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Any Sprint/Samsung employees w/ access to E4GT (SPH-D710) Files?


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Wondering if through the power of S4GRU anyone here could relay to me any files in my quest to break down the Epic 4G Touch :)


We have AOSP almost fully working now.. a 3.x kernel built from source.. but still a few hurdles. Samsung CDMA devices seem to have an issue establishing USB Modem/Diag mode. I believe this mode is required for some Samsung PST repair.. as well as manually updating the PRL.. tweaking GPS.. and all sorts of other modifications.


I have started a thread over on XDA with more details: http://forum.xda-dev...97#post25470797


Now.. I'm wondering since this is a mainly Sprint website.. and some people here with very high technical knowledge.. and others who work for these various companies.. DOES ANYONE HAVE ACCESS TO FILES THAT CAN HELP US?


What would be useful? Any advanced documentation on the E4GT internals... that would come in handy for making new jigs and possibly allow an "unbrickable mod" for our hardware. Samsung PST + SPH-D710 dll file would help.. as this program connects to the phone in special ways.



Have something else that could be helpful? please feel free to share. and if you dont want to post.. there's always PM.. or you can find me elsewhere ;)

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    • I don't know the site number it's the site on WSDOT property, at 31st and S Meridian. 
    • New oddity since the Feb security patch and a carrier services upgrade, no matter if Wifi is turned on or off, I'm seeing a Wifi 4 connection to an unknown ssid.  Airplane mode, etc didn't get rid of it. Connecting to my home wifi (which turned into Wifi 5) then disconnecting resolved the issue. Not sure where/why the ghost was coming from
    • Digging permits for fiber/power pulled by T-Mobile. American Tower sites are just easy to look up since we can find where they are easy enough.
    • Where do you get new tower plans for American Tower? Do they show on the American Tower Site Locator map?    Also, here’s a map of permits across Northwest Ohio (Lucas County) if anyone’s interested 😁 https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/2/edit?mid=1-qgOcMVOnqW4b9-HhUDc7AGxbRLqn48&usp=sharing
    • That's a decent number of new sites. Nebraska is likely the oddest market in the country, as T-Mobile didn't exist here until a few years ago. Until last summer, their footprint didn't really extend much out of Omaha, Sprint had a much larger footprint. But I'd like to think that their aggressive expansion here is a signal that they intend to follow through on their rural expansion plans. Given the number of American Tower sites that we know they are targeting across NE, KS, MO, IA, AR and IL, it does seem that they have an expansion plan ready to go. Unfortunately we haven't done any digging for the OH area so I don't have any details there for you.
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