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LG Exits Smartphone Market


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Easiest answer to the author's question above all else:  with LG you could get parallel performance to Samsung without the exorbitant overcharge to the wallet if nothing else.  Especially in the aftermarket approach.

At least there's still Motorola as an option, for now.  And I suppose OnePlus once we're finally on a unified single network path in a few years.

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I've had 3 LG phones in the last 10 years or so and was never particularly impressed with the brand. Radio performance always seemed subpar to other brands and Samsung in particular. Its a good thing the V20 had a removable battery cause it took me 2-3 to make it through a full day at work. I know people used to complain about bloat on Samsung phones but since I switched back in 2018 to Samsung I've never had issues with it. I used to have to factory reset my V20 every couple of months to keep it running smooth, something I've never had to do with my S9 or S20. I did love the knock on feature LG brought to market, and thankfully Samsung has now adapted a version of it so you can tap the screen to wake the phone up. I also miss the IR blaster one of my LG phones had, that was super handy for turning CCTV PVMs on that hang 10-12 feet off the ground. Now I have to spend 30 minutes looking for the remote or go find a ladder.    

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23 hours ago, PythonFanPA said:


At least there's still Motorola as an option, for now.  And I suppose OnePlus once we're finally on a unified single network path in a few years.

Rumors but no 888 reality yet. That, plus chip shortages and AT&T difficulties keeping phone prices high at T-Mobile.

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    • Interesting comment in the T-Mobile Q2 Earnings Report yesterday.  https://s24.q4cdn.com/400059132/files/doc_financials/2021/q2/NG_TMUS-06_30_2021-EX-99.1.pdf Specifically, this part: • Approximately 80% of Sprint customer traffic is now carried on the T-Mobile network • One-third of Sprint customers have been moved to the T-Mobile network Not terribly surprising to me that the customers who use the most data were most anxious to move to T-Mobile, while the majority of customers--who don't use much data--are perfectly happy with the Sprint network as it is.  I'm definitely in that category and in no rush to give up the superior coverage of the Sprint network for the possibly-superior capacity of the T-Mobile network. (Also, at least in my case, since LG phones are now discontinued, moving to a new T-Mobile phone means extensive phone shopping that I'm not looking forward to, rather than just picking up the latest LG device and being happy.) After all this time, I still have yet to see any Sprint site conversions that are operating.  I've seen precisely one that has new gear, but still only seems to have Sprint bands running on it (along with 312250).  I don't know what is taking them so long. - Trip
    • FYI the Evergreen hospital n41 panels are live. They do a great job of covering I405, I was able to maintain a B41 connection  to that tower almost all the way down to Kirkland exit 18.
    • Quite accurate if not conservative in the Metro Seattle area. In fact I know of two recent B41/n41 towers that aren't on the map.
    • Wouldn't surprise me, but I will say that the map looks accurate in terms of sites actually operating B41 gear, based on what I've seen.  I was able to use it to add a number of sites I haven't visited yet based on the map. - Trip
    • In a number of markets TMO effectively controls all 194MHz of band 41. Now I think n41 greater than 100MHz would need 5g CA.
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