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Appears the G-series is indeed confirmed dead (UPDATE: Now the LG 'Velvet')


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Or, at the very least, its dead as a high end phone series.  Sounds like they're going with a new more midrange line and probably staying with the V-series going forward to compete at high end:



Also articles like this popped up yesterday regarding leaked design info - full reveal May 15th:


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13 hours ago, Grabber5.0 said:

Velvet?! LOL okay emoji1787.png

Yep, I know.   This begs the obvious question of, is the phone going to be available in Blue, such that users can say they have an LG Blue Velvet phone? 😂

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Yep, I know.   This begs the obvious question of, is the phone going to be available in Blue, such that users can say they have an LG Blue Velvet phone? [emoji23]
And of course Red Velvet, and the first time one gets run over it's a Crushed Velvet. Perhaps a Velvet Elvis edition? [emoji13]
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I talked with a Sprint rep who told me they won't be getting the LG Velvet. I asked if Tmobile will and they said yes most likely they will. Does anyone know how that works as far as Sprint legacy plans? In other words can we keep our Sprint plan and get the Velvet from T-Mobile?

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    • Ah, I see.  Thanks for those details! It is great to see some posts on this subject.
    • I was reading the FCC filing for the Pixel 6 yesterday and saw that it included n258 - I was wondering what that was. That will be my next phone so nice to know it will support this new spectrum. 
    • The decommissioning of Sprint sites has started, the optimistic worrying starts about which sites they will keep and convert. Only 2 out of the 3 B41 sectors are on Cellmapper, and 0 B25/26 sectors. I think another site near me also got turned off/decom'd, but I haven't checked it yet. I guess its time to start paying more attention to Sprint sites... Link to street view of the site via Google Maps ,  Link to the site in Cellmapper . Nov 2020 view: Pic of the empty top and poles on the side of the building removed, taken 2 days ago:
    • Haven't gone anywhere yet, so I can't speak to benefits.  My issue was that I was out on Monday morning and it appears that T-Mobile has turned off several Sprint towers near me.  I was sitting in a parking lot near Landmark Mall on -118 dBm Band 25 because two of the sites I used to connect to there were apparently not running, so data would barely move.  This is in addition to my home site which has been off for several weeks, but that wasn't an issue because I don't use wireless data at home.  But if they're starting to turn off Sprint sites and leave holes, then there's really no alternative. So far, I've only seen T-Mobile, but that makes sense since I've only been home and my home site is gone on Sprint, so the site I had been connecting to was a lot weaker.  I'll have to see when I'm out and about, possibly this weekend. When ROAMAHOME came out, I had that removed and blocked from my account since T-Mobile's network is so lousy, so my lines were not automatically pushed to MULTOCN.  I had to have the block removed and then MULTOCN manually added.  That's probably not typical. - Trip
    • Are you seeing a benefit from MOCN?  Is it true that MOCN is highly biased to using T-Mobile towers?  Should everyone with a non-5G phone ask for MOCN? I had the impression it was supposed to be automatic now, perhaps even without being entered explicitly.  Is this not the case?  I realize that it may take some time to draw conclusions so if you do not know yet that is fine. Thanks!
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