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Favor needed from sprint employee

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would any nice sprint employee do me a favour with an invite?


old sprintuser here and been with sprint for a long time please msg me 



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    • So I figured out there is a way to check if a phone is using Calling+ or VoLTE without root. If engineering (not SCP) reports the PLMN as 310120, then it is not VoLTE. VoLTE only runs on 312530. That being said, a phone can be on 312530 but not use VoLTE (Pixel 2 for example). So being on 312530 is not sufficient to say that it is using VoLTE, but being on 310120 IS sufficient to rule out VoLTE being used. As for the "flag" Sprint uses to enable/disable it on supported devices, I suspect that they use the TAC. I think there is a hardcoded whitelist of TACs where it will be enabled. So they can change the TACs for a market to "enable" it, but by default it's "disabled". If this is the case, then Magic Box TACs are simply not whitelisted yet, even though it works fine on them. I've verified that VoLTE works on a Magic Box with at least the 440a firmware, and possibly earlier versions as well. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
    • You're referring to this: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2019/04/lawsuit-atts-directv-now-is-a-flop-and-att-lied-to-investors-about-it/ That's not beyond the realm of possibility for Sprint... especially given how any lawsuit would occur subsequent to the alleged "lying". Sprint's FCC Filing is supported by empirical and highly confidential data on its adds/losses, churn, etc. throughout the report. I believe it shows a serious situation. Even more so, Sprint says in the Filing that its investor statements noting certain accomplishments shouldn't detract from the seriousness of its current predicament. See Pages 36-42 of the FCC Filing, which includes this: "The recent improvements in some financial metrics simply cannot, and do not, overcome these fundamental challenges:" On balance, I'm more willing to believe the information in the FCC Filing which specifically references and dismisses the investor statements than in the investor statements alone. If the redacted "highly confidential" information in the Filing was made available to investors, I believe Sprint stock would be substantially impacted... as that information reflects the ground truth of what's happening with Sprint.
    • Then I hope whoever gets Sprint buys Dishes spectrum hell even uscc or New TMO Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
    • Dish does not have any money.They spent it all on spectrum.
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