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Artemis Networks

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I know you guys are just dying to know what happened to Artemis Networks the company that invented and demonstrated the pCell technology. Well they're still around but are working quietly with other companies. No major details but they have been testing their technology on the CBRS spectrum.

"Remember Artemis? The startup that in 2015 promised its pCell transmission technology was 25 times better than 4G LTE?

Well, Artemis is still around. But it's definitely flying under the radar nowadays.

"Everything we're doing is with partners," company founder Steve Perlman told Light Reading. "We've been working more intensely than we've ever worked."

Artemis's ongoing pCell efforts came to light via new documents the company filed with the FCC. 

"Rearden LLC [the parent company of Artemis] seeks to conduct product development and market demonstration in the 3.5GHz range (using multiple 5MHz blocks for total of 50MHz between 3400-3550MHz and 3650-3700MHz) that will examine a new digital modulation technique for wireless networks, thereby providing important information for the development of next generation wireless communications applications for the business and consumer markets. Specifically, Rearden will install prototype base stations enabled with proprietary pCell wireless technology inside the Rearden Lab," the company wrote in a filing to the FCC requesting permission to test its technology in the CBRS spectrum band."


Now that you found out you all can go back to your afternoon naps.😂

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Interesting to read an update.  But I remember a lot of people back then said, 'I will believe it when I see it.'  Now, 5 years later, I can't help but hear those voices even louder now.  They were certainly proven right.  Even if it does eventually happen.


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    • I've not read the SEC filing lately, so I won't promise I'm 100% correct in case my memory is faulty.  But because these terms are part of the existing affiliate agreement, I would assume that agreement continues to hold until it ends in 2029 (unless renegotiated sooner), including use of the branding and spectrum.  I know nothing about the billing system. - Trip
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