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    The trend continues for Sprint and improvmemts on rootmetrics.. more improvements in Oxnard CA , San Jose CA , Hawaii and Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    [emoji15][emoji15][emoji102][emoji102][emoji102] Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Upload CA confirmed in East Michigan... still only QPSK so peaks at around 10meg in perfect conditions
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    I recently went on an 8 day cruise from NYC to the Caribbean that stopped in Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. My first stop was Grand Turk and there I opted for the free roaming. My S9+ automatically connected to Flow's (Cable & Wireless) LTE network where I received speeds of around 120kbps on average with boosts of up to 150kbps. Something worth noting is that on speed tests, the server prefers to default to Sprint's Miami server as opposed to local servers. Speeds were more than adequate for any amount of web browsing and honestly felt much faster than in reality. It helps that using Chrome will save you data by not loading pictures on certain sites unless you click them. In Puerto Rico, I connected to Band 13 on the way into the port in San Juan but once I was in the city, my phone never left Band 41. While the phone was usable, speeds remained significantly lower than what I've come to expect from 3xCA in the mainland U.S. Data speeds peaked at around 25-30Mbos but on average were in the 5-10 Mbps range even on LTE+. Signal remained strong everywhere though. Finally in the Dominican Republic, I entered in Amber Cover which is in Puerto Plata. My phone latched onto a weak Band 2 LTE signal in the port from Altice (called Orange Dominicana in SignalCheck). I had trouble loading pages though. Once off of the ship and out in the open, I had a much stronger signal which allowed me to browse the internet without a hitch. Because it was the last day of my trip, while at the beach I decided to purchase the 24 hour high speed pass for $5. My speeds went from 120kbps to 65Mbps in less than 5 seconds. In some areas speeds were slower, particularly at the port where it struggled to break 2Mbps. Now, back on the boat my phone is flipping between weak Band 4 LTE and overloaded Band 5 HSPA+ from Claro (called Verizon Dominicana in SignalCheck Pro). Here is the difference in speed from before and after purchasing the high speed pass.
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    All I know is if the merger doesn't go through I am jumping ship. 😛
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    I thought I'd do the honors lol and whats crazy this is only the beginning.. this seems to be their first real big push towards improving the Network across the Nation https://twitter.com/SprintCTO/status/1030080324217102336?s=19 Still need the merger ? Well, Sprint gets to check this one off as a big win Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    If the merger doesn't go through, I think it would be interesting to see Sprint and T-Mobile work on a network sharing agreement, or a collaborative build-out WITHOUT having to merge completely. Bell and Telus did it in Canada when they did their 3G build-out and were abandoning CDMA, and it's not uncommon with carriers in different parts of the world.
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    That signal is was 1 Mbps. When I when some place with a better signal I got this Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Upload CA on my phone. Oakdale MN
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    Yea that’s a mess. As they keep adding so will T-Mobile.
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    I saw this down in Renton yesterday when I was at Fry's and from the looks of it, it looks like I have 2xca upload. If this is true, I didn't look for what site it was coming from.
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    Well, looks like the Note 8 hasn't been forgotten yet. July 1 patch incoming.
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    In the press release from today John Saw says "In 2018 and 2019 Sprint expects to deploy thousands of Massive MIMO radios" so while we may not have a concrete number we know it's probably a lot.
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    I know the merge will be good on the technical side , but this is quiet starting to get funny to me .. how Sprint is able to regain a stronger network that fast Louisville Kentucky boom Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    That’ll be awesome. Then at that point, they’ll need to compete on price or the things that come included with your plan outside of talk, text and data. Also why is it that T-Mobile is the only carrier who hasn’t announced their initial 5G markets? They said they’ll have 30 in first half of 2019 but there’s no list provided. It’s just kinda odd only because they’re always vocal about things.
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    I didn't get a chance to run a speed test at all because before I knew it, my device decided to switch to Band 41. I just happened to check and it said Sprint Band 13.
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    So far we have found a grand total of one Massive MIMO iirc.
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    Sprint's lack of density is definitely an issue which I encounter now and then. However, I do find Sprint's site distribution to generally be good. Rarely do you see two sites practically on top of each other, unless one is a Clear site that was left in place. With T-Mobile, and with AT&T for that matter, I sometimes see deployments on adjacent towers, and then areas not far away that have poor service because they're not on a nearby tower. T-Mobile has been fixing some of those areas lately, and I do agree that using T-Mobile as the "base" network makes sense in most cases (Shentel region not included in that). They've been adding sites around me and it makes their network the one to beat. I also find that in places where Sprint has bothered to serve a more rural area, they do an equal or better job of it as compared to T-Mobile. Just look at Fauquier County southeast of VA-28, as an example. - Trip
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    Mike, I'm inclined to agree with Bob in one area, and that's the alerts. In most of the country, being on 1X 800 or LTE is no longer noteworthy and I'm not sure it makes sense to have those alerts enabled by default. When someone I know installs it, the first thing I do is have them turn off the alerts. Actually, the alerts that would most make sense to me are alerts for new sectors not currently in the database, but a lot of them would be false positives since there are usually a number of rows with garbage in them in my log from between sites. Also, Band 71 alerts for T-Mobile (and I intend to send some diagnostics next week when I'm in a Band 71 area, whether it handles them correctly or not, so you can see what they look like if you haven't already). - Trip
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    That MMWAve is going to require them to place small cells pretty close together just like what Verizon is doing. Sprint on the other hand honestly just needs a good cell grind along with their small cells. Their 2.5 travels far enough. From a network perspective in my eyes, Sprint would have the cleaner looking network within cities and not all these small cells every direction you turn.
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    Redspark... perfectly stated! Very true and well thought out observations of the facts. By the way, if the merger doesn't go through... it will be status as usual. I do not see Softbank putting anything more into Sprint. They will put up on the sale rack all over again and try to get rid of it as fast as possible. Sprint meanwhile will be in limbo as other carriers will be well underway with deep 5G deployment.
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    The point of the Magic Box isn't to bring 30Mbps into homes (where 99% of people have Wi-Fi anyways), it's to fill the inside of a home or business with full LTE for the ability to message and call once VoLTE hits. My home gets 1-5Mbps on Magic Box as well, but my basement has full signal and is a completely usable location for anything my iPhone can do. Youtube, Facebook, iMessage...etc. Phones would drop to 3G or 1x prior to installing the MB.
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    Nokia 2.5 AAHC Massive MIMO Antenna Credit: Sprint Credit: nexgencpu