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Government built wholesale network?


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One can dream, right? Any way the Department of Defense has let out an RFI (Request for Information) for a Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) of DOD spectrum in the 3100-3550MHz spectrum band. No they don't want to clear it for a future auction, they want to share it and make it available for 5G for commercial purposes. Of course the CTIA, the representative body for the major cellular operators is opposed to the idea since it will devalue whatever spectrum they just paid and will pay for in the C-band auction. Anyway, here is an interesting blurb from the article:

"According to the Wall Street Journal, supporters of the Pentagon's proposal said it would be similar to FirstNet, a government program that allocated spectrum and billions of dollars for the creation of a nationwide wireless network for public-safety users. AT&T won the contract to construct the FirstNet network in 2017, and today the network covers 99% of the US population and counts 1.3 million connections."


Now, I don't know about you but I see a major leap between sharing the spectrum with commercial entities and building a nationwide wholesale network. Could the spectrum be added to FirstNet network and shared with the military? Then the surplus bandwidth not absorbed by public safety entities shared with commercial entities? I bet the cable companies and entities like Google, Facebook and Amazon would jump at the chance to have cheap wholesale access to about 450Mhz of spectrum. I would love to see something like this happen. Stay tuned my friends, this can get interesting!

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3 hours ago, greenbastard said:

Not working out very well for Mexico yet.

Well, I have no idea why or why not it is working for Mexico but if the additional spectrum is shared with FirstNet which then wholesales it, I think it can work pretty well. Firstnet already covers 99% of Americans and 2.61M sure miles and will cover 2.74M square miles or 76.2 % of the land mass.

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