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This is a tower that I pass on my way home. It is listed as one slated for NV but I can't tell if any work has started. Can any of you tell me any NV work has begun here?








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Where do you find out which towers get it?


In the Sponsors section you can find interactive maps showing all towers slated to get NV updates. Just donate to help defray the costs of running this site and you can get access to all the good Sponsors Only information.


Click the PayPal button in the upper right of this page; http://s4gru.com/index.php?/index

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OK, I will take a swing at this... Sprint is the second level from the top? If that is the case then no, NV work has not begun on it. That tower looks like it would be a disaster to try and service the top level! How would you get through that nest of cable?


Hopefully someone comes by this thread that is more knowledge about this than me and I can learn something...

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I guess judging from the responses (or lack thereof) that this one has no NV work done on it. I pass another one that is listed as NV complete but it's on top of an office building and I can't get a good enough angle to get good pics at cellphone camera distance.

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