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  2. When they turn off the band 41 backhaul then Maybe I will hook it up to my home network. Meanwhile it will stay on it. Hopefully T-Mobile optimizes their network to pick the best connection instead of switching to T-Mobile when the Sprint network has no service as it does now.
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  4. Does your android allow you to connect to wifi and mobile ? By default my android cuts the mobile when I'm on wifi to save data so you need to make sure both can be on at the same time.
  5. By the time you get your S20, it'll probably be preloaded with the update that defaults you to T-Mobile bands. Interestingly enough, the IP network part of the connection is still Sprint...but you get VoLTE across the board. With that said, you can install Samsung Band Selection and pick which combination of bands (LTE and NR, though n71 will only work if you also have B2/66 enabled as well, and n41 for the most part doesn't exist) you'll let your phone on. T-Mobile band priority still applies to whatever you let through, so if you accept B2/4/66 you'll get those (probably even 12/71) but if you lock your phone down to Sprint bands that's what you'll get. As an example, I've tended to select B41-only on my S20 if I'm in an area I know to have solid B41 (AKA where I live and nearby). That gets me significantly higher speeds than the default, which tends to sit on B66+n71. I got one roaming warning from this but latency and speeds are as if I was on the native network. Then if I head out I'll either turn everything on or select 25/26/41 as the radio in this phone is strong enough to sustain a Zoom video call where previously (Essential Phone) the only thing reliable was 1x. The system isn't perfect, and sometime the phone will fail to lock on a signal at all after enough band selection changes, but a reboot fixes that. I have the band selection app as one of my quick apps on the screen edge app selector, so swapping things around takes maybe 15 seconds and a few taps.
  6. It works now. It can take up to 3 weeks to enable it though after changing over, but usually it's within a week. It used to be a fully manually process, with someone having to turn it on, but it seems more automated now. You will lose VoLTE if your internet cuts out. Used take a few days to get it back (again, maybe a manual process?). But when I tested this weekend I got it back within an hour. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
  7. You can email the developers and ask for an enthusiast's license. Usually good for 6 months at a time.
  8. No I really don't. Anyone with experience or info on my question above? Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  9. Are we supposed to stay connected to WIFI for it to function?
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  11. No, what I did was out of the box I tried the Sprint set up assistant app and input my info in via app and then wifi. It wasn't working with my current cell phone so I tried it on another and it worked. I also have android. Regarding the flashing, the same thing happens with me. I think it is not connected all the time. When I am on wifi, it stays green when I am close by, then when I turn off wifi, it flashes so the same thing. I have not had mine for very long, so I'm not sure if it takes time to calibrate itself. I also moved the GPS black box to a different location so it has a better GPS signal. The green light indicates that it is working and periodically flashes so it is set up, but I just set up mine, so I'm not sure on the specific when it toggles, etc.
  12. Your second paragraph confused me a bit. Also, are you saying you ran the set up multiple times as in you factory reset it and tried again? Or just unplugged and plugged back in and it started working all of a sudden, I also still dont know how it functions. Are we supposed to always be on the wifi 5g that we select through the setup? Or after it goes solid green are we supposed to turn wifi off (The only way I get it to flash green is right after I turn wifi off...I get like 5 flashes of green and then back to solid)....but then eventually I lose a signal
  13. My T-Mobile S20+ finally got the May update about a week ago, but my AT&T S20 Ultra is still saying its up to date on the April update. I wonder if they're just going to skip the May patchs and just combine it all into the June update at this point. AT&T used to be super fast about pushing the monthly updates out with my S9+, I hope that's not changing.
  14. The set up took several times and really was a hit or miss for me. I tried the wifi option and it kept timing out, however; when I unplugged the pebble then replugged it in, after the LED light sequence set up it was a solid green light then flashes when connected. I think that when inputting in the wifi info, it showed as timing out, but the info went through b/c I see that it flashes when I am near. The first time it happened I was a bit surprised and just gave up as it not working so I unplugged it then replugged it and the light was green. My wifi router that connects into the cable is indoors, so that won't work for me. If you cannot use the antenna with the ethernet cord then don't use it b/c it will not work if it cannot lock a GPS signal according to the instructions.
