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Galaxy S20 Series Discussion

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On 3/23/2020 at 3:56 PM, clbowens said:

You guys see that the unlocked versions of the S20 and the S20+ are now $200 cheaper?


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Anyone still waiting for there Sprint S20 Ultra 5G 512GB from Samsung? I ordered mine on March 5th. I also order the Galaxy Buds and the Red Leather Case. Got an email right after that the Case was backordered and everything else would be delivered by March 24th. The next day I get another confirmation that everything will arrive on March 24. After about 10 or 12 days I checked the status and the delivery date of the phone Changed to March 31st and all the accessories have no date. Contacted Customer support Via Chat a few times and they all tell me I will hear back by Email in 2 to 3 days and I have yet to hear back. Hopefully the phone ships tomorrow as its the only way it will arrive by March 31st now. 

I also tried to change the delivery address since I had it shipping to my Office so it wouldn't sit in my apartment building unattended. Now do to the full shut down of businesses I want to change it to my apartment but Samsung doesn't allow changes. They told me to cancel the order and replace it. I would loose the $200 Promo and when check to see if I could order the same phone now it says it won't ship until March 30th. Now when I check it say the combination is unavailable. 



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I had FedEx deliver to my local Walgreens because I couldn't be home to accept it. That may be an option for you. FedEx had a couple different sites to choose from. 

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1 hour ago, pokefan02 said:

I had FedEx deliver to my local Walgreens because I couldn't be home to accept it. That may be an option for you. FedEx had a couple different sites to choose from. 

That's my plan for now wasn't sure how flexible Fedex was with this. It seems like the fedex location will have to be close to the delivery location, which isn't so close to where I live. 

I also just called today and they are saying it will ship by April 4th and be delivered by April 7th.

They really botch this roll out of the S20 Ultra 5G. They really under estimated the demand.

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