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Motorola G7 Series Midrange Phones

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Here's some info/reviews on the new G7 midrange series by Moto:




**NOTE**:  Apparently the G7 Plus won't be available in the US

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What a waste of material.  A low end processor, ugly design, and a notched display.  Next!

I'll stick with my Z3, thank you.

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Seem to work just fine better then my g4play

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    • If your talking the Adjust LT timing Advance, no it's not on. I will give you some samples over the next few days.
    • Do you have the TA correction option enabled under Preferences? What I really need to do is get a decent sample size of B41 TA reports without the correction factor enabled, and record what the app shows and what the correct distance is. That would allow me to calculate what the proper correction value would be. TA is a funny beast on TD-LTE, I have always had a correction factor applied to the raw value.. so with the option enabled it's applying a correction to the correction.. 🤯
    • Downloaded update, TA on my home tower say 9(.44 miles) but it's really .75 miles away. Not sure what else might need to help the cause?
    • Rolled out another SCP update few hours ago, should be available to everyone on the Beta Crew by now.. finally finished several things I've been working on for quite some time: Added system shortcut for app system settings (easier access to permissions) Internal code enhancements to Location Service (aka it was completely overhauled to adopt newer best practices) Removed persistent prompts/warnings that appeared when a user denied background location permission but had the background service disabled, or requested not to be prompted again (it's a fine line between educating and annoying) Resolved internal exception when installing/updating the app (hopefully??) Resolved issue with incorrect signal strength notification icon when connected to LTE & Wi-Fi Calling The biggest things to watch for are issues with Location Service failing/crashing/etc or if anyone still sees the wrong signal strength in the notification bar when you are on Wi-Fi Calling. This is more related to the last update, but does anyone have feedback on how LTE TA distances are looking? Mostly curious how accurate B41 appears to be, with and without the correction factor applied.
    • Sprint 5G upload is on 2.5 which realistically is gonna cover less people than most of TMobile's bands.  My main point is to illustrate how much more stable 5G uploads are against Sprint current TDD config on LTE.
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