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Anyone else sign up for the beta for Republic? I just got my confirmation email for my place in line and i'm in wave K.













You have confirmed your spot in line!







You've been assigned to Wave K

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what are your thoughts as a user and the service they offer?


if you can get by on very little 3G data.. then it's great. there is no cheaper plan. unlimited calling over wifi. same service you get with Sprint, minus MMS working, but with the gain of an unlimited SIP account. SIP accounts alone can cost $10+/month.


when i say very little data.. i mean.. around 300MB or less. i forget the exact amount. my initial understanding of Republic was that if i used a lot of wifi.. i could then "build up a ratio" to then use a lot of 3G data. It does NOT work this way. You basically get an allotment.. the Republic Forums break it down but off the top of my head its like 1200 anytime minutes.. or 1000 minutes and 200 texts... or 700 minutes and 100MB of data and 50 SMS etc etc... the Data usage weighs very heavily. I've said it how many times already but I must stress.. if you plan on using EVDO for anything else besides the bare minimum.. you may not be able to get by. But with the incentives of a cheap bill.. you'd you'll find yourself getting by with finding wifi wherever possible.


As i said above.. MMS does not yet work. This is not an issue for me.. i use email etc to send media. I believe Republic is working on a fix.. and requires other carriers cooperation.


I like Republic because I feel they really are doing something unique. The Sip/CDMA handoff is very promising.. especially with LTE on the horizon.


Optimus S phone(only phone they offer currently) is pretty low end. It's a GOOD low end phone.. but.. it's low end. It comes with a modified build of CyanogenMod 7 on it... ClockworkMod Recovery already on etc. Pretty cool. What i have done to get around the low end device is "clone" my Optimus to another device.. in my case an Epic 4G Touch. I won't get into how i did this.. but i will say it is indeed possible.



Summary in one sentence... get it if you can figure out how to use under 300MB of EVDO a month and want to save money.

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Hmmm, i've been debating on this or going with the T-mobile 30 a month deal from Wally-mart. At least with the Walmart deal I could get any T-mo capable phone which means HTC One S.

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What i have done to get around the low end device is "clone" my Optimus to another device.. in my case an Epic 4G Touch. I won't get into how i did this.. but i will say it is indeed possible.


Won't doing this eliminate the WiFi calling capability? I assume some special software is on the stock phone to allow this.


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    • What devices should do, and what they actually do, are two very different things! As you've probably heard me mention countless times, many of those screens get information in a proprietary manner directly from the modem; apps like SignalCheck can only get what the OS is reporting. I did find your earlier reports, and as I guessed, the OS was reporting valid signal strength. I will try to figure out a solution.
    • Service mode shows the SIM as having no service, so I would think the device should report that. I believe I sent a diagnostic report a little while back—can you check to see if you have it?
    • Interesting, that doesn't happen on my P7. Can you send me a diagnostic report the next time you see that please? Hopefully the phone isn't actually reporting the -115, that will be tricky.
    • Hey Mike—another dual SIM bug. If one SIM loses service, it doesn’t disappear from the app.  I’ve seen this a couple times—my Dish SIM will lose service (confirmed in service mode), but SCP won’t stop displaying -115 or so. And it logs a data point at that signal every time the location updates.  Along the same lines, I have a custom trigger set up for 313340 (Dish), and the custom trigger keeps firing when this is happening. 
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