band with one of them having 15x15 without rebanding. Hard sell when the two carriers you'd see in that band already have B12 and B13 networks. I'd much rather see Dish hold onto that spectrum, shunt all LTE users to B12, and replace the B26 carrier with 5x5 NR. T-Mobile can rent the remaining 2 MHz back from Dish for 1xA until they shut down CDMA entirely, allowing T-Mo to drop PCS CDMA (RIP) more quickly. Phones have had SMR CDMA for 8+ years at this point so switching PCS CDMA off shouldn't be a big deal at all. T-Mobile can use the existing ex-Sprint equipment to run the network on the cell sites they're keeping since you don't need nearly the density for 1x on SMR that you need for anything at PCS or higher. Yes, this assumes Dish will actually launch a network. Holding out hope that that does indeed happen.
  6. Anyone else noticed this issue? https://github.com/CellMapper/Cellmapper-Site/issues/63
  7. My LG V50 line is now eligible for an early upgrade, however there aren't any offers yet. I'm in the Michigan market. I have 6 months left to go of my lease. I assume once I get some type of notification the offers will be applied. Anyone else see the same? I wonder if they are targeting V50 users to offer V60 upgrades? I'd prefer the S20 series more just because of the 1440p display and better security patch updates. I do like the dual screen option of the V60 however.
  8. However the same logic used to offer the LG V60 to replace a nonfunctioning LG 5G phone could be used to offer the OnePlus 8 5g phones since the OnePlus 7Pro 5G was previously sold by Sprint.
  9. It does not support all three 5g bands IMO. Also gives them a phone to offer any old LG 5g phones that no longer can do 5g.
  10. Last week
  11. AT&T DSS just went live in North Texas: https://www.pcmag.com/news/atts-5g-network-gets-more-dynamic
  12. Got some pictures https://imgur.com/a/KpA4fZc It's definitely for AT&T since the empty boxes were inside their fence.
  13. Where did you source that Kathrein antenna and what would one cost if you don’t mind me asking? I’m thinking about picking up one of these Proxicast panel MIMO antennas otherwise to provide my two new streams. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NBSLNJ6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_KLQ2EbNHCCWB8 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Expecting a 5G iPhone in the Fall. T-Mobile's 5G network using Sprint's 2.5 GHz should be much more built out by then so it will be a better experience overall as well.
  15. I sent several diagnostic reports from the LG G4 where the LTE 2500 was showing for T-Mobile. Is also worked as design just showing LTE. My guess is 50% there. Thanks
  16. I got the same message and until they actually take away the 2.5GHz backhaul, I will use it.
  17. Four SMA Female of any length, but even better would be MHF4 > N Male, that would be one less adapter. I am tearing down the antenna and moving the N Female bulkhead jacks to the inside of the case. At least I found a copper interlink that had a cold solder joint
  18. I can ask about acquiring some. MHF4>SMA male? What length do you need and how many?
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