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Sprint fifth generation network rollout thread.

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    • VZW is running DSS on NSA, so it's definitely possible. I've seen reports that AT&T is running DSS on n2 at the very least. On my mom's unlocked S20 n5 is the only NR band visible when running in AT&T mode. Where she lives, it appears as though AT&T has turned off B5 LTE entirely, running a dedicated 5 MHz for NR (speculated), plus 5 MHz for H+ (confirmed). My guess is that they have enough subscribers that can't do VoLTE that moving H+ to PCS here would be a disaster coverage-wise, and there's no point running DSS on a 5 MHz channel when they have, from what I can tell, 15x15 of PCS, 15x15 + 10x10 of AWS, 10x10 B30, 5x5 B12 + 5 MHz B29, and of course 10x10 of B14 to play with. By contrast, the brother that just got a Moto g fast is in an area where AT&T is still running B5 LTE, as well as H+ on 850. No n5 at all. Betting that's because that cell site hasn't been touched in awhile (no AWS, no B30, no B14 AFAIK), so there's no NR to turn on and not enough low-band capacity if you dropped B5 LTE. But VoLTE works fine on the new phone, just not sure whether his suddenly better reception is due to using B12 or whether the radio in the g fast is just that good compared to the OG pixel while still using B5.
    • Nice, I'll PM you have a question about a cell site.
    • Tethering for the first time in a bit (non-TNX BTW) and I'm pulling a T-Mobile IP address. Can't exactly tell how I'm being routed, but pings (as low as low 30s to in Dallas) are in line with pure T-Mobile routing rather than proxying through Sprint, thoguh T-Mobile's speedtest.net servers aren't visible. The last time I tethered, I got a Sprint CGN IP and was proxied through both backbones, driving up latency significantly. GeoIP says I'm in Oklahoma. Pulling as much as 60/6 indoors (10 MHz B66, 15x15 each of n71 and B71) in an area that T-Mobile's MVNO map says barely has outdoor coverage. I'll take it, as I'm feeling slightly too lazy to fix the WiFi repeater setup here so I get solid connectivity that way.
    • A number of towers lost 5MHz on B25 in eastside Seattle. Strangely, it is not all/most towers even. These towers were 15MHz at 1907.5 and 1987.5 previously and are now 10MHz at 1910 and 1990MHz. I expect T-Mobile intends to expand B2 to 20MHz in the area.
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