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I went into Data Settings on my Pixel 4 XL and noticed that it says CA Enabled Off.
I turned it to on and rebooted the phone and it still says Off.
Is this proper behavior for this phone?
I just checked and mine is also off. I never noticed that before. Doesn't seem to have an effect, since NSG confirms that CA works.

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10 hours ago, ingenium said:

I just checked and mine is also off. I never noticed that before. Doesn't seem to have an effect, since NSG confirms that CA works.

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So probably wouldn't effect the ability to do FDD-TDD??

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So probably wouldn't effect the ability to do FDD-TDD??
It does not affect it.

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    • Another beta update to SignalCheck Pro is rolling out! Version 4.614b will appear on Google Play sometime over the next several hours. More 5G improvements, the accent color should be fixed, and several Samsung shortcut menus were added. Samsung users, please try all of the new shortcuts and let me know which ones are useful and what they lead to. Thank you!
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    • I accidentally broke the Samsung menus when I compiled the latest release; it will be resolved in next update.   Thanks, I'll look into that.. it's all a work in progress, glad we are making some headway!   The current display format is temporary, it is just to get the data displaying reliably.. once that happens, it will get its own "block" like the connection other technologies have.
    • I forgot to post this this morning. Seems that Sprint will offer the V60. My buddy at Sprint HQ says more will be said Monday. Lets see if this pans out.   TS out
    • Another suggestion, can you place the 5G info above the neighbor cell list? In dense urban areas with 5x CA there will easily be enough neighbor cells to push the 5G info off the screen. Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
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