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Htc 3d early upgrade attempt to htc lte


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I thought this may be of interest to some. My last premier upgrade is July 1 2012. After the stories of the htc lte I decided to ask for an early upgrade. My hope was to get in on the early order figuring by 7-1 there might be supply chain issues. I called sprint account services did the usual cs rep - supervisor - then I guess the account dept. I got the Ok all the way up. Until last rep said she couldn't over ride the computer. But said keep your eyes open and maybe try again. Total time on the phone 35 min.

I'm a good 2 line customer pay in terms been with sprint since 1990. Give good reviews and give sprint my concern if a good review is not in order.

I guess it's fair that guys who are eligible for upgrades should not be bumped cause worked there system. Anyway I just asked if did not press. The supervisor did ask what I didn't like about the 3vo. Failed digitizer. 3d Camera is a non feature. Repeating texts. Just little things.

So much for me being an early adopter.

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Gone are the days of annual upgrades and calling customer care to get a ton of freebies.


It's amazing how much Sprint has changed over the past two years.


I remember reading non-stop about stacking corp discounts on SERO, 24 off per month, free early upgrades...


On one side, I am glad they are being more equitable... but last year my account was flagged for an early upgrade for no reason... so I am sad to see that go.

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So you were hoping to turn your last 12 month upgrade into a 10? Make sprint replace your device if its mechanically malfunctioning and sell it... the resale value of the wimax devices is going to decline as more and more customers become aware of lte

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I am a 12 year sprint customer and former premier gold customer. My last premier upgrade was eligilble on 3-1-12. I just bought a Gnex.

But the weird thing is 2 days after purchasing my Gnex I checked when I would be able to eligible for my next upgrade and it came up with 339 days a date of 4-1-13.

Not sure why but that is less than a year after my last purchase just checked again and same date.

I just returned my Gnex for full credit and they are restoring my update status for the purchase.

Hoping after I get my evo 4g lte it still hooks me up with a 1 year upgrade.

only time will tell.

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Yea pretty much just bump up my upgrade by 2 months. 3vo is fine. Wimax leaves a bit to be desired even though dc md and nova have spots its a rare day I'm able to take advantage. In sales in the car its a non service. Since the battery needs to be plugged in so I'm not out of juice by 3:00pm. 4G is off.

Not a big deal I will wait.

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