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2023 Superbowl network improvements


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T-Mobile DAS upgrades and AT&T under the seats antennas are interesting. Hopefully someone gets pictures and details of the under the seats antennas.

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Anyone release reports yet?

I just went to rcrwireless and they have a small article on it


VZW used 47.8TB, AT&T 21TB.

62,827 fans with 60% being VZW customers.

VZW had 1,400 under seat 4/5G nodes. 490 5G nodes. AT&T deployed 2,000 nodes inside the stadium.

At least for VZW, beings we know how many people were their customers, they had 19 people per node.

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Additional math: VZW customers consumed on average 760 MB on Sunday, though my guess is that the number was actually lower because VZW probably had some non-fan macro traffic in there.

Wonder what the breakdown on customer count was between AT&T and T-Mobile. In order for AT&T to have used less data per person, T-Mobile market share would need to have been pretty small.

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