  15. I'm guessing that's the case. I spoke with 2 different reps on 2 different dates (both were clearly American) and both told me the launch date was June 12th. The second time I called I asked the guy "are you sure about the June 12th launch date and are you sure that it's the V60". He said yes I'm absolutely sure. He said they wouldn't know anything about pricing until June 12th but he was sure about the launch.
  16. I am also interested in what T-Mobile or Dish will do with the b26 spectrum. While Dish has an option to buy it after 3 years and a penalty if they don't, I am not sure why they would want to. I would like for T-Mobile to sell it to the Cellular Carriers (band 5) and have them redo band 5 to they can each have 15x15 allocations.
  17. It will be very interesting to watch a greenfield 5G network being built from the ground up. From what I understand it will be based on open RAN and C-RAn it that the equivalent of enodeB and RRUS can reside in the cloud virtualized as software and ran on general purpose computers. Of course, there are tradeoffs in that you need low latency/high bandwidth connectivity between your antennas and the rest of the network. So a successful network strategy will probably have to mix and match depending on whether you're talking about urban, suburban and rural. In urban setting you could virtualize both the enodeB and the RRU, for the suburban setting virtualize the enodeB but keep the RRU as hardware and in rural setting keep both as hardware.
  18. So help me understand something.. 1st, i have a handful of phones about ready for upgrades (still not impressed with the UPGRADE offer but what ever) As I am reading, IF you get one of the S-20s Does the "update" kick you on to native Tmo, with sprint as the backup?? Because I had Tmo for a little while, and wasnt that impressed.. Where I am at in utah (north of salt lake) Sprint is better in 90% of the areas... So i dont want to cut my nose off here, if all it is, is a jump bac on Tmo, until all the merging is done...At which point I am sure it will be AWESOME...
  19. I just got an email from Sprint (an ad) trying to get me to plug my Magic Box into my home internet service. I did this once before and lost VoLTE. Seemed VoLTE only worked with LTE relay. There's no way I'm putting this on my home network if I'm going to lose VoLTE. Anyone have any updates or other info suggesting that this has been enabled? (VoLTE using Ethernet or WiFi backhaul, that is?) Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  20. Haven't seen anything mentioned yesterday. But I'm curious about one thing though. If every device goes through the FCC, wouldn't there be a FCC document for the Sprint version. I checked and didn't see one. Unless you don't need to go through the FCC if it is just a T-Mobile V60 version with just a Sprint boot up screen logo. I guess we'll find out June 12th. TS out
  21. I just got a Pebble (MOD-1001-41) AP1000-41 1) Which one is this? 2) The instructions are awful. The Wifi set-up through the Android app doesnt work I can never get passed the Configure part....I get past the selecting wifi part and then when I get the Pebble Status screen I press configure and it never finds the pebble again I get error messages cant find it even though I am on the wifi I selected in the process ....I did plug and play with ethernet next but there is no documentation on how to use it. The user guide doesnt tell you much. Is ethernet better than wifi? Once connected. I never get a flashing green light like it said I should. Do I have to leave wifi connected? to which one?
  22. It works as of now in my market. Can't say for how long though...
  23. I was checking and you are correct, the signal is pretty weak once I get outside the house. I am on my laptop right now and I can see the Sprint pebble as an unsecured open wifi signal when checking the network. Is there anything I need to do with this since it is unsecured or just leave it alone ? Thanks for the info.
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  25. DISH Announces EVP, Network Development Dave Mayo: https://ir.dish.com/news-releases/news-release-details/dish-announces-evp-network-development-names-new-retail-wireless http://about.dish.com/Dave-Mayo
  26. Don't see any dedicated thread yet for this, so starting one - no qualms here however if the mods deem the content better suited elsewhere.
  27. So can you use this without a ethernet/wifi backhaul for data? I get a couple bars of service in one room of my house and can use the internet from there. I've got one on the way for a backup solution if my internet goes out. But if you have to have a wifi backhaul that would be no good should internet go out.
  28. A quick hint, if your city has an online permit portal: If there are multiple towers in a small area, online permits are a great way to figure out exactly which tower is the for which company. I use that often to cross-check towers I believe are correct.
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