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New Forum Categories so Tapatalk & Forum Runner users can keep up with News & Announcements


S4GRU Members:


Approximately one third of your usage now comes via the Tapatalk and Forum Runner apps. That's great! However, these apps don't have access to articles in The Wall and announcements in the The Bulletin Board. While I was in the shower this morning (where I do my best thinking, BTW), I came up with an idea...


"Why don't we create a forum section with linked posts to The Wall and The Bulletin Board for App users??? Brilliant!!!"


We already post every article on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter when they are published, so it's no big deal to post a link in the forums to for our App users. We have created a new News Forum in the forum front page. And two subforums, News Articles from the Wall and Messages from the Bulletin Board.


Now you will be able to just go to New Content, and see if any new news articles or announcements has posted since your last sign in. You can then follow the link directly to the story and read in your default mobile browser.


Additionally, we have set up in The News Forum an additional new category called Member Posted News Articles. Here S4GRU Members can post links to relevant news stories they have read each day that may be of interest to other members. It's kind of like re-tweeting!


I do want to apologize, though. I went back and added articles and announcements since February 6th. So you will have a whole bunch of New Content appear the next to you sign in. However, upon your next sign in, this will return to normal and only brand new articles and announcements will appear.


Hope you like these new features!


Robert Herron


